Testimonials & Reviews - Home Owners

The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find testimonials from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences. 

NOTE: Many photos in this section depict Purrfect Fence prior to design change from arched top to pivoting arm extender (change made to keep fence within 6 foot height for zoning)

Linda S. - Sedro Woolley, WA

I purchased Purr...fect Fence about a year and a half ago - It has been a wonderful investment. I had a pet door installed so my cats could come and go as they please. They are content and safe! Most people never even notice the fencing system when they look into the backyard and it stands in the middle of the yard. I also added pet doors, one going into the garage and one from the garage into the house (litter boxes are in the garage). With lots of climbing shelves, they can also see what's going on out front or wait for me to come home. This summer I hope to build climbing and shelter space in the Purrfect Fence area. I love knowing they are safe!!! Thank you.

* Purrfect Fence Note: Typically we suggest that leaping hazards such as scratching posts and other objects be placed at least 5' away from the top of the fence.

Anjali - Port Orchard, WA

We love the fence -- the cats haven't even tried to escape. It's a fabulous invention! I think the video is good -- helped a lot. Thanks again!


 Gabi Baader - Azusa, California

Hello Matt,

It was great meeting you at the Pet Expo in Costa Mesa last Sunday.

I just wanted to let you know, that the Purrfect Fence is installed in my backyard. It was easy to install and it looks great. What a wonderful idea to give our felines the freedom they deserve without the fear of losing them to a coyote.

My cats and I thank you very, very much!


Connie Winings & Ron Tosh - Edmonds, WA


Much delayed in thanking you for your cat fence. We have 7 cats, 6 of which now go into our enclosed yard. They are so happy and love to be in the yard so much. The photo is of our oldest cat, Sammy. He was indoor/outdoor when we originally adopted him.

Due to some scary issues (a bad fight that required a vet visit and then he was missing for 2 nights on another occasion), we made him indoor only. That didn't go so well, so I started walking him on a leash with a walking jacket in our yard. That was fine, except it took up about 2 hours of my day each and every day. Then we added some more cats and at one point I tried walking 3 of them at the same time.

As you can imagine, it wasn't pretty. The Purrfect Fence gave me back about 2 hours of my life per day, so years of time when you add it all up!

On a side note, we will be attending the Black Cat Ball for Purrfect Pals and noticed you were a donor - thank you.

Dan Sprague - Stanwood, WA

Hi Katie. The fence went up quite easily. My wife and I put it up in only 9 hours stopping for lunch, dinner and breaks. At our age we take lots of breaks. Everything went easily. The DVD was a great help and make the work even easier than I would have expected.

Dawn Harrison - Little Rock, CA

In December of 2006, one of our three hand raised, bottle fed cats, Ralph was hit by a car and killed. This happened just two days before he was eight months old. The entire family was heart-broken. I have enclosed a picture of Ralph in this letter. I only regret that I had not discovered the Purr...Fect Fence before this tragedy happened.

I had purchased another cat enclosure, but the two surviving kittens were not impressed. There was no way any of my adult cats were even willing to try this set up. It was far too small and they were used to being indoor/ outdoor cats. We have a total of ten cats.

I searched the Internet for cat enclosures and found the Purr...Fect Fence! I ordered two kits. It became a family project. The front of my property is wrought iron, and the Purr...Fect Fence blends in quite nicely.

Maggie is our one year old little girl that we nick-named "our little flyer." She made several attempts at trying to escape; some of her best tries were not caught on film. I am convinced, if Maggie can't escape, no one can.

I enjoy the peace of mind knowing that when I open the front and let my cats outside they are safe. I enjoy sitting in my front yard watching my cats play. I don't have to worry about neighborhood dogs or careless drivers hurting my cats and I know exactly where they will be when it's time for them to come inside for the night! Thank-You, Purr...Fect Fence for helping me to keep my cats safe! I will definitely recommend the Purr...Fect Fence to anyone I know who has cats!

Clarine Goodleaf - Bellevue, WA

We are thrilled with our Purr-Fect Fence system. Our three kitties have a kitty door and are free to go in and out of the house during the day, and it's good to look out there and see them watching birds and enjoying sunshine. Our one cat in particular, Otis, LOVES it outside. The fence has given me some peace of mind, too--I can relax a little while they're outside because we've given them a measure of safety from the road that runs below our house and the coyotes that use our neighboring greenbelt as a trail. It was worth every penny we paid, that's for sure.


Suzanne – Greenacres, Washington

Hi. We put up our Purrfect fence and absolutely LOVE IT (many purrs)! We enclosed our front yard, side yard, and most of the backyard. We live on acreage and have always been worried about other ’animals’ harming our cats when we let them out. We stopped letting them outside last fall. Now they get to go out every day! Our oldest cats are now more active than they have been in years! They finally feel safe outside. I sit on our patio in the morning and have my coffee and enjoy having them all around me. Thank you for an AWESOME product!

Lora Beard, Meadow Vista, CA
(in loving memory of my best pal, Bart)

Don’t wait. Don’t tell yourself you will do this tomorrow; you and your pet may not have a tomorrow together. I’m sitting here looking out the patio door at my three cats playing so happily in my safely enclosedbackyard. I should be looking at my four cats, but one (Bart) is no longer with me. He was a free spirit and there was no way I could keep him indoors. Bart was my special guy, the feral kitten I raised and loved more than all the others (shhhh, don’t tell them that). One day he roamed into the neighbor’s yard and ingested poison. The vets tried everything but could not save him. He died in my arms.

I now have my Purrfect Fence installed. I thought about doing it for months, but just couldn’t bring myself to take that first step and order it – a mistake with deadly consequences. It is so wonderful to now know that my cats can enjoy the glorious outdoors and be safe. The stress level in the household is gone. Everyone is happy!

For those who are sitting on the fence (so to speak), I hope you will make the decision to purchase this fantastic product – NOW! Your cats will love you for it and they will be around a lot longer so you can love them back.

Cindy , Garden Valley, CA

Oh thank you! I am amazed out how well this fencing has worked out, yet is pleasing to the eye. The resilience of the material is incredible too. After a year and half, no wildlife have breeched the fencing.

The netting I used on the top was from a different company because at that time I do not believe you had the outside extensions. I'm not happy with that netting, so I will be using your system this time for the back fencing. Anyway, people are amazed by it, and a couple in Sacramento actually bought some of it for their cat rescues in their back yard. I hope to get more sales going for the animals sake!

Ken Fuhs, Seattle, WA

The fence went up really easy and the directions were clear and concise. I really like it. Don't have to worry about my cats escaping. I got it mainly for my highly territorial male who was always getting into fights. My vet bills last year cost me more than the two fence kits I bought!

Dr. Patricia Gawley - DVM, Kirkland, WA

"We've been sending Purr...fect Fence brochures home with new kittens absesses, HBC's and dog attacks. I have it in my backyard and the cats love it while it eases my mind. My yard does not look like a prision or a wrecking yard. Purr...fect Fence is attractive and non-obtrusive- no escapes!"

