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Purrfect Penthouse
The Purrfect Penthouse Cat Kennel

Small yard? No cat kennel on site? Extreme predator problem? Problems with neighbor/feral cats? Uncomfortable putting your cat in small cat cages ?

We have the solution for you! Purr...fect Fence is pleased to introduce the all new Purrfect Penthouse A cat kennel of the finest quality.

Unlike small cat cages, The Purrfect Penthouse cat kennel provides a large FULLY ENCLOSED area framed in 1 3/8" diameter steel (16 gauge, galvanized and black powder coated) and covered with steel wire fence (galvanized and black PVC coated). The Penthouse cat kennel is 7 1/2' wide x 15' long x 73" high and includes a 36" wide walk through gate.

This means that you can easily access the cat kennel area and have full walking headroom making cleaning easier. It also leaves a really good amount of space for cat trees, outdoor litter boxes, cat condos and the like!

  • Fully enclosed
  • All black finish for clean & discrete look
  • All steel framework (galvanized & black powder coated)
  • Welded steel framework fittings (galvanized & black PVC coated)
  • Heavy gauge steel grid fence covering
  • Included 36" gate - Latch can be padlocked for security
  • Vertical posts set with sleeves (no digging or concrete)
  • Bottom secured with rails
  • 1' of flared & ground-staked steel grid fencing for additional predator protection

The cat kennel can be completely free-standing or secured to the side of a house on either the 7 1/2' side or the longer 15' side. If you are in need of a larger, smaller or specially sized version of the Purrfect Penthouse please email or call us at 888-280-4066 with your needs.


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Keith & Elaine Rahn
Sullivan, Wisconsin

The Purr...fect fencing for cats has been the product that does what it advertises. We were looking for two things for our cats. Give them an area outside to play in and keep them safe. Being out in the country, speed limits are 45-55mph. Cats many times are simply too inquisitive for their own good. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. The Purr...fect fencing system has met that need in a way that goes to the next level. It is aesthetically pleasing as well.
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