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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 654 reviews
We love it !

We recently moved and no longer wanted our cats to roam free. The purrfect cat fence lets them go outside without the risk of getting hit by a car or getting into fights with stray cats in the area. It’s a win, win, win for all of us !

Excellent product

I installed it on my 18’x18’ terrace and it looks great. My cats are now free to spend time outside and i can leave the door open without worry!
Easy to assemble, great quality.

Fantastic Product

I'm super pleased with the fence and my cats even more.
They are out smelling, running and playing together (I thought they disliked each other lol).
I enclosed the tree belt of my yard. It was undulating grades and tree routes. The posts went in easier than I thought.
I recommend don't hammer from the same side otherwise it can start to crumple the stake.
Pay attention to wear you ziptie. If you ziptie netting to arms/posts stay consistent of tying the vertical side of square or horizontal side of square ... this alleviates some net bubbling.
Also, instead of c-clamp crimper I used zip ties for everything. I found them more useful to make the net taught and kept everything esthetically black.
If you can't manage to solve a bubbling of net don't forget you can ziptie from the outside too! (This move solved my problems a couple times).
The customer service representatives were fantastic. From getting replacement parts; to live tips on building problems; and friendly demeanor (makes you assured you've made a good purchase choice)... thanks Jennifer!

It is awesome.

Goes up and down quickly. Our cat loves it and we trust it.

Opened up an exciting world!

With the house included the fence enclosure is 450 running feet. We finished it today and the cats are all napping from the 2 hours they were out in it. One kitty is blind and always bored so he especially will benefit from this new freedom. It will also free me up as I used to walk them with harnesses and utilized GPS collars. I wish I'd done this years ago!

Stopped the panic attacks

Waited a long time for these two kittens because we were robbed of another feline family member to a coyote after he got out and jumped fence a few years ago. Fast forward to today, we had two dogs perfectly trained by a doggie door. During CoVid’s initial quarantine months, we started fostering kittens. We had planned on getting another cat eventually so we were getting our dogs used to cats again and kittens and cats used to dogs in families. After many foster cats, we ended up adopting a pair of calico sisters. All was well and good in house until kittens became bigger and became curious about the dog door. It was a months’ long battle. Spray bottles, noise makers, even splurged for the hated correction collars but we were panicked to lose another cat. We even toyed with removing the dog door (more disruption to household). The correction barrier collars eventually were a bust also as they just ran like bulls past the correction and through the dog door.

We searched long and hard for solutions. Many home made solutions available but too much work and price involved. Happened upon your product and read reviews and decided to purchase.
Needless to say it has been a life saver. The panic of a missing cat has left. The kitties get to play all day/night with all kinds of flying flora and fauna. They can play with their dog siblings. They also sprawl in the middle of yard napping.

Easy to put up. They helped on what size I needed after I asked questions on line. I did struggle a bit with the corners of yard but they also gave me a solution for that.
Best animal related purchase, Ive made.

In pictures, you can see the barely visible fence and some content animals.

Keeping Cats in the Yard

We have a 300 Foot Perimeter, concrete brick, and two side gates. We bought a hammer drill and some anchor screws and got to work. It's not an exact science, so you have to be a little handy. The hardest part is getting the corners, but we got the hang of it. I recommend pulling the fence tight to get a straight line, it may require some adjustment after putting it together.

Love the new gate

I needed a gate that Was tall enough to walk thru and strong enough to be used daily. This gate is perfect. Well designed and easy to install. I have used purrfectfence cat enclosures for almost 20 yrs and have never been disappointed .

Excellent product, easy to install.

We're a repeat customer, we installed purrfect fence at a previous home. It's easy to install and keeps our cats safe.

Liberated! Me and my cats.

The system went up super easy. I was able to put it up in small yard in a couple hours. My cats used to try to escape over the fence every time they went out. Now they don’t even try. I feel comfortable enough to leave them outside without supervision. We are all loving the new found freedom.

Simple Installation and Safe!

It has been two weeks and my little kitties haven’t escaped, not even the chickens! I feel so much better to have the peace of mind knowing all my escape artists have met their match. Everything I did myself at 30+weeks pregnant except put up the bracket mounts because I do not own a drill and needed a friend to do that part.

Our cat is super happy to be outside

We live and travel in a van so we occasionally let the cat roam outside if we feel he is safe. Unfortunately most of the time we aren’t in a safe place for him to do that. So this tent gives us the opportunity to let him outside and still be safe.