Anna Tedesco-Lovino, Kent, WA

"I have 15 cats, that I have rescued, who are totally happy and protected in the enclosure. I would highly recommend this product for the protection of cats."

Claudia & Rick, Broken Arrow, OK

We are so happy to report back and say that the fence IS WORKING. We have tried everything in the past and our cat always managed to jump out. But not this time.

Great job, guys!!!

Thanks so much!


Betty Singleton - Oxford, Alabama

I lived many years in different parts of the country including California, Colorado and Florida. Everywhere I lived I had neighbors that complained about my cats and I had many cats that just disappeared. My dream was to have a place where my cats could live outside and be safe and not be a bother to anyone. The time finally came when I was preparing to move back home to Alabama and I discovered the cat fence on the Purr…fect Fence website. That, immediately, became part of my plan. We totally enclosed the back yard with the "Houdini-Proof Fence" 18 months ago. We have 11 cats that now live inside this safe enclosed area. Not one has ever gotten out. We love our Purr…fect Fence!


Tracy Rice

We received everything we ordered and needed quickly. Installation, for the most part, went well, the main problem we had was with the hardness of our ground - maybe you could develop heavy-duty poll inserts and stakes for those of us in the desert :)

But the best part is we LOVE OUR CAT YARD!! We have six cats and have always believed that although it is dangerous to let cats outside, they love to be outside and are healthier. So, we let them out, always worried something would happen to them (which it did to a couple) and figured a short life outside was better than a long life trapped indoors.

When we erected out cat fence we did not know how the cats would take to it - if they would try to escape, etc. But, after a short adjustment period, they are very content, the oldest (13 years old) to the youngest (just over one year old). Even my most restless wanderer never even made an attempt to escape! They have a cat door to go in and out of the house at will, and can now stay out all night on warm summer nights.

We can also now feed birds without being guilty of luring them to their death.

I would highly recommend the fence to every cat owner, it is definitely the best of both worlds for them, and are very content within their yard. We are considering adding on to the size of the enclosure in the future with additional fencing from you.

Thanks for a great product!


Karen Brown, Houston, TX

In the recent past, we had a couple of heart-breaking incidences with coyotes, which drove us to find a way to enclose our fourteen cats.

Several qualities drew us to your fence; all were very important to us:

  • “Houdini proof” design
  • Durability
  • Ease of installation
  • Flexibility to customize
  • Appearance
  • Cost

 We tackled our own “site specific challenges” such as slopes, and an entryway gate to attach. In addition, we took some extra steps to make our enclosure as secure as possible. We added 3’ wire on the back of the fence along with a short, low power electric net fence just behind that, and extra outdoor lighting. We tacked cone shaped tree guards made out of the extra fencing material on a few little trees close to the fence line. Furthermore, we are now able to let our dogs out at random times. All of these measures will help manage our predator problem.

With a little work, the result is an attractive and barely visible enclosure added right to the front and side of our home. Both our family and our dogs can keep an eye on the entire area from just inside, and our view and feeling of openness we enjoy have been preserved. Our cats are able to live comfortably and safely in the natural habitat that they love. Our dogs love it too. In fact, they are all happier, healthier and more protected than they have ever been, and I cannot describe how much more secure that makes us feel. This is the purr…fect fence for us. Honestly, we are thrilled!

In closing, my husband, Leonard, and I would like to thank the Benner staff. From our first order to technical support along the way, we were in touch with a very nice group of professional and knowledgeable people. Again, thank you for helping to make our project a huge success.

Jerri S. - Sparta, WI

Last spring we purchased 400 feet of the Free Standing Fencing. Since we used it in a wooded area (in Wisconsin), we were not sure how well it would hold up with fallen branches and snow. Thought I would send a couple photo's to let you know the fencing has held up great with no problems at all. The photo is of a spring snow storm that brought about 4-5 inches of wet, heavy snow. When I went out to check on the fencing, the snow weighed down the arms but once I removed the snow, the arms returned to normal position. We had no problems at all through the winter, nor with branches in which we found many throughout the year, laying on the over drop portion. Thanks for a great product!

We are now purchasing 200 more feet of free-standing fence for our other group of 8 cats.

Ledette, Valley Village, CA

We love love love the fence! My 2 cats are so happy being able to go outside. Thank you for a great product.

Joe Orosco, Bizmarck, ND

Jeeeeez, I'm so sorry for not getting back to you sooner! We had always meant to send a testimonial, but to tell the truth, you would need a whole other website for that! We can't say enough good things about our cat fence! It is one of THE smartest investments we've ever made. Shoot, we even wasted money on a stinkin timeshare, never used it, and wound up selling it back for waaaay less than we paid for it.

We've had our fence up for a little over a year now and the cats just love it. They've never tried to climb it, or paw at the gate. Sometimes they even run inside if I come up to the fence from the outside but that was when we first had it up. They've gotten used to me coming around the yard from outside the fence now. Everybody who comes over says it looks really great and is such a good idea!

t's funny to see parts of the yard where the grass is flattened, mainly around the edges of the fence where they "patrol the perimeter." The 2 corners away from the house even have flat parts from where they sit and stare at birds, squirrels, or a neighbor's kitty that comes around to visit. I have to rake it up to get it to stand so I can cut it with the mower! In winter, they like to go out though not for long. They walk to the nearest corner and back again, using the same pawprints they made the first time around. I should have taken pictures of it last winter! They really are smart, they're not getting their paws wet or slushy if they can help it!

When we lived in Phoenix, we let them out all the time and where they went, nobody knows. They would even cross the street and hang out at a neighbors house for whatever reason. It wasn't a busy street, but one day this idiot came around the corner and honked at one of our cats. He didn't even bother slowing down and even swerved towards the edge of the sidewalk, I'd say purposely! My cat was nearly onto the sidewalk and completely out of this jerk's way! He probably didn't see me because I was unloading groceries but I saw him! I had just whistled and called my cat to come home, heard this car coming and made sure I looked over to see if kitty was in the street or not. He was 2 whole steps away from being completely on the sidewalk. Oh if I had a free hand to whip a can or a bottle at the moron's car, I would have done it. He must have been visiting someone in our neighborhood because I hadn't seen that car before or since.

We lived in an apartment in north Phoenix and let the cats out all the time. One of them would even walk around the complex with me, it was kind of our cool routine! I miss that but we bought a house and it wasn't a gated community like our apartment complex was. We moved to a suburban part of Phoenix on a golf course lot and noticed a couple of coyotes walking around in the 3 1/2 years we were there. That really freaked us out about leaving the cats outside. When we moved to North Dakota in December of '06, we wouldn't let them outside at all. Our house is one block north of a busy street and we didn't want them leaving the area, let alone venturing near the apartments behind us or heading out towards the street. They whined and made all kinds of noise letting us know they didn't approve!

We hated having to leave them inside, but only 6 months after moving to ND was when we ordered the fence. It took me/us 2 days to put it up and it was surprisingly easy! I watched the instructional DVD a few times to make sure I understood the steps and when I got outside to start, it was quite simple. Measuring was tedious, in a good way, and driving the foundation poles was the hardest part - luckily it had rained for a couple of days before I started. I put up all the poles on the 1st day, the 2nd day my wife joined in to help with the zip ties (she cut the ends off while I zipped).

