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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 1301 reviews
Relieved. Cats are safe now.

Great system. Put stakes, poles and arms up. Then netting and anti dig grid. Then the two gates. Our one cat who was traumatized by a dog and didn't go outside for almost a year now enjoys being safe outside again. All the cats are enjoying the freedom of running around outside.

We love this fence! Purrfect!

We have a challenging landscape that makes cat-proofing really difficult. We started with a Purrfect Fence 17 years ago. This one is the best yet and so far? After a month, ALL of our escape artists have been contained!!

Very pleased

Highly recommend this product for safety and well being of cats they are much happier cats we installed where 2 trees are within the fence and they are wearing the bark off of them playing in them
25 cats and none have escaped even our most crafty one that I thought sure would find a way out

Purrfect from A to Z

We're really glad we chose a purrfect fence for our cats. Everything from planning support, shipping, installing to maintaining, this system is just purrfect! Our cats love it, we love it, nothing to add :-)

Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System
Martine & Madeleine Genoud
We hat a good advice!

This is the second time we got a cat fence from you and it’s all going perfect. The cats are happy

Very happy, works perfectly!

The installation was fairly easy. At a gentlemen's pace, it took a couple of weekends to get 230 feet of fencing installed. The sales team was very helpful in putting together a drawing showing us where to install the braces. Instructions and videos for how to do the corners, gates, and where the fence meets the house were very well done and fairly easy to follow. Most importantly, our cat only tried very briefly twice to escape and after walking the perimeter a few times he stopped trying and he has not escaped at all. On occasion we still let him out in the "big yard", but this gives us much more flexibility and allows us to let him out any time day or night into the back yard. We couldn't be more pleased. We were initially concerned with how it would look, but interestingly it is hard to see that it is installed from many angles in the yard and if installed as instructed it actually looks decent. We had one issue with a role of the fencing being less than square. They did mention that because of how the fence is manufactured this can sometimes happen and they don't consider it a defect, however, they did replace the roll without question. We would recommend it for sure!

Safe kitties = relieved owner!

The fencing arrived quickly - even all the way to northern Alberta! Installation was very straightforward and within a couple of hours our whole yard was fenced and the cats were outside enjoying fresh air. The fencing works exactly as promised and the design is so subtle that you don't even notice it's there. The cats spent a few days looking at the fencing but it's like they know they can't get past it and it's taken away that desire to escape. It's a big relief for us as cat owners and we're very happy we've found Purrfect Fence!

Happy entertained cats

My two cats spend so much much time on the Outdoor perch. They love being able to see over the fence. Only one can be on the top perch, but they are patient.

Freedom! Liberty! Life! Happiness! Joy!!!

We have stalked birds, smelled flowers, walked on grass, eaten it, rolled around and pooped in dirt and snoozed belly up in the sun, we even climbed a tree. We’ve been full of purrs since this wonderful Purrfect Fence made its appearance in our yard! How dare the humans have witheld such freedoms from us before???? You rescued us out of calamity and monotony Misters Purrfect Fence!!! Eternally Grateful to our Superhero’s! The Joetown Road Princesses in West Virginia. Free the kitties!!!

My cats are now HAPPY!!!

Quick delivery. It is relatively easy to install (a few muscles are required to drive stakes), and it works! My cats now enjoy being outside with us doing all the fun things cats like to do. My cats no longer have to sit in the window wishing to be out with us. They are living the life of Riley!

Kitties love the freedom.

Our 12 kitties now have safe access to the backyard. It took the shyer ones a couple of weeks to go outside, but they did it all on their own. Now we can spend time with our cats outdoors and don't have to worry about the dangers beyond the fence.

Purrfect Solution!

We have two indoor females and have tried other options. This is the best and they are so happy. It’s very secure and easy to set up. Couldn’t be happier! Thanks!

So happy I did this!

I have 3 cats... one elderly cat who has always been indoors and two younger cats that previously lived outside but have been indoors for about 4 years. I had been looking for a way to allow them outside safely to enjoy their freedom again and after doing some research, I decided to go with Purrfect Fence. I was able to install it all by myself (a woman in my 50s), except for a little help with drilling into a concrete wall. It's been completed for one month now. I waited to write my review to ensure there were no escapes. As of today, to my knowledge, my cats haven't even tried to jump over the fences. I've seen them look up to check it out but I think just the sight of the curved arms and mesh deters them. They are very happy just staying in the yard. I'm now able to let them out with confidence knowing they will not escape and they are living happier lives exploring instead of just lying around bored sleeping all day. I'm so glad I did it! Thank you Purrfect Fence!

Jurrasi-cat Park!

We absolutely LOVE our Purrfect Fence! We have 5 cats who outgrew the Catio and desperately needed to spread out. We created a drawbridge from the Catio to Jurrasi-cat Park. Our enclosure is 50ft x 35ft and it gives them the room to run, play, and explore the great outdoors in a safe way! We can't contain our excitement for how awesome this thing is! It was pretty easy to assemble, with 2 people and if you're getting a gate, SIZE UP! It can be trimmed to fit your space! We can't recommend the Purrfect Fence enough!!!

