The Purrfect Pet Playpen

The Purrfect Pet Playpen

For anyone searching for a portable pet playpen for their small dog, or a cat playpen for their feline friend(s), the Purrfect Playpen is a smart choice.Not only is our pet playpen much larger than other models on the market, it also collapses to quite a small size and easily slips inside a handy travel sack.

The frame for our small dog and cat playpen is crafted from strong and light-weight aluminum, and the netting is a high-strength knotted grid made from UV stable synthetic rope. The frame corners are telescoping, which makes for easy set up and take down. There is even a full height zippered door, so you can go in and out of the containment area of the playpen as needed.

When considering the various options one has to choose from for a small dog or cat playpen, please be sure to find out what each pet playpen model you are considering is constructed from, how large a space it actually creates, and if it will stand up to scratching from cats or to being jumped into by dogs. Our pet playpens are much larger than other models on the market, and are quite robust – you really do get what you pay for.

Our pet playpens are heavy enough so they won’t be knocked over, large enough to walk into through the zipper opening, yet very easy to set up, take down, and transport for pet owners on the go. Unlike many of the other portable cat enclosures, our netting is much heavier and much less likely to be breeched.

Order a Purrfect Playpen today for your pet – you will be pleased you did.


  • As a spacious & secure outdoor pet playpen when traveling
  • An ideal balcony enclosure for city dwellers
  • Very useful for separating animals in an already fenced in area
  • Can be used indoors for behavioral issues or animal separation if need be

Dimensions: 10' Long x 5' Wide x 7.5' High
Weight: 45lbs
Collapsed size: 60" Long x 11" Wide x 22" High

Production model to have vertical mesh (not diagonal as shown)
Production model to have vertical mesh (not diagonal as shown)
Production model to have vertical mesh (not diagonal as shown)
Production model to have vertical mesh (not diagonal as shown)

The Purrfect Playpen is currently in manufacturing. It will be available for purchase in the spring. If you would like to be contacted about its status when we have updates please email: and we will add you to the contact list for this product.

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Keith & Elaine Rahn
Sullivan, Wisconsin

The Purr...fect fencing for cats has been the product that does what it advertises. We were looking for two things for our cats. Give them an area outside to play in and keep them safe. Being out in the country, speed limits are 45-55mph. Cats many times are simply too inquisitive for their own good. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. The Purr...fect fencing system has met that need in a way that goes to the next level. It is aesthetically pleasing as well.
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