Outdoor Cat House or Hidden Litter Box - You Decide !

Keep that litter box smell out of your house!  Our all new Purr…fect Litter House (can alternatively be used as an outdoor cat house shelter), is an outdoor  hidden litter box - housing structure that is the purr…fect addition to your Purr…fect Fence enclosure.  

Constructed for us by an Amish barn builder in Lancaster, PA, our litter boxes for cats feature tongue and groove construction and cedar shake roofs, making them well suited for the great outdoors.  It's like a little Amish barn for your cats to use as a litter box or to sleep in – you decide.  If your cat(s) have both needs, order more than one.

The Purr…fect LitterHouse contains a hidden litter box, and utilizes a slant roof design that is hinged for easy access to the litter tray (not included).   Other features include a magnetic cat flap, a ramp for easy kitty access, and screened vent holes to keep the air in the Purr…fect Litter House fresh.  It will fit most standard litter boxes for cats and very little assembly is required (6 screws for the roof and 8 for the legs).  Installing the Purr…fect Litter House / Outdoor Cat House is as simple as setting the box where you want it and securing it by pushing the spiked feet into the ground.
Although we designed this structure as an outdoor litter box house, it makes an excellent outdoor cat house shelter as well … Just leave out the hidden litter box, add a pillow or cat bed, and you will have yourself a kitty condo!   

For an outdoor cat house and/or litter box , Purr..fect Fence has just what you need.  Order one or two today…


Hand Crafted
Very little assembly required
Purrfec... fence

Product Option

existing fence

Existing Fence Conversion System


Free-Standing System

Free-Standing System



Keith & Elaine Rahn
Sullivan, Wisconsin

The Purr...fect fencing for cats has been the product that does what it advertises. We were looking for two things for our cats. Give them an area outside to play in and keep them safe. Being out in the country, speed limits are 45-55mph. Cats many times are simply too inquisitive for their own good. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. The Purr...fect fencing system has met that need in a way that goes to the next level. It is aesthetically pleasing as well.
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