It really came together nicely! I went to Lowe's to get a few additional stakes for the mesh at the bottom of the fence, just in case. I also went to a local hardware store and bought a "cinch pin" for locking the gate. You can see what it looks like in this picture: www.somaxsports.com

The one I bought has squared corners though. It's neat how it feels springy to where the open part slides over the pin and closes. The gate hardly moves with the cinch pin on it. If we have lawn, pest, or any other outdoor service, everybody knows how to slide open the pin and get into the gate. That way we don't have to keep it locked all the time. If we go out of town, we'll lock it with the padlock so the cats can still go outside and we can have the housesitter leave the patio door open for awhile so the cats don't go bananas over being locked in. Once we install a pet door, we won't have to worry about that, but one thing at a time. :-)

I used 94 feet of the 100 that came with the kit. Our yard starts to slope down into the neighbors yard and it was a bit tricky on that side but I wanted to use as much of the yard as I could. It just took a bit more bunching and zipties to get it to sit nicely on the poles. On the other end, we placed the fence to where meter readers wouldn't have to mess with the gate and if the A/C ever needed servicing, that's on the outside of the fence too.

See what you think about the cinch pin idea, maybe you can find some that work and can include one with each fence kit? I'd even be willing to go back to my hardware store and scoop some up for you. Let me know! I had never even heard of such a thing, but I went in there and asked for something to keep the gate closed without actually locking it. I couldn't ask for anything better or easier!

I've attached some pictures, and hope it's not too many at once. We love watching the cats flop around on the patio, or crouch way down in the grass before pouncing on a bug or chasing each other. It's just really cool to have them use our patio furniture more than we do because they can be safe out there and we can sleep at night even when the boys are all out til who knows when!

One of the pics I attached has 2 of our boys watching the grey neighbor kitty that comes around. Our Calico didn't even care, she was having a bath! Not a care in the world, she's laying on her back and cleaning her belly! She passed away back in March but that picture of her bathing and not worried about the strange cat outside the fence is one of my favorites.

Well, I suppose that's about it for now. Hopefully, I didn't take up too much of your afternoon! Thanks for the email and I apologize one million times for not getting back to you sooner! We love our fence, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Melody, Warren, OH

We recently purchased your product and couldn't be happier! My husband and I volunteer at a cat shelter that recently had to close due to the property being sold. About seven of the cats ended up being fostered in my basement. I was concerned about this not being the best place for them and looked into your product. We attached the fence to the house next to a basement window and now the occupants hop in and out all day! Some of these cats had been in a shelter for years (a cage-less shelter, but still a shelter) and had never been outdoors. To see them lounging in the sun and chasing bugs is WONDERFUL. I would have paid anything for this!

We're telling everyone who will listen about your product. Our landscaper took pictures of it! Do you have brochures that we could put in adoption packets? I would love to give these out to our adopters. We also have a table set up at a local pet store where we do adoptions and I bet you brochures would really fly off the table! Thanks!

Joanne Dalton – Albuquerque, NM

The fence is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! This has really been the answer to my dilemma... I put cat door out of glass sunroom and they are free to come and go. It’s Great!!!

Tom and Shari – Wisconsin

I'm sure you have probably seen enough kitty pictures to last you a lifetime, but I just wanted to show you how happy "the boys" are with their new backyard. You've heard the expression "as happy as a pig in mud"; well, this is as happy as a cat in dirt!

Feeling safe enough to tuck the paws - that says a lot!

Oh joy! ANOTHER table for me to raid! Dad made salmon on the grill just for me!

Outdoor baths are the BEST!

(I don't fill the bird feeders any more, by the way - it turns out Dudley here is a pretty good hunter despite having been front declawed before we got him)

I know you hear it all the time, but this fence is just FANTASTIC. The summers here in Wisconsin are so short; it was killing me that my kitties could only enjoy the rare good weather while plastered up against the screens, meowing from inside the house. My husband and I are actually using the backyard more now that the boys can enjoy it too. I'm more inspired to improve the landscaping and gardening so that they will have something nicer than dirt to play in out there. (I have researched which plants are toxic to cats and amazingly, had none of them growing in my yard. Going forward, I will only plant varieties that are cat-safe.) The kitties are discovering skills they didn't know they had, mostly the ability to catch something besides glitter balls. Within the first hour of being out, my chubby 4 year old Sammy (the orange one) had caught TWO voles in the backyard! Who knew? Dudley, who is 10 years young and in great shape, spent the most time pacing in front of the fence trying to jump out, but after half a day he gave up. (While we were finishing the fence the first day, we forgot about a gap in the wooden fence near the patio, and he wasted no time sneaking out, going over to the neighbor's yard, and catching himself a baby bunny! I was stunned, since he's been an indoor kitty all his life and has no front claws.) Now that he can't get out, I feel so much better knowing that they won't be able to hurt any other animals. I think the voles caught on that there are wild jungle animals in the yard now, because we haven't seen any since that first incident, and I have not seen any of the usual chipmunks, so the word is out on the street, so to speak. I put a cat door in a window facing the patio, so they can come and go as they please, and they do! I saw them out this morning at 5:30, in the dewy grass, looking as contented as kitties can be.

I would like potential customers to know that this was surprisingly easy to install. My husband and I are in our late 40's, NOT particularly handy, and I'm a short, chubby little thing with arthritic knees, but we had the whole thing done over a 3-day weekend. It was a pretty straightforward installation of 200 feet with both a 3 and 5 foot access gate, except for a very tricky side of the yard behind the large stand of arbor vitaes. Half of the shrubs hung over the lot line so far that when we tried to lay the fence out straight, it looked like the shrubs were trapped in a hair net. I didn't want to cut perfectly good branches and liked the privacy they provide, so we did some creative snipping and cable tie-ing to allow those longer branches to go through the fence which I took to calling "Frankenfence". You sure couldn't do that with any other fencing material, which is another reason to LOVE the Purr...fect Fence. Our 5 foot gate turned out to be on a bit of a slope, but we made it work by adjusting the bottom threshold, and straying from the installation instructions by cutting separate pieces of fence material to put on the doors, so that the material wouldn't be on a slant. We found that pinning a bag of cable ties to the front of our shirts like a "quiver" made attaching the hundreds of cable ties MUCH faster, and we also pinned the empty bags on as a place to put all the "tails" we cut off. The cost of the zip tie puller would be WELL worth it; I didn't need to order one because my husband works with wiring and was able to borrow one from his employer.

Thanks again for a WONDERFUL product!

Keith & Elaine Rahn – Sullivan, Wisconsin

The Purr...fect fencing for cats has been the product that does what it advertises. We were looking for two things for our cats. Give them an area outside to play in and keep them safe. Being out in the country, speed limits are 45-55mph. Cats many times are simply too inquisitive for their own good. We wanted an area where we could feel comfortable in leaving them outside without the worry of them escaping into danger. The Purr...fect fencing system has met that need in a way that goes to the next level. It is aesthetically pleasing as well.

