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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 972 reviews
Cats are safe and happy!

My daughter was devastated when we had to move off the farm because she was going to have to leave her farm cats there. Well, we decided to take them with because we didn't trust the people buying our farm would take care of them. But we moved to a house in city limits so we couldn't just let them roam free. So we found purrfect fence and got to work building our cat space! It's still a work in progress, but they have two sheds to go in that have their water, food, toys, and cat trees, etc. But they have the outdoor space to be in as well. We let the grass grow long in the summer as they like to play in it.

Purrfect outdoor safety, freedom & fun.

Matt of Purrfect Fence was so wonderful helping us configure our new Catio for a challenging space. Our indoor cats LOVE spending time in their catio space, and so do we ! As their committed servants, We keep an eye to check on them as needed, as they like to go in and out throughout the day; knowing they are in a safely enclosed space while in nature and lots of room, provides us peace of mind. They love it. It is the best solution for of both indoor/safe outdoor worlds. We routinely check the fence and arms for upkeep. PUrrfect Fence sure thinks like a cat because they did an excellent job with this modular design. THANK YOU from us and our feline crew ❤️🐾

Great compromise for my furbabies!

I have three cats and one in particular really needed the stimulation of having time outside. I; however, am not a proponent of free-ranging outdoor cats. For their own safety and for the sake of our native wildlife. The Purrfect Fence gave me the perfect solution! Well designed, I was able to install by myself in about a day and a half. My cats have never escaped. They're happy and I am happy.

You can set up everything yourself and the customer service is fabulous

Our Purr...fet fence and cat tree has given our indoor cats a whole new life but with the safety they need.

Improves cats' quality of life

We love our Purrfect fencing! Being able to - safely - go outside has greatly improved the quality of life for our two cats.

Wild cat oasis

I've had the fence for 3 years now. No escapes due to the fence--I had one due to a tree falling on the fence and one from the gate being open but all is well-they are fine. There are 3 cats here and a large dog. I have such peace of mind now and happy cats with an outdoor space; 280 square feet in a tiny house is pretty small. No litter box is awesome. Even in the winter with snow they go outside through a cat door. This product has saved me so much stress and it's great for my dog too since she doesn't listen very well.

Boogie Approved

My cat, Boogie, will run away for weeks if he is let outside. Thankfully, we bought the cat tent to give him some fresh air and a break from the indoors! Love this tent so much.

Wished we had this long ago!

We've had outdoor cats for ever, but when it came time for some new kittens to move in with us, I was dreading dealing with them going "visiting" or "travelling" for days & nights without knowing where they were or if they were ok, so we tried to make our own fence - They climbed it. We built a cat enclosure on one of our decks - 2 of them figured out how to get on the roof and venture off, and then we finally found the Purrfect fence. At first we just did a 100ft fence and fenced in an area at the bottom of the deck where we had built the not so effective cat enclosure (and tried to put up baffles to keep them from climbing the posts to the roof again). They LOVED IT!! But they also wanted us out with them all the time, so we planted a little garden and brought some chairs down to the small landing pad and called it a patio. As they got bigger - we realized they couldn't chase each other very well with all of the raised garden beds so we planned to save up to buy more fence to wrap it around the back of our house to the kitchen door so they could at least get a few full strides in there! It took us a while but once they had that room they were loving it!!! They could run in and out of 3 doors, and up and down stairs to the decks and hide and ambush each other, chase bugs, dig for bugs (They're still bringing presents in - and wish they wouldn't do that) but they really love it! We also were able to expand the garden - one added bonus with the Purrfect fence - is that the deer, ground hogs, raccoon, oppossom and other critters are not coming in and eating from the garden.. we do have a squirrel who is very upset about the cat fence expansion. He had burried a lot of food where we expanded it.. and he will climb up and over but has trouble getting out - so we had to put in a couple squirrel escapes (I think the actual product is called a squirrel extractor or critter extractor - looks like a have-a-heart trap for catch and release - exceept it doesn't trap them in it - they can lift the flap and run right out - and the cats can't ... We also now have flowers we weren't able to grow without some critter from the woods eating them! At some point we'll probably expand it a little further to include our lower garden - but for now they are really happy and have lots of space to run, chase each other, catch butterflies and have fun! (or meet new friends trough the fence - like deer, raccoon, ground hog, bunnies, turkey buzards (see video!!!) and a fox!