Excellent cat proof fence!

I installed the 150 ft stand alone system about 5 weeks ago and none of my 3 cats have escaped so far. I am really happen with the fence. The installation videos that were emailed to me were very helpful. Great customer service! I definitely recommend this fence.


The system worked pretty well for our needs.
Now my 3 cats stay safely outside.

Perfect solution for my rescues!

We have about an acre enclosed and cross-fenced with the free-standing Purr…fect Fence system, which includes four large gates and four regular gates, for our 27 rescue kitties. The first section has been in place for 10 years and, with occasional repairs, is still protecting the cats from predators and keeping them safe. It is not difficult to install and requires no expensive tools. The only invaders we’ve had are raccoons, who have thumbs and can climb anything. This fence is, literally, a life saver. Thank you for the amazing safety net which protects my babies!

Convenient & secure - veterinarian approved!

The set up was pretty quick & convenient, and my cats are safe, secure, and entertained! Really a win-win all around, especially in 5 kitty household where personal space can sometimes be a challenge. Here’s Orange Machine with his new winter coat getting ready to enjoy some fresh air =^..^=

So overall, we’re very satisfied, and as a veterinarian who specializes in kitties with my mobile practice, I will certainly be recommending Purrfect Fence to other cat owners - a great solution for scenarios ranging from behavioral issues, obesity, house soiling, to just plain old boredom - Thanks guys!

The customer service is excellant!! AJ was right there every step of the waye to answer questions...

My cats took one look and realized they had met their match! The netting is hardly visible from a distance but up close is nice looking as well as effective.

Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System
Joseph & Jacqueline Freeman
Ninja cat unable to break out

Our escapee cat, Aristotle, has been able to figure out all our prior cat-fencing. Not so with Purrfect. It’s been two months now since we installed the 1000’ foot containment system. We used the conversion system for two walls and the netting on the other two walls. He tested everything from walls to corners and he has not been able to find any weak links. Big success.

Stupidly Simple

I'm not the best DIY gal. I'm okay at putting together a shelf with instructions and that's about it. This was very simple, if time/labor intensive for someone of my poor stamina, to put up. It works amazingly well. I also got the cat tree and it is a very sturdy outdoor tree. I haven't seen the cats use it, but it was late Fall by the time I put it up and it's cold out. I'm thinking of wrapping the pole in sisal rope to encourage my tree-climbing cat to give it a go. He's not used to such small platforms. Baring that I might need to try to get bigger platforms for the tree.

Ideal solution. Works perfectly.

Your fence gave us the freedom to go out with our cat. Before The fence she would jump the fence so quickly we had to react instantly to get her back safely. It was very discouraging. Now we have complete freedom and she stays safely in the yard.
AJ was incredible. Answering every question sending sketches with his best ideas etc.
thank you.

It works!

My cat was a little Houdini before I installed this fencing system. It’s been installed for a few months and there haven’t been any escapes! Excellent customer service too! Highly recommend.

very good idea , so cats can enjoy outside without the dangers of the outdoors

it worked very good ! my cat was outdoor cat, but due to problems with my neighbor , i have to keep him indoors, . Matt was a great help with our questions when we installed the fence

Peace of mind knowing my cats are safe outside!!

This is my second Purrfect Fence purchase. I just moved into a new house a few months ago. I had the Purrfect fence in the yard of my previous house for 13 years and my cats missed being outside. So I bought another kit for the new house and my cats are happy again! They line up at the door every morning so excited to go out! They know the boundaries of the fence and don’t try to escape. It is easy to install and the 150 foot kit with 2 light duty gates we purchased took less than a full weekend to complete. The fence is so transparent that sometimes when you look at it you can’t even see it. I highly recommend the Purrfect Fence to anyone who loves their cats and wants to keep them safe while offering them the enrichment of being outdoors.

Love this fence!!!!

My friend who is a contractor helped me put up my cat fence. I have a window insert with a cat door that goes out of a basement window into the fenced in area. My cats love it!! They go in and out with no problem. The fence is extremely secure and they can’t dig under it. Neither one has tried to climb the fence, surprisingly, but I feel confident if one did that the fence would gently drop them to the ground as it states. It’s a very well designed feature.

These work great and will send pictures. I have seven cats and they are now inside the fence cats. Thanks.

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