The installation took work but was much easier than I had anticipated. We put in 4 kits (400 feet). The posts are the foundation of any fencing system and this install was easy to set the posts and easy to plumb the posts. The fencing material itself went up well and the arched tops were great. Our cats look but never test the fence. We have a horse pasture directly behind the cat enclose and we can still enjoy the view of the horses.

Hollida Wakefield Underwager, Northfield, Minnesota

For nearly 30 years my cats lived happily as indoor-outdoor cats on my place five miles out of town in the country. It was an ideal existence for them. My land borders a river and a wilderness area and they were far from a major road and cars. But one week in the fall of 2003 two of the cats suddenly disappeared. I looked for them and called them until my neighbor told me that a pack of coyotes had moved into our area. I confined the remaining cats to the house while I tried to find a solution other than making them indoor-only cats. The cats continually tried to get outside during this time.

Then I discovered Purr…fect Fence on the internet, and immediately ordered 23 Houdini-Proof fence kits. They arrived promptly and I arranged for a crew of friends to install the fencing, which covers approximately three acres. I am completely satisfied with the fencing. The cats go in and out of the house as they please and have remained indoor-outdoor cats, as I believe cats are meant to be.

I hear the coyotes howling regularly but none have penetrated the fence. The fence also provided an unexpected bonus – the vegetable and flower gardens, long plagued by deer and raccoons, are now safe from both.

Jean Wynieski

I rescued a mother cat & her three babies about 4 yrs. ago. Since we already had six cats in the house, I decided to have a shed built for these four, and to use a KittyWalk so they could go outside. Well, the KittyWalk worked alright, even though the cats were very limited in where they could go outside because the KittyWalk wasn't very large. But it served its purpose until this year, when the cotton netting started to unravel, and Max got out twice, and Scratch (his little sister) got out once.

We live on a four-lane state route which gets busy for parts of the day, and I was afraid if they got out again, they might go in the road and get hit. So I started checking in my Cat Fancy magazines for something else, and found Purr...fect Fence. I ordered it and a gate, and my brother-in-law and I installed it a few weeks ago.

In the few weeks the Purr...fect Fence has been up, my four kitties really enjoy it. They can eat grass, lounge on the chair, or just lie on the grass. I've always gone out & visited with them everyday for about two hours. Now, I spend part of the time in the Purr...fect Fence and part in the shed. They hardly come inside anymore. I feel better knowing they're protected by this fence because we have raccoons, stray cats, and other animals around there. I think they're more relaxed having a larger area to play outside. Scratch used to go out and pace back and forth like we've all seen images of caged animals doing, and I was concerned she was starting to be bored, so I had to do something.

My cats and I thank you for this great product.

Lisa Johnson-Wilburn, Steve Wilburn, Colfax, IL 61728

Since installing Benner's Purr...Fect Fence, we have peace of mind knowing our cats are safe being outside. Safe in their own yard; safe from getting hit by a car or Grain Truck, safe from ornery neighborhood kids, safe from other stray cats, and safe from Animal Control. Many of our cats are rescues and former feral cats who prefer to be outside. And as our home filled up with more rescues and ferals, the more we needed to provide them a safe outdoor environment to escape to for their peace of mind as much as ours! We ran into several "site specific challenges" Matt mentioned in the installation video, but we worked them out and couldn't be happier with the finished product! THANK YOU!

Sally and Jeff Hutchins, Ashley ,Ohio

"We really do like the fence. It gives our cat the freedom to be outside although we still do not let her out when one of us is not home. While we are home, she is out all the time.

We had an invisible fence before we saw your fence in the Cat Fancy Magazine. The invisible fence worked but she was confined to an area and had to wear a collar which would shock her if she got too close to the area outside the fence.

With your fence, she does not have to wear the collar and we do not have to worry about her being zapped by the invisible fence . This is GREAT ! We have told several people about your fence and how it has worked for us and for Sassy.

Thanks again! "

Will and Barbara F. - Jacksonville, NC

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with our purr. . .fect fence. Our cats have always been indoor/outdoor cats and after numerous Vet visits resulting from cat fights, spider bites, etc. we decided it was time to create a more save environment for them. Because our cats were originally feral, we knew they would not like being completely indoor cats. We have over an acre lot, and we didn't want to try and fence it all. So instead we screened in our back deck and added a purr. . .fect fence enclosure next to it with a cat door between.

It has been fun turning their outdoor enclosure into a tropical paradise for them. They love laying out there to bask in the sun on a cold winter day.

It works great, no escapes and everybody is happy. . .

Thank you!

Amanda S. - Jacksonville, FL

I just wanted to say that I LOVE my new fence system. We just installed it this past weekend and it's great. I'm so happy that you came out with the conversion system because the 7ft fence was just too tall for our homeowner association's restrictions.

Mandy Ownley – Savannah Georgia

Hi! I purchased this fencing in June 2007 and have bee meaning to send you guys photos. While we couldn't follow the distance-to-tree rule in all areas, it has worked just fine. Both the cats and dogs love it. We had to get creative in one area where the fence met the porch (you'll see the photo of makeshift guard). Feel free to share these photos with others. I rave about our cool fence all the time...would be glad to serve as a reference. Thank you.

Diana Artemis – Falls Church, VA

Here I am, sharing the photos I took of the fence which I finally got installed in early October! As you can see it keeps my six cats completely contained yet is unobtrusive and does not block the view of my neighbors!

Sophie and Kramer - TN

Some workers were here for three days. At first we were excited to have something to watch outside the window. But then they started making a lot of noise and that was very stressful. It was only when they were done could we appreciate what our mommy had done for us. She knew that we constantly begged to go outside. She would take us for walks in our strollers, but we could not get out to roll around in the dirt or to chase after bugs and birds.

She was also concerned because one of us (Kramer) was getting a belly from eating too much and not running around enough. (Like this house is not big enough for that!!!) She was searching the internet for large cages/cat playpens to use outside but could not find any that we would agree to be together inside of them. We need out “space”! In her search she discovered this website www.PurrfectFence.com where she found a fence that was designed to keep cats “in” and other critters “out”. Since there are deer, raccoons, opossums, skunks and all kinds of other critters in the forest right behind our backyard, this did seem to be the purr…fect solution so we could go out to play safely.

The fence came with an hour long DVD demonstrating how to install it. We got comfortable with the five workers who sat around the computer to watch this excellent movie. The workers and mommy thought that our project would go quickly and smoothly because it seemed to be one-third as complicated as the project being demonstrated on the movie. Little did they know that 6-8 inched down was solid rock! One worker brought an electric drill from his truck to drill each hole for the sleeves. One of the other things the workers did was to put in a cat door into the garage door that leads to the back patio. Once all f this work was done, mommy let us finally come outside to inspect his work. What a grand adventure this was…as I’m sure you can see for yourself! As you can see these railroad ties are great! We love walking along them. Because of the rock hard ground, the workers could not tap in the ground stakes to secure the lower part of the fence into the ground to keep us from getting out and to keep rodents or other critters from burrowing under the fence and creating holes for us to escape. Therefore, mommy decided to put these railroad ties along the bottom of the fence.