Purrfect solution!

We wanted to give our new kitties freedom outdoors while protecting the birds & avoiding the busy road out front & the coyotes out back. Our purrfect fence was the perfect solution. It was more ambitious than we realized and & took longer to put up than we expected (see, eg, photo of "DIY gate extendeder"), but the PF staff provided fabulous technical support (we had LOTS of questions) and it turned out great!
We built a "cat tunnel" from the living room window to the cat yard, using wood & a dog agility tunnel. (See photo.) So the cats can come & go as they please through a cat door in the window.
In two years the security of the fence has been breached only once. I opened the window one morning to see a huge hairy butt on the other side of the cat door. Animal control helped us shoo the racoon out of the tunnel and back over the fence -- wow, those things can climb!! Good thing we're always careful to get the kitties in by dark.
The fence maintains itself; we haven't had to do anything to it in the 2 yrs we've had it. And one more thing-- it really looks beautiful after a snow!

Effective at keeping my cats contained and my mind at ease!

I installed the netting and supports myself (I'm a grandma in her 60s). One of my cats escaped twice before I found all the small openings that needed to be rectified. The instructions caution you to think like a cat & figure out where they would try squiggle out. After just a couple of weeks, it seemed like the cats just accepted that this was their enclosed space and they quit trying to find places to squeeze through. This product allows my cats to enjoy the outdoors in a safe manner.


I became involved in TNR and later began rescuing litters of feral cats, in the hopes of finding them forever homes. I quickly realized how difficult it was to find someone with the patience & time needed to bond with an adult feral cat or hissy- fit kittens. I decided to keep all eight ferals but I needed a solution to keep them off of the streets instead of inside my house. While watching an episode of, "My Cat From Hell", Jackson Galaxy recommended the Purrfect Fence. With high hopes, I ordered my first fence system. If anyone has a doubt as to whether a cat can escape the Purrfect Fence then place a group of feral cats inside and watch the magic. Eight years later I have added 3 more sections of Purrfect Fence, two cat houses, and 14 feral rescues. The cats love their new home and I love that they are happy, safe and secure. Purrfect Fence was the purrfect solution for me and and my sweet rescues.


We love our perfect fence. Our cats are able to enjoy the outside without getting lost. And, because it surrounds our patio the cats can be outside with us.

My own secret back yard

I love my cat fence, it has done the trick and kept my furr babies safe inside our yard. We added some privacy to ours by attaching faux ivy to it. I have my own secret back yard and the cats LOVE it!

Safe freedom!

I love having this fence around my back yard! I can safely let my kids roam the "wilds" of the back yard with less worry about one of them escaping. As you can see from the photo, they try to escape but don't quite make it.

I have peace of mind! I know my cats are safe!

I have had my Purrfect cat fence up for 2 years and I couldn't be happier!

Amazing experience for activities kitties

I have incredibly active kitties; however, I live in a rural area and was nervous about having an enclosure without a top (darn hawks and eagles). This enclosure was specially made by Purrfect fence because I wanted it to be a little bigger to offer the opportunity to use real tree limbs. They love it. Because I can't always give the attention needed to take them out on harnesses, this enclosure allows all of us to go outside while still allowing me to focus on something else. Yes, I sit in the enclosure with them. If I had neighbors, I'm certain they would laugh. The cats love it and go out almost daily weather permitting. I truly believes this offers a more enriching experience/life for my kitties. Love it!

Life changing for four cats and owners!

