Purrfect PlayTent Portable Cat Tent & Small Pet Outdoor Containment System

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The Purrfect Playtent is our most portable and affordable pet enclosure. Great for use as a cat tent or small dog tent. Our innovative design offers unmatched durability and ease of setup. At 79" Wide x 66" Deep x 42" Tall the Purrfect PlayTent will easily fit multiple cats, small dogs, and even their humans!

The magic is in our Flashset © locking hub located at the top of the tent. This amazing system allows for the cat tent to be set up in under 15 seconds and disassembled at the same speed. 

Made from UV resistant double-stranded industrial fibers, the mesh portion of the cat tent is flexible, soft and will easily stand up to kitty claws. The material we use TWICE as strong than other popular cat tents. The tent gains its structure from durable fiberglass poles which are 40% thicker than standard tent poles that extend in opposite directions from our Flashset © locking hub.

For comfort and safety, we include a removable "second skin" of waterproof nylon material used for the tent top to make roll-up sun shades for each side as well as protect the cat or dog from rain, sun or wind. Held in place with pre-formed clips that securely lock in place and easily removed. The removable weather cover works great when rolled down for visual blocks (think neighbor's dog, traffic etc.)

The cat tent comes in its own heavy-duty bag for easy transport and storage. Not a thin material that tears easily like most pet tents.

There are stakes included with the cat tent to secure it to the ground but it can also be set up on hard surfaces like decks, patios, and balconies. Let your cats get a safe taste of the outdoors with the Purrfect PlayTent portable outdoor cat tent!


Setup & Use Instructions



What's In the Box:

(1) Purrfect PlayTent Outdoor Cat Tent
(1) Heavy Duty Carry Bag
4) Tent Stakes
(1) Removable Weather Cover (snap on)
(1) Tie Strap


Disclaimer: Please note that this product is exactly as described. The PlayTent makes a portable outdoor enclosed area. To be collapsible and portable, it must use a netting and framework that easily compacts. We have not had instances of a cat chewing but it is certainly not impossible. It is also subject to outdoor conditions like wind. It is not a rigid permanent structure covered in metal mesh... We have that and call it our Purrfect Penthouse and suggest you consider it or a custom version of it if you are not looking for a small enclosure that is specifically portable. The Penthouse is customizable. Please call with your requirements at 888-280-4066. 

If you do not regularly let your cat(s) outside, the cat(s) may absolutely love it or may become stressed and appear to be panicked or anything in between. You have taken him/her out of his/her regular controlled environment and put them in a completely foreign environment. You may determine that your cat does not like it. This is not the fault of Purrfect Fence or the product. Since your cat has been in it and the materials have some amount of porosity, we cannot for safety reasons take it back and resell it. If you used it, it is not returnable. This is consistent with our return policy. As noted in our return policy, all returns must be approved by us and given an RMA number. Any non-approved returns will not be refunded. They will be returned to the returnee if returnee pays the return shipping. 

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