Kissimmee, FL

This fence is just what we were looking for. We have half an acre fenced in and everything is working out great. It is wonderful to see all of the cats happy and enjoying the outdoors in a safe and secure environment. We are very satisfied with Purr...fect Fence and have peace of mind knowing that these "homeless" cats now have a forever home of their own.

Donna Thomas - Decatur, GA

I have recommended Purr...fect Fence to all my friends and my veterinarian.

I have a friend who had a custom cat cage built for her cats for approximately the same price as Purr...fect Cat Fence. It is much smaller and she is very envious of mine and wishes she'd know about your product before investing in her's.

It was definitely an excellent investment for me. My cats love it and they are far from bored indoor cats. When they've had a nice long outing in their "cat corral" they're tired, happy little boys!

The only bad thing I can say is about your product is that it's addictive! I want more footage... but that's down the road.

Eileen Loiacono - Wilmington, NC

I recently relocated from New York to North Carolina with five cats (3 girls and 2 boys). The house I moved into is only 1,100 square feet and in a homeowner's association, where they frown upon free-roaming pets (including cats). I knew even before I moved in I was going to have behavioral issues. One of my boys is a sprayer and immediately I was having issues with the spraying, anxiety and pacing.

He was not allowed indoors when I lived in New York. The other cats picked up on this and were also becoming anxious. So, I searched the internet for outdoor enclosures but I was not at all happy with the size limitations and the high prices. Then I found the site for the Purr…fect Fence. I ordered my informational packet and watched the promotional CD. I was immediately sold. I placed my order for one kit and without any assistance (it was easier than I imagined), I installed the fence in one weekend to enclose a 20'x53' area of my yard. I cannot tell you what a lifesaver this fence is. After two weeks of having 24/7 free access to my yard, (a pet door panel is installed in my patio door) my cats are happier and much less anxious -- my house is also much cleaner! I also have a lot of birds around my yard and the fence keeps them absolutely safe from the jaws and claws of my cats. I recommend this fence to anyone who values the safety and health of their cats. It also reduces stress in the cat owner. Just knowing where my cats are at all times is wonderful!

Lynn and Bob Carver - Ocala, Florida

Just a note to thank you for the cat enclosures. They turned out EXCELLENT!...It's up and looking good and we are just adding the finishing touches on their "CAT HOUSE" yes they are spoiled cats...

Since we live in Florida we wanted air conditioning when it gets really hot and humid. We also added a pond with a fountain as well as sod in the enclosure. My son has built them planks and ladders and we've put up hammocks as well as them having many play areas with their toys and scratch posts. They themselves occupy an acre so we will be ordering additional fence enclosures with in the next month. We want to add at least 5 more enclosures. So thank you and good job. It's so nice not worrying about them getting out and getting injured as well as not hearing complaints from our neighbors...

Love it and I have spread the word to all my cat lover friends!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill be in touch. Will send pictures as soon as it is completed!

Cherie Sauer

I stumbled upon the Purrfect Fence during a desperate attempt to find some type of outside enclosure that offered not only protection for my eight year old cats, but also enough space for them to enjoy the outdoors. As soon as I found your fence I knew I had the purrfect solution to my dilemma. Since installed, the cats can go outside at will. They bask in the sun, chase lizards, and chat with the birds resting on the top of the fence. Mostly they enjoy being with me while I'm outside instead of staring longingly out the window. Thanks to your design, my cats have discovered--at an adult age--what it's like to truly enjoy the outdoors in complete safety. I wish I had found this fence years ago as I firmly believe that they are happier, more active, and more satisfied since being freed from the confines of four walls.

Wendy & Bill Shepherd– Atlanta, Georgia

We put our Purr…fect Fence up in front of our pre-existing wooden fence for our 5 cats this past week-end. Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you. It also solved a big problem that we have been having with our 9 month old Airedale. Ezzy our dog that used to be attached to our hip does not want to come in the house any more. He loves to stay outside and do cat patrol. He sits by the fence like he is protecting a herd and circles the cat enclosure periodically.

Joyce K. - Pittsburgh, PA

It is wonderful! We have 6 cats, one of them tried to climb it and couldn't. They run most of the day outside when the weather is nice and come in all tuckered out, which is great. They are getting exercise and are not so bored. Thank you so much for this great product!

Because my husband and I joke that we are both "geriatric" - he is 73 and I am 57, it took us 4 days to put the fence up. We move slowly and just took our time at it. It just takes a little time to do it right. We had about 25 feet left when we were done and decided to screen in our back deck porch with it, which turned out great.

Thanks again!

Sherri H. - Salisbury, MD

I just wanted to let you know that ALL 10 (yes, ten...) of my feline children love being outside now that I have the "purrfect fence".... They are all "rescues" and range in age from 3 months to 16 years and the youngest was outside instantly, the rest soon followed and it seems like they have only come in to eat and sleep.


Leslie Briley - Phoenixville, PA

Katie- Here are my first pictures!  I am planning on getting part of the garden landscaped.  I will send better pictures later with a thank you letter.  The Kitty Garden was given its name by my friend that helped me do the installation – just the 2 of us put it all up – not too bad!  Thanks for all your help – it was well worth it – the kitties love it!  I am seeing a whole new side of them!

Elena Caravela - Summit, New Jersey

Your Purr...Fect Fence is indeed Houdini proof. After his first day of sanctioned freedom, our “Houdini” has given up even trying to escape. He is so very happy that it's not worth his effort to even attempt a "break." Our three female cats are in heaven as well.

We humans are equally pleased. We no longer have to "catch the cat" at the door when we enter or exit. We are now even able to enjoy an evening on the patio without listening to the guilt-provoking meows of the rest of the family stuck inside of the house.

Our guests are less likely to mistakenly let one of the insistent darlings out of the non-enclosed front door, because the thrill of escape is not really present anymore. It's just too much trouble. A short walk to the back, (enclosed) door produces the same lovely effect.

Yes, we are all experiencing much less stress, worry, and now have freedom. Thank you in equal parts from the humans and all of the felines in our family!

Regina Wells, Washington, DC

Regina Wells is a CAD/CAM engineer who does 3D graphic modeling of Navy ships-pretty complicated stuff. One of her primary job responsibilities is conducting research on the web. What in the world does this have to do with getting a fence so that your cats can safely enjoy the outdoors?

It all started with a pregnant 9 month old friendly, but feral, cat - “Emma” who lived across the street from the Navy Yard in the DC area where I work. This area is like a war zone, with no real safe or predictable place for feral or “street cats” to live. When I first saw Emma living amid such hazardous conditions, I knew I had to do something to help. So I began feeding Emma and about 12 other ferals living in the area. Emma was friendly and came home to join my resident cat, Triple E. Then there was Allie, who was also 9 months old and pregnant, but friendly, so she came home too. The others though were very wild so all I could do was feed them at the same time every day to develop their trust and provide them with a source of food they could count on. During this time, I got to know them, their personalities, and their habits.