Love it!

Very secure and no animals (raccoons or squirrels) are getting in. My cat loves going outside and I enjoy being able to keep my patio door ajar w guests and to let cool outside air in. Took a while to set up but install went well. Written and video directions clear.

Peace of mind

What a fantastic idea for kitty proofing a fence. We have two cats and the little female decided she wanted to check out if the grass was greener on the other side of our 6 foot wooden fence and into the neighbors yard. We thought we had lost her and after a couple of hours on trying to locate and call her she decided to mew her way out of there. We heard her mews and looked over the fence to see her there. The very next day we set an appointment with the Vet to have her microchipped....and....I ordered some purrfetfence for added comfort and arrived in quick order and we had it installed to our existing fence. A total peace of mind to know both cats are gets out and no critters get in either. I've also ordered some cat tunnels from the sister company So when they want to see what's going on in the world beyond our fenced in yard they can climb up and enjoy their new lookout. Life is good for these cats and worth every penny for both the extended fencing and cat tunnels....and our peace of mind knowing they are happy, protected, and safe !!!

We LOVE this fence!

We had 4 of us working on it, and with some of the posts installed a few days earlier, we were able to complete it in 2 days. We did have some elevation changes, and a number of places where we have lots of rocks and had to adjust where we put the posts in. But overall, a success! The cats absolutely love going outside, especially one of our kitties who would cry at the door to go out. It's great!


The order was no problem despite delivery to Germany and has worked flawlessly. The stated delivery time was 2 weeks and it was exactly the same. When unpacking, I noticed that a set of components instead of the free-standing fence, were accidentally for the system with an existing fence. After sending an email to Purrfect Fence, they promptly came up with two solutions. The one I chose worked perfectly - great support.

The fence is really easy to set up in a way that is easy to understand. What I also like is that the fence is not very noticeable at all.

Very Satisfied Cats

I have always had outdoor cats, but have also been feeding the birds - so this was a perfect solution to let my cats out and keep them away from the birds - and away from the many dangerous critters in our woods. The fence set up well - but I developed my own way for hanging the netting that was more effective and I think looks better when complete. We didn't have any 90 degree angles but have an oval around our back yard. The cats are in heaven and I feel comfortable letting them out in the early morning and after dark. A great product.

Safe, happy kitties and human

Great product so far! Easy to install, helpful instruction video and great support for questions.

A Review from our cat Grady

I HATE IT!!!! It is the worst thing EVER!!!! It's been up in my backyard for 2 weeks and I have not been able to escape my yard. Before Purrfect Fence, I was able to jump the fence wherever and whenever I wanted. I would jump to the top of the fence and laugh and stick out my tongue at my mom when she told me to get down. Then I would jump down into my neighbor's yards and run away for hours. I wandered down the street to visit my friend Gatsby and then onto hot dates with my numerous girlfriends, (even though I've been "neutered" the girls still love me). But now, no, no visits to Gatsby, no female liaisons. No fun, no way. Thanks for nothing. Mom says the party's over. She's even stopped calling me Houdini. I am really, really bummed. What's a cat to do?

Tell me there's a secret escape hatch I can find. Please? If not, your engineers need to get onto that, the sooner the better. Once you sort that out, I will Beta test it. Looking for a resolution to my problem.

Grady Thomas Kennelly
Formerly known as Houdini

PS. This is me. If I look annoyed, I am. So are the other 3 cats in the house as well. We are going to form a gang and dig under the fence. Oh wait....

My two kitties are happy!

I have one laid-back kitty and one who is very energetic. The fence gives them room to run while staying safe (peace of mind for me). They can chase bugs and any unfortunate chipmunk that gets in without my notice. The Purrfect Fence has given me freedom and I know my cats are happy getting some sunshine and being in the outside world while watching all the birds and bunnies. My husband has named it "Camp Calico." I feel like I'm the one on vacation when I sit out there reading a book while the cats play or just enjoy lying in the grass. Everyone at Purrfect Fence was ready to help me every time I called. The customer service is beyond the best I've ever experienced.

Safe ! 😀

Before the fences were up, our cats used to roam around all day , crossing roads & other people’s properties… one died, hit by a car. Now they’re restricted to our (large) garden and we can finally breath !

Our cats LOVE this fence!

Our setup involved some change in elevation and we have rocky soil, but we got the fence installed over a weekend. The cats were initially confused and also wondering why, after the initial trip outside, we weren't coming out with them - that was hilarious! The cats love it, and I do too!

Happy with my purchase

Super fast shipping 2 days from my purchase on the website untill delivery in the netherlands. I love the tent fast to put up and take down. My cat also loves it and spends al lot of time in it since we live partime on a campsite at the moment. She even knows to go inside her tent when I say tent😂