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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 814 reviews

Existing Fence Conversion System Kit for Cats

The perfect solution for our escape artist!

We have tried many different systems over the past 3 years, but one of our cats - a very determined Houdini - always found a way to get out of our garden, even when we had coyote rollers. Since we installed the Purrfect fence about 2 months ago she hasn't been able to get out. The system looks great too. Our only regret is we didn't find out about it sooner. It's such a relief that we can keep her safe now, while she can still enjoy all the thrills of being outside!

Great tent! Durable and easy!

Used it as a spare room for a kitten that needed to be temporarily isolated from other cat. Room for her bed, litter box, food area, and toys. Withstood both cats climbing all over it outside for weeks.

Love the Purrfect play tent

I’m on hold with installing the Purrfect fence until spring of 2022 so I’ve used the tent to let the kitties be outside. They would still prefer to have more freedom, but seem content to hang out in the tent and chill. I’d like to leave it up when I bring them in, but there are other visitors and I fear they would mark the tent which would drive my babies crazy. It’s easy to set up and break down and big enough to give my three cats their own space.

Secure environment, great service

The cats are no longer jumping over the fence or going under the fence. I feel comfortable letting my cats out knowing they are in a secure environment. Customer service was top notch.

Fence makes for an improvised Catio

I live in an apartment complex and was able to easily install the conversion system onto my wooden fence with 2 people. I didn't manage to get the netting quite right, but it is still effective at keeping my cat, Pippa, safely within the patio. I think this was a very worthwhile investment and Pippa is a VERY happy indoor/patio cat.

I think it will be perfect

I havent had a chance to use the fence yet. Its part of another area we are enclosing for a feral colony that has to be relocated. We are still workong on it. It looks great and we are very hopeful it will keep the cats in. Customer service is amazing and they are so helpful!

Our Purrfect Cat Fence has been a success!

We needed to redo our Cat Fence because our new adoptee, Freya was an exceptional climber, and escape artist, and was continuing to confound us by escaping the old enclosure. After Jennifer's advice on how to install the new Purrfect cat fence correctly, we are happy to report that she has not been able to escape from the new enclosure. Both our cats Hobbes and Freya are now able to enjoy the back yard and patio safely.

Works great, no escapes

The existing fence conversion kit works great. We have had zero escapes since installation. Installation was fairly straightforward, though be aware that the combination of corners and slopes was a bit challenging to get right - allow some extra slack in the mesh, you will likely need more than you think!


This is the best investment we have made as a responsible, loving cat owners! Our cats now have free roaming abilities in our backyard over looking the back hills! We opted for the shorter extensions for the chain link fence. For the 5ft white vinyl fence we added the normal extensions. This was a two man job and it took a few days to get it all up, we do have a large yard, but was pretty easy as far as instructions and how it all goes up.

Very well made gate!

We love the heavy duty gate! It looks great and very well made! Directions on assembly were very clear and helpful. We're really glad we also ordered the extra tools like the hog ringer and the tie spreader/cutter tool. They helped a lot!

I feel so less worried about my kitty.

My kitty has an immune disorder and cannot go outside unsupervised. This tent allows my kitty to get plenty of outdoor time and allows my furry friend to go everywhere. camping, visiting & friends relatives, to work to the park. This tent when is especially great when paired with a leash and kitty size backpack. It really is purrfect. Easy to clean if kitty pees too! (It happens let's be real!)Easy to set up and takes minutes to break down. I love it!

Boogie Loves It

My cat loves his tent and safely enjoying the outdoors AKA the backyard.


I use this fence to keep my cat in and other animals out. It has kept the deer out of my garden as well. I like that I can still see the rest of my backyard, and so does my cat.

We love our Purrfect fence!

It's really great having peace of mind knowing that our cats are safe and they can enjoy being outside in our yard. The fence is very well made and actually blends in somewhat with the outside foliage. Also, we appreciated that customer service was always available for help when we had questions while installing it. Thank you for a great product!

Well-designed, safe option

Instructions were clear, logical, and thorough. Installation went smoothly and cats are enjoying their new space!

A lifesaver for rescue kitties!

We have about an acre and a half fenced and cross fenced into four territories for 26 rescues. It keeps everyone save and happy. Purrfect Fence is truly a lifesaver for rescue cats.

Such a relief!

My fur babies were running all over the neighbourhood and getting into all sorts of trouble. Not anymore! This fence will pay itself off in reduced vet bills in a few years. We have a big yard and this fence was by far the cheapest and best option. Shipping was fast to me here in Canada too. I have never enjoyed a summer more! My husband thought it would look intrusive but you can barely see it at all.

Best investment ever

I have 2 indoor cats that have a 72 sf catio but still wanted to enjoy the yard. I put up parts of the existing fence, short fence, and freestanding fences from Purrfect Fence and my little boys couldn’t be happier! They are free to roam whenever I leave the catio door open into the yard.

3 Happy Cats & 1 thrilled CatMom.

The fencing went up easier than I expected and was less problematic at sharp corners & gates than expected. My babies are thrilled to be out. I’m thrilled I splurged to surround my entire back yard instead of just part of it.

My cats like it

It is nice and tall, allowing my cats to be able to see over our fence. We have cat-proofed out fence and trees, preventing them from climbing up and escaping the back yard, so this gives them a great alternative to climb up and see over fences. The only issues I had were that a few of the holes on the purrfect pole steps didn't line up well with the holes in the supporting brackets. On some steps, I had to drill new holes - hence the four stars instead of five. It was an easy fix, but just be prepared for that. Great product, though.

Life Enhancer

This has made such a difference in the lives of our cats. We know both our cats have a safe haven in our back yard and get the stimulation they need to live happy, healthy lives. I have seen it keep our cats in and other cats and wildlife out. We have a 6ft privacy fence and the equipment was easy to install and took us just a few hours to complete, even with a large yard! We love it!!!

Cats love being outside!

I’m out in my garden every day and the cats are stuck inside. I put up the Purrfect Fence and now they’re outside with me. It really is purrfect!

More Security

This gate is awesome, it is tall, so you don't have to worry about head clearance. The bottom of it swings with the rest, so there also isn't anything to step over. We put it in the same spot as another Iron gate, so we doubled up in that regard. We love our fence!!!

We love it!

This fence is genius. We took our time putting it up and between some bickering and fighting we made it work. It’s not perfectly done but good enough for us and our cats! And it’s super secure. They are so happy!

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