I knew that just feeding these cats was just a short-term fix and that what these cats really needed was a safe home with food and water. So, I got to work. Starting with an internet search, I discovered the Trap Neuter Release (TNR) program. With the help of many other folks who are committed to the safety and well being of our feline friends, in a few months we were able to successfully capture 11 cats - no easy feat can assure you! TNR was not really an option in this case because the area was being redeveloped and their habitat being torn down.

With six of the cats now at home with my husband and me, the only place for our new family members was our guest room. Tuxit, Tinker, Tiva, Shasta, Steena and Flicka occupied the guest room for over 4 months using 1 full bag of litter per day, yes you read that right, one bag of litter per day!

After 4 months, we decided that it was time for the clan of six to move out of the guest room. So back on the web I went, this time to search for alternative, outdoor living spaces for my cats. During my search, I found that there were several ways we could keep our cats outside. But every option I looked at required that you have some kind of fence. My husband and I did not have a fence, and when we began to look at the cost of installing one, we had sticker shock-erecting a chain link or wooden fence is an expensive undertaking. So it was back to the drawing board… until I discovered Purr…fect Fence, www.PurrfectFence.com the only complete top to bottom system specifically designed for cats that did not require an existing fence! I also found that the Purr…fect Fence kit, was a complete system including a step-by-step installation DVD so that we could install it ourselves, with no extra trips to the hardware stor …. and it was quite affordable! I consulted with my husband and we decided to order our Purr…fect Fence kit.

A week later, our Purr…fect Fence kit arrived, and my husband went out to the yard and up it went! One of the benefits of Pur …Fect Fence is that it is designed to be “escape proof”. Since we had worked long and hard to make a home for our feral friends, we decided have a trial run and put our new fence to the test. So we let Allie Cat, our most agile, acrobatic kitty out to explore the new play area we designed using Purr..fect Fence. If anyone of our ferals could escape we knew it would be our Allie. Well, Allie gave it her best shot, but after several attempts, she stopped trying to get out and started enjoying her new outdoor play area. Allie, Triple E, and Emm still reside in the house, but the ferals are outdoor cats.

Today, all 8 of our ferals are outside.. It makes me feel so good that I can give them the chance to be outside but be safe- I don’t have to worry about cars, or dogs or anything else that could hurt my cats. They say a picture’s worth a thousand words….see for yourself how my crew enjoys their Purr…Fect Fence. I strongly recommend Purr…Fect Fence because it works and it’s affordable” - Regina Wells

Diane Longacre – Reading, PA

At my previous home, a town home, I took in two stray cats from the development. There I would reluctantly let them outside once a day in the morning, praying they would be safe till they came back. Recently, in June, I moved to a new home that sits on a moderately traveled roadway. I new I could not let them out, even though they loved to be outside. I went on the internet and found your website and purchased the fence.

Now my cats can go out anytime they want and they love it. There is a tree within my fence and Wildlife like squirrels come inside the fence and amuse my cats. My cats are as happy as ever and I can relax knowing they are safe. This is money spent that I feel was worth every penny. It is also a great conversation piece for friends, relatives and business associates (my business is in my home). People stop by just to see my cat fence! I, Lucky & Gracie say THANKS!

S. Black, Monroe Twp., NJ

Our two cats, Nottingham and Tyra absolutely love the Purr...fect Fence. They are Bengals and accidentally got a taste of the outdoors when Nottingham figured out how to open the front door. I kept blaming my children and husband for leaving the door open. Ever since that incident, they would cry consistently to go out. Since we've gotten the Purr...fect Fence, they are outside from 6:30 in the morning until we go to bed. I even bring them their food outdoors!

Boni Buchanan

Our cats just LOVE their new kitty environment within the Purr…fect Cat Fence! We are working on landscaping the area so that it provides plenty of shade and comfort. Here are a few shots of them enjoying a lazy summer afternoon. They have their own sand trap area and lounge chairs! Leni enjoys lying on top of the table under his umbrella, while Tedi takes a shady seat on the chair. Ahh summer!!! All they need is a little catnip iced tea! Thanks again for providing us with a purrfect solution for creating a natural habitat for our cats!

Donna M. Fenza, Glen Mills, PA

Please be advised that I am 100% happy with all the aspects of your company, its product and services, especially Matt. I have three (3) cats/siblings, which have been used to roaming our property for about 13 years now. The population of the fox is tremendous and one of the cats is blind. I have grown extremely concerned about their safety. I had to make a decision and was real upset, as I didn't know what to do as far as confinement.

To Whom It May Concern:

Please be advised that I am 100% happy with all the aspects of your company, its product and services, especially Matt.

I have three (3) cats/siblings, which have been used to roaming our property for about 13 years now. The population of the fox is tremendous and one of the cats is blind. I have grown extremely concerned about their safety. I had to make a decision and was real upset, as I did ’t know what to do as far as confinement.

Low and behold the Sullivan’s in Media referred me to your company. Within a week of contacting your company, Matt came out to my house to discuss the plans. Within three weeks, the enclosure was completed. The cats appear very happy in spite of their past freedom. They have their very own desk, lounge chairs, jungle Jim, plants, umbrellas, etc. I had the enclosure hooked onto our barn with a cat door. I have made a horse stall look like a resort. Eventually, I will have a goldfish pond installed for my cats and an E.P. Henry patio. “ Yes, I tend to go a bit overboard for animals, as I will do anything in the world for an animal!”

The service Matt provided was outstanding, which is a trait that you just cannot find anymore whenever you seek to get “anythin ” done now a days. He was on time when he promised to be at my house. Everything he committed to do, he did 100%. His workmanship was fabulous. The Purr…fect Fence Company is one lucky business to have him as an employee/public relation’s man.

I will happily refer any business your way, and please feel free to save my name and number should any prospective clients wish to contact me.

Donna M. Fenza

Joseph Dooley, Sewell, NJ

"We have 15 cats, some of them feral that we have rescued and this enclosure has really met our needs to secure our cat population."

Peggy B., Cheeto, Dewey, and Teddy, Tewksbury, MA

I used to be a big believer in letting cats go out. I believed that cats should be allowed to be cats. Until one of my cats of 8 years got hit by a car and then 4 weeks later my other cat got hit and cost me a small fortune to save him. I was severely grief stricken and emotionally traumatized. I vowed to never put my cats out again. I spent 6 months helping my cat heal from his surgeries and when he started getting better, he made my life miserable by screaming constantly to go out. I was desperate for relief. I found it with the Purrfect Fence.

I purchased the purrfect fence one month ago and it has been the best decision I ever made in my life.. I feel like a responsible pet owner now versus letting my cats run all over the neighborhood with all the dangers of mean kids, cars, Fischer cats, coyotes, other cats, etc.. This fence is the BEST investment I have ever made. I purchased 300 feet and it is a huge area for them to roam. When I tell visitors what I spent, they tell me that was a lot of money. I tell them..this is what people spend on one vacation! I will get years and years of enjoyment out of my investment. My neighbors like the fence because it did not ruin their view as it is almost invisible!

