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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 884 reviews
We love installing Purrfect Fence

The Purrfect Fence is a suitable and effect way of restricting your furry pets from jumping over the wall. It is easy to assemble & install. If I may add, I loved the quick response from your team. Right from solving the issue to preparing a schematic drawing for installation.

Cats seem to feel safer

After a few missteps it is working purrfectly. It was more work to install than we expected, but the instructions were clear and understandable. We are very happy with it and think the cats are too.

It really works

So far the fence has worked as it was designed to. We had a neighborhood cat get into the yard and as desperate as he was get out he couldn't. He was only able to get out by going under the gate. My cat doesn't even try to get out anymore.

Easy to set up. Keeps cats inside.

We bought the fence in 2007/08 and it is still in good shape. However, this year 2022 we bought some new parts to do repair work due to trees that have fallen over the fence during storm and a heavy snow fall some years ago.

Really Purrfect cats love outside

So far so good we even went to grocery store yesterday evening and returned to purrfect kitties lounging in the back yard safely. We did have our jumper make an escape attemp but she failed and was returned to earth safely. Install on masonry wall was pretty straight forward.

It's absolutely fantastic!

I have had mine up for about 2 months and my cats have not even tried to climb it. Even my escape artists is finally contained while getting that outdoor stimulation he needs. I had an issue with the spacers for the light duty gate being too large, but the company was super responsive and sent me new custom sized spacers within 24 hours.


Cats are happy to be outside but contained so predators can’t get in and they can’t get out . I have a rescue and one of the less tame cats tried to no avail to get out but couldn’t and finally gave up. Best fencing option for cat lovers, rescues, and shelters

Cats love being outdoors!

This is the best present I could have given my kitties. They love being able to explore their back yard and watch birds and squirrels. My Buttons will run full sprint, leaping with glee when let outside. I hear the song Born Free in my head every time I watch him. Neither of my cats have offered to try to escape their space. Although I had to install guards on a few trees located near the fence line so they couldn’t climb up the tree to leap over the fence. But overall it’s a winner with my Buttons and Buttercup and warms my heart to provide this freedom to explore for them. We love it. Best investment I could have made.

The cat loves it

Marty the Tiger Cat can now go outside, and he loves it. He goes in and out the window screen cat door, and he wants me to always come join him. He sits on my lap, then goes to explore. Freedom and fun for him, relaxation for me.

Love it.

We love the Purrfect Fence and my 4 cats love their "Outside time"!! Happy cats Happy life.

Works great!

I put this up in a residential neighborhood to keep my cats in. It works great. No cats have escaped and I did have someone else's cat get in and panicked couldn't get out. Easy to install and again it works great.

Cats happy, humans relieved

Having tried, and failed, to design and build diy fencing for our cats, we can say that cats are extremely good at escaping. Part of our specific problem is that we have a very difficult yard to fence in, with 3 terraced levels and mismatched fencing materials/heights, but proximity to predators and traffic made it mandatory (since we refuse to restrict our beloved cats to indoors-only). Frankly, had this not been possible, we would have sold our house and bought one in a quieter traffic area, so the purrfect fence actually saved us a great deal of time and money. Their staff designers gave us the plan, full install (by my wife and I) took about 3 days, which includes all of the fence patching and screening to plug holes, and now we have a 5,000 sq.ft. outdoors play area with trees to climb and mice to chase. When our new kitten gets bigger we plan to leave the cat door open at all times, so the yard becomes part of their living area - something we can do because in addition to keeping our cats in, these toppers/netting also keep predators (coyotes, mountain lions, foxes) out. This is absolutely the best option on the market for protection versus freedom for our loved ones. And as far as I can tell, Purrfect Fence is the only company doing it. We are glad we found them before we listed our house for sale!

Relieved my cats are safe

Easy installation and quality components. Expensive for what is included. I didn’t mind paying the high price for the convenience.

Existing Fence Conversion System Kit for Cats

The perfect solution for our escape artist!

We have tried many different systems over the past 3 years, but one of our cats - a very determined Houdini - always found a way to get out of our garden, even when we had coyote rollers. Since we installed the Purrfect fence about 2 months ago she hasn't been able to get out. The system looks great too. Our only regret is we didn't find out about it sooner. It's such a relief that we can keep her safe now, while she can still enjoy all the thrills of being outside!

Great tent! Durable and easy!

Used it as a spare room for a kitten that needed to be temporarily isolated from other cat. Room for her bed, litter box, food area, and toys. Withstood both cats climbing all over it outside for weeks.

My 5 cats love it!

They were cautious at first but now they let us know in NO uncertain terms “we want to go outside to play…now!” They spend hours in the back yard having all kinds of kitty cat fun.

Love the Purrfect play tent

I’m on hold with installing the Purrfect fence until spring of 2022 so I’ve used the tent to let the kitties be outside. They would still prefer to have more freedom, but seem content to hang out in the tent and chill. I’d like to leave it up when I bring them in, but there are other visitors and I fear they would mark the tent which would drive my babies crazy. It’s easy to set up and break down and big enough to give my three cats their own space.

Secure environment, great service

The cats are no longer jumping over the fence or going under the fence. I feel comfortable letting my cats out knowing they are in a secure environment. Customer service was top notch.

Fence makes for an improvised Catio

I live in an apartment complex and was able to easily install the conversion system onto my wooden fence with 2 people. I didn't manage to get the netting quite right, but it is still effective at keeping my cat, Pippa, safely within the patio. I think this was a very worthwhile investment and Pippa is a VERY happy indoor/patio cat.

I think it will be perfect

I havent had a chance to use the fence yet. Its part of another area we are enclosing for a feral colony that has to be relocated. We are still workong on it. It looks great and we are very hopeful it will keep the cats in. Customer service is amazing and they are so helpful!

Our Purrfect Cat Fence has been a success!

We needed to redo our Cat Fence because our new adoptee, Freya was an exceptional climber, and escape artist, and was continuing to confound us by escaping the old enclosure. After Jennifer's advice on how to install the new Purrfect cat fence correctly, we are happy to report that she has not been able to escape from the new enclosure. Both our cats Hobbes and Freya are now able to enjoy the back yard and patio safely.

Works great, no escapes

The existing fence conversion kit works great. We have had zero escapes since installation. Installation was fairly straightforward, though be aware that the combination of corners and slopes was a bit challenging to get right - allow some extra slack in the mesh, you will likely need more than you think!


This is the best investment we have made as a responsible, loving cat owners! Our cats now have free roaming abilities in our backyard over looking the back hills! We opted for the shorter extensions for the chain link fence. For the 5ft white vinyl fence we added the normal extensions. This was a two man job and it took a few days to get it all up, we do have a large yard, but was pretty easy as far as instructions and how it all goes up.

Very well made gate!

We love the heavy duty gate! It looks great and very well made! Directions on assembly were very clear and helpful. We're really glad we also ordered the extra tools like the hog ringer and the tie spreader/cutter tool. They helped a lot!

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