I have had cat's all my life. Persian's that have been indoors and DSHC that have been allowed outside. I have a 180cm tall wooden fence around my garden but it has never held the cats on our side🫤 Last year I bought a Bengal and started to look for a solution to keep him along with the others inside our garden. That's when I came across Purrfect fence and my life changed! I got the best customer care I have ever had, great notes and recommendations on all the photos and measurements I sent and even a comment on how to make the system more "Bengal safe"
I simply love the fact that all my cats can now play safely in my garden thanks to furrfect fence!

Safe Kitty - Happy Mommy

When we moved here, I knew my outdoor kitty would not be safe to rome. This fence was the purr-fect solution!!! It starts and ends along the back of the house and surrounds the back deck. Kitty is very happy to be able to remain outdoors and has never been able to escape. He has access to the deck and shelter ... and he also has part of the yard to play in. And now, my two indoor kitties are allowed to go outside for playtime. I have complete confidence that my 3 kitties are safe and cannot slip away. PLUS it prevents other animals from getting too close!

My Cats are Safe to Play!

We purchased our Purrfect fence a few years ago. We moved and needed a way to allow our cats to play outside even though we live close to the road. We had searched and searched until we came upon Purrfect Fence. Purrfect Fence has been a blessing to our home. As a multi cat family I love being able to allow my cats the opportunity to play outside knowing that they will be safe! We installed the fence as a family and it has endured a few Maine winters already! It is estatically pleasing and looks wonderful in our backyard. It has been great for both our cats and our dogs!
Highly recommend for anyone looking for a safe, durable, and excellent product!

Multiple cats? Get this product it's a game changer

I've had this fencing system for over a decade and I honestly don't believe I could do so much work with unwanted cats without it. They absolutely love it and it allows them to be active, and encourages play and interaction between the animals. Love it

Seven Happy Cats!

After one of our cats was hit by a car, and had to go through several surgeries, we decided to fence in our yard to keep them safe. What a huge success, our cats are happy and we have peace of mind. We started with a small area first, then put in a doorway and expanded out on one side. When we have a pet sitter, we close off the door to the big yard so she can easily round up the cats. The fence is lovely, it is almost invisible from a distance. We installed it ourselves in just a few days, as my husband is very handy with tools. I can't recommend this fencing enough. The peace of mind we get knowing our cats are safe is priceless.

Keeping Nusha safe

coming from Slovenia where it's very difficult to buy a product like this, I've had great experience buying it with friendly help from staff.
My cat Nusha loves the freedom that the new house feature provides. She tested it the first day and learned the lession well.
Even thouh it's a small garden she finds lots of things to do. She's keeping neighbors cats away. The fence is doing it's job as well of course. But I think this fella on the picture is just trying to seduce her. I call him Romeo.
Every day I hide her favorite toy somewhere in the garden and every morning she finds it and brings it back near the entrance. Then I pretend to eat it so she doesn't have the feeling of working for nothing. The teeth marks on the toy are mine (joke!!).
Thank you Purrfect fence team for making Nusha's life better and my indoor space cleaner.
Warm regards,

Purrfect solution for six cats!

Having 6 cats can be a challenge and having Purrfect fence allows them to be outside, which they love, safe and happy. Purrfect fence has made our lives so much more manageable! Anyone in a multi-cat household should consider getting Purrfect fence! 😊👍💯

Comfy Compromise

I've always had outdoor cats and I was getting tired of losing them much too early in their lives! So when I got a couple new kittens I decided to keep them as indoor cats. I wanted them to be able to enjoy the fresh air in the grass so I decided to build an enclosure for them. It was the best decision I made! My husband and I were able to put up this perfect fence and I'm so happy that we did! The cats are also very happy to be able to enjoy the outside!

Peace of mind

Easy set-up. Works like a charm, our cat is satisfied staying on our patio chasing bugs rather than attempting to jump over the fence into the wild blue yonder!

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