This fence has given me a better quality of life. I now spend hours in my yard versus the house. I can't get enough of watching my cats enjoy the outside. They are total different cats! They are so much happier as their quality of life has changed enormously. They now have more territory, they are less stressed, less bored, they don’t fight anymore, they sleep through the night, they have lots of stimulation from the bugs they catch to running up the trees. They love stalking the birds and sunning in the grass. They sit for hours over the chipmunk hole in my backyard. I love the fact that I am saving money on litter as my cats now go to the bathroom in the woody area of my yard. I can also get some alone time when I want a break from the cats by keeping them outside. Dinner time was stressful because they would jump on the counters and beg for food or worse, jump up on the hot stove! Now, I get to cook and eat in peace while my boys enjoy the fresh air. No more early wake up calls as they can go into the backyard any time through the cat doors. The Purrfect Fence really is truly the purrfect fence. My quality of life has changed tremendously along with my 3 cats.

Thank you ..thank you ..thank you…

Kurt B. - Sharon, MA

After about one-and-a-half years, I am writing to express our appreciation for your product. I never realized the extent of the nagging worry we used to experience whenever our cats went outside. Given the street in front of our house and the surrounding woods in back (with prowling coyotes ) it is a wonder our kitties survived at all.

It is now so reassuring to know that every time we let them out they're safe and secure in the backyard with our PurrFect Fence.

We first thought enclosing about half an acre was expensive but now realize it was well worth it to banish our constant anxiety for the cats' safety . The neighbors are happy too since I don't have to trespass across their yards and crawl under their porches to retrieve errant wanderers.

The fence was easy to install and does not interfere with our view, blending in almost to invisibility. As an added benefit is it blocks the fall leaves blowing in from neighboring yards!

Most of all the cats are able to play, explore and lead full lives within their protected area. Even our grumpy cat breaks into a smile now and then --when she thinks we aren't watching.

Glenn & Anne Bussman - Brentwood, NY

It wasn't long after we put up the Purrfect Fence when nature in a grander scale seemed to challenge us. I came home from work and was feeding our ferrel cats when I noticed that a tree had fallen onto our new fence. After going out to check the situation, I found that it was not just one tree, but one tree that took part of another tree with it and fell right between two posts directly on top of the fence. I have to say that I was a little upset after all the work of putting it up and making sure everything was just right and now a tree falls on it.

In order to cut the tree free of the fence, I needed to go to my neighbor's yard and work from his side since most of the weight was on the fence and in his yard. Once I cleared the branches from the fence I noticed that the poles did not even bend - they were as straight as they were when we put them up. The fencing was a little stretched from the weight of the tree, but with a little nip/tuck it was as good as new. I was very impressed.

Thank you for making such a strong and dependable product.

Vikki C. Howard, DVM – Manchester, NH

As a veterinarian, I have focused much of my learning on feline medicine and well being. Currently, there is a discussion in the veterinary community of environmental enrichment for many animals that are confined indoors. Confinement indoors has many benefits but at the same time may also contribute to medical conditions such as obesity, behavioral problems, and stress-related illness. Over the years, I have tried many published techniques to make my home a cat friendly environment. When I saw Purr....fect Fence at a veterinary convention, I decided it would be a great investment in my cat's well being, emotionally and physically. After all, a happy cat has a better chance of being a healthy cat.

Marcia Scott – Marston’s Mills, Massachusetts

I'm sending along a few photos of my cats enjoying the outside protected by their wonderful Purr..fect Fence! I have been a member of a group that rescues ferals and strays and we have rescued and adopted out many cats.. but I've also kept many... I now have seven cats! And I used to let them out thinking I lived in a safe neighborhood and some of the cats were semi-feral and really needed to be outside... but then one of my cats disappeared and I was heartbroken. I have now moved to a new house and decided I had to have a way to let the cats out but have them be safe. I looked into several fences and then found your site when I was doing a search on the internet and it seemed like the perfect solution. So I ordered one and put it up 2 months ago and the cats are SO happy to be outside and we are SO happy to watch them outside knowing they are safe. I can't tell you what a relief it has been and how grateful we are for your product. There is nothing else like it. And we also appreciate that the fence is just about invisible and does not obstruct the view of our pretty back yard. We thank you for your product and our cats thank you! Take a look at them enjoying themselves....

Darcy Nelson – Shrewsbury, VT

Please find enclosed some conventional photos and a CD (the conventional photos have also been scanned and added to the CD) with pictures of some of our cats enjoying their yard, made possible by Purr..fect Fence. We have 6 cats and are thrilled to be able to offer them the opportunity to experience the joy, excitement and stimulation of being outside without having to worry that something bad will happen to them. We are too attached to our cats to take that chance.

We have installed kitty doors to allow them free access to their yard, and they spend many hours a day out there. Even our most athletic cat, Charlie, has been unable to “Houdini” his way out of the fence, in spite of his many efforts.

Our cats enjoy the stimulation they receive from being outside. They like watching birds, chipmunks, squirrels and deer that frequent our property. While our cats can watch these critters, they cannot bother them-our bird feeders are on the other side of the cat fence.

Sometimes they enjoy catching bugs and chasing each other outside, often zooming around at full speed, which is great exercise for them. At other times they prefer to simply relax, lounge and catch a catnap in the safety of their Purr..fect Fence. We are so happy we chose to invest in Benner’s Purr..fect Fence. It expands the amount of living space that is available to our cats, which is so important in a multi-cat household such as ours.

So, thank you for developing such a wonderful product—it affords us peace of mind in knowing that our cats are safe and happy. We fully endorse the Purr..fect Fence!.

Frani, Phippsburg, MA

I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, for coming up with the design of Purr…fect Fence. I recently moved from NJ to Maine in the woods near the ocean and after three months of listening to three cats whine to go outside I made the decision to let my indoor/outdoor cats out.

I want to take this opportunity to THANK YOU, for coming up with the design of Purr…fect Fence. I recently moved from NJ to Maine in the woods near the ocean and after three months of listening to three cats whine to go outside I made the decision to let my indoor/outdoor cats out. I always made sure they were in the house before dark. However, something terrible happened one day. My middle, female cat "Whoopie" was lost for 3 1/2 days and when she finally returned home crawling up the pathway she was obviously in a state of shock - something scared her so bad she did not want to go outside again. I had been frantically searching for her all that time and was literally sick to my stomach, I was so upset. I was wondering if she was lost, if she had been run over by a car, or if something had got her. When I took her to the Vet, he told me that there are hawks, foxes, and sometimes coyotes in the woods at night where I live and that she apparently was hiding from one. She wasn't injured, just extremely scared. She apparently cried so much that her little voice is now still raspy. I had no idea!! I felt like a very "bad mommy". That was last July 2002. I had resigned myself to keeping the cats inside the rest of their lives. It just wasn't worth it. Meanwhile, the crying of my other two cats was driving us crazy.

