Problem: Extreme Cat Urine Solution: Purr.fect Fence

Is your home suffering from some extreme cat urine odor? Extreme cat urine odor can be offensive, but allowing your cats safe access to the great outdoors can greatly reduce or eliminate many indoor behavioral issues and serious cat urine odor problems inside the home.

Extreme cat urine odor can be a major problem, but Purr…fect Fence addresses this issue by getting cats outdoors, reducing over-crowding, and thus relieving indoor territorial and behavioral issues.

Don’t let a extreme cat urine problem get you down, order Purr…fect Fence today, and turn your backyard into a safe and secure paradise for your cats. Safely introduce your felines to the great outdoors….they will forever be grateful – and so will your carpets ! No more extreme cat urine problems.

Click here for more information about our cat enclosure systems and how our system will help eliminate extreme cat urine odor.

Purr...fect Fence components are constructed from the highest quality galvanized steel (baked on black finish) & UV resistant polypropylene (upper section of fence). Life expectancy for the system is at least 15 years.

Houdini-Proof Free-Standing Cat Containment System - for 100 linear feet

Kit Includes:

  • (8) 80" Heavy Duty Posts (galvanized and powder coated black)
  • (8) Post-Setting Ground Sleeves (galvanized)
  • (8) Cat-ProoferT Pivoting Arches (galvanized and powder coated)
  • (1) 7'6" high x 100' long Extra Heavy Duty 2" by 2" Black Poly Fence
  • (1) 2' high x 100' long Welded Wire Fence 2" by 2" (galvanized and PVC coated)
  • (60) 12" long barbed stakes (pins fence firmly to the ground - galvanized)
  • A driver for the Post-Setting Ground Sleeves, post caps, and all necessary hardware



Purrfec... fence

Product Option

existing fence

Existing Fence Conversion System


Free-Standing System

Free-Standing System



Keith & Elaine Rahn
Sullivan, Wisconsin

The Purr...fect fencing for cats has been the product that does what it advertises. We were looking for two things for our cats. Give them an area outside to play in and keep them safe. Being out in the country, speed limits are 45-55mph. Cats many times are simply too inquisitive for their own good. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. The Purr...fect fencing system has met that need in a way that goes to the next level. It is aesthetically pleasing as well.
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