About two months ago, I knew there had to be something out there for other pet owners that were experiencing the same problem that we were, so I typed in the word "cat fence" on the Internet and to my delight there you were - www.PurrfectFence.com!

We put the cat fence up about 3 1/2 weeks ago, it was simple to install. My cats now go to and from the basement door with a pet door. My older, male cat is still getting the hang of it, but my two smaller females have "died and gone to heaven". They can swat at bugs, lie on the warm grass, and bask in the sun, and watch the birds and not come home with one in their mouth. It is especially nice that I don't have to keep opening and closing the door and yelling their names for them to come home. I do always make sure the pet door is closed at night. Whoopie is her old self again. I have to tell you that you have made me so happy that I am tearing up writing this to you. Thanks again. I promise I will tell everybody I see about your product. Your customer service is also excellent. Alpo, Whoopie and Fuzz Bucket say "meow, meow and meow" in thanks.

Rick & Dianne Wolstencroft, Smithfield, RI.

The purr...fect cat fencing is the best investment we have made for our cats. We live in a rural area of Rhode Island and have seen many wild animals cross our backyard (coyotes, fishers, fox, etc.) This fence has kept our 5 cats safe from the local wildlife yet able to enjoy the outside at the same time. I intend to increase the area they are able to roam since this fencing has worked out so well. It's easy to install and took about 1 day to enclose a 100 ft area.

Cynthia Harvey , Acton, MA

I have had my 3 acres enclosed for 4 years, and I have 10 cats! Purr-fect Cat Fence has been highly effective at keeping out predators, who would injure my cats, such as weasels, coyote, fox, etc. It also has been effective at keeping my cats enclosed.

Louise Dunham, Concord, NH

Late last summer, a stray kitty adopted us. He was very thin and his ears were all bloody from weeks of scratching due to a terrible case of ear mites. Since we had just lost our beloved “Whiskers” earlier in the summer from a coyote attack, I decided that this cat would be an indoor cat. After a week of constant meowing, I decided it was selfish of me to keep “Honey Bunches of Kitty” inside since he was used to the outdoors.

I realized that he was better off being happy even if there was a chance I could lose him also. He was outside through the fall, and since winters here are snowy, he spent most of the winter inside. The problems started this spring. In early April, Kitty got an abscess on his face due to cat bite. We took him to the vet and he drained the wound and put him on antibiotics. In a week, he seemed fine. However, just a few days later, he had another abscess. The vet became suspicious because he was getting abscesses so easily, so he decided to test him for feline leukemia and aids, which is not uncommon in stray cats. As it turns out, Honey Bunches of Kitty has feline leukemia which makes him much more susceptible to infections. The vet informed me that if we continued to let Kitty outside, he would surely get an infection that would kill him. Also, he could infect other cats in the neighborhood. This time, I felt I had no choice. Kitty would have to be an indoor cat. We kept him in for 2 very long weeks of constant meowing and howling. I really didn’t think I could take it much longer. It was then that I sat down at the computer and started looking for cat fences. I came upon your website and liked what I saw. Within a few days I placed an order for 300’ of Purr..Fect Fence. While we were waiting for the fence to arrive, I prepared the area, cleaning out brush and trimming tree branches. It took a weekend for two of us to install the fence. Getting Purr..Fect Fence was the best thing we ever did. Our whole backyard is enclosed and Honey Bunches of Kitty can keep us company on our deck and around the hot tub and pool. He’s so much happier now and so am I. It’s great that I don’t have to worry about him when he’s out.

Sheila, MA

"Thanks to Benner's Purr-fect Fence, these lucky cats in Wellesley, Massachusetts get to safely enjoy the outdoors.

We definitely recommend Purr-fect Fence to animal lovers, Purr-fect Fence is almost invisible, easy to install, cost-effective, and best of all, the cats don't like to climb it.

Meow (Thanks), Purr-fect Fence!
George, Lulu, Otis, Simon, Harry and Hugo ".


"Early this morning I was woken by the sound of a significant crash and discovered that my neighbor’s tree had come down, taking out both his electric line and mine. The tree ultimately landed square on my Purrfect Fence, which was installed 13 months ago. To my utter amazement and relief, once the tree and branches were cut and removed from the fence, the damage was minimal. We were able to stand the pole back up and re-secure the fencing. I will likely have to replace one of the arms this spring but for now I am relieved to say my fence is secure enough to keep my cats safe this winter. It is truly a testament to the quality of materials that this fence was able to withstand the force of a tree falling on it. I cannot thank you enough for creating this fencing. Truly the best money I’ve ever spent."

Jackie (& Kevin) Candela

I have to say a big THANK YOU!!! for coming up with such a great invention! The fencing with the spring arms was what it took to keep our little Houdini in the yard and safe!! And it has given all of our kitties and us our freedom back.

The back-story: We have always let our kitties go outside as we live on a dead-end street in an area surrounded by woods. For over 26 years all of our babies enjoyed their freedom getting to come in and go out when they wanted with no issues. In 2008 we acquired a younger group of rescue kitties and decided that when they were old enough to go out they would only get to go out during the day. I had always worried about them being outside anyway, especially at night, but the kitties we had at the time were so used to it, it was hard to keep them in without them freaking out. Fast forward to 2016. The only guy still with us from the “old” crew wanted to go out at bedtime one night (as he almost always did), so I let him. Very sadly we discovered the next morning that during the night, right next to our driveway a coyote got him. I knew if the coyotes were coming in that close to the houses that I could no longer let any of our kitties out to roam freely – I felt bad enough for what happened to Dusty, and could not live with myself if we allowed it to happen again. So everyone stayed in for a while and they were very unhappy. My sister had purchased some fencing to put around a garden but never used it, so she gave that to us and my husband put it up around our concrete patio out back. So they at least got to go outside, but they were used to so much more freedom (and access to grass and woods) that they still weren’t happy. And after a while, Archer (our Houdini) figured out he could climb right over the top of the fence, so we couldn’t let him out at all unsupervised. Then I bought some harnesses and bungee leashes and we started taking them for walks around the yard, which helped but was obviously not ideal. When we weren’t walking them they were restless and cried and scratched at the doors all day long. So we didn’t know what we were going to do. We could fence in the yard and it would be good for a couple of them, but we still wouldn’t be able to let Archer out.

Then I found the Purrfect Fence website and started to talk to Matt, and with his help ordered what we needed to enclose our entire backyard. My husband installed the fencing and we were finally able (for the first time in over a year) to open the back door and just let the kitties run out – it was great!!! Now came the moment of truth – would it really keep Archer in? They all walked the perimeter checking everything out, with Archer looking for his escape route I’m sure. Which he eventually found, but not because of the fence, but because we have some trees close to the fence that we didn’t want to have to cut down if it could be avoided. So my husband made a few modifications around the trees so they couldn’t be climbed, and voila’ – one contained Houdini-kitty!!! And for the first time ever I feel good about them being outside, knowing they're safe, which is worth more than I can say.

Purrfect Fence is just that – PERFECT!!!

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