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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 1392 reviews
Works great.

Perfect Fence Conversation System has successfully kept our little escape artist contained in our backyard! She can enjoy the outdoors and we don’t need to worry about her. Very happy with the results so far!

My cat loves it.

Great product.

Peace of mind that cats are safe

Big relief that I can let cats out with no worries, installation was relatively easy however I didn’t follow directions and used one continuous piece of fence with no breaks, results were great. YouTube video placeholder
Works purrfectly

Had a new cat I needed to separate from other cats. I was able to set up the fence and the new cat tried but was unable to climb out. It works!

Great solution

No more roaming cats - safe in the yard

No more cat fights

I'm really thankful to have a protected backyard now with Purrfect Fence. I have always had indoor-outdoor cats, but my "big guy" had developed a habit of getting in terrible fights with a neighbor cat. He came home several times with scratches all over, and I was worried that he or the other cat could get worse injuries if it kept going. That inspired me to enclose the backyard using Purrfect Fence. It has worked out so great and really gives me peace of mind, while the cats still get to enjoy their outdoor time. Now my big guy doesn't have to defend his own property. It took a few tries to seal up all of his potential exits, because he is a Houdini. But now we have gone several months without an escape, and everyone seems happy. I also feel more comfortable leaving the cat door open more of the time when I know they will only go so far, so they enjoy that freedom.

Greater security for keeping our cats in the yard

The website for Purrfect Fence shows many examples of how it can be used with various types of fences, or as a stand-alone fence. We used the arms and netting to attach to our existing wood fence. We ended up having to order a couple of additional arms as we have a couple of corners that required several arms close together. It's not the most attractive thing to have on your fence, but it does the job of discouraging cats from jumping, so we can relax in our back yard, knowing that we don't have to watch them every minute. There are some sections of the fence where I went up to 14 feet without an arm, and I was able to do so without the fence sagging much. It takes a bit of skill to get it right, as the first few sections I I put up do not look as good. I highly recomment watching the installation video on their website, as it covers everything you need to know, particularly how to deal with corners. The cost is a bit high, particularly when ordering separate arms (over $70 for two). The netting itself is ideal, and we could not find the exact same thing online or at local big box hardware stores. Most of the netting on the market is not as well suited for this purpose.


We purchased the fence in December and installed in Feb. the cats cannot escape. They tried and you know what? I have to hand it to them, they are still trying. I am relieved they cannot run in the street anymore and I am not stressed out about it. That is worth its weight in gold to me.

Their customer service was unbelievably wonderful. I kept saying to my husband, “I can’t believe how great they are.” When one of the boxes arrived with a hole and a part was missing, in less than 24 hours a replacement was shipped to me at no cost.

The installation was relatively easy, considering we installed in the first week of Feb. I cannot recommend the tools enough! The hog ringer—chef’s kiss!!

This fence is an investment in your cats. It keeps them from roaming and it keeps the neighbors happy too. So glad we purchased.

Best money I've ever spent

100% satisfied with the conversion system I installed. Cats can't get out, owner is no longer spending his time keeping them from jumping the wall!

Fantastic! Highly recommend!

We ordered 250m of freestanding fencing. It was relatively easy to fit and we are delighted with its quality. Our cats are even more delighted. Great service and communication too. Thank you so much for sending it all the way to Australia for us 😃

Happy for my cats!

Very well. Also happy that it is almost invisible so the HOA won’t complain. We were even able to enclose their favorite climbing tree!

Very impressed with the Purrfect Fence system

I installed the Purrfect Fence system around both my 10'x20' deck, and the perimeter of my yard (277'). Honestly, it was not difficult to install. But, it was a lot of work, primarily due to the elevation changes along my fence-line. Now that it's done, it looks fantastic and I'm so glad chose this product. It's nearly invisible from across the yard. Close up, it looks very sturdy and secure. Most importantly, my entire yard is now a safe area for my cat to enjoy. I never have to worry about him getting out, or a coyote getting in.

It's perfect purrfect!

It was easy to install. We are very happy about it.

Good product. Seems to work.

This review is like one of those annoying online recipes, that gives way too much backstory. Scroll down for a specific review of the pros and cons of the products themselves.

A year ago we had two cats who both loved going outside. In January, one died of old age. Then in April, the other one (a 1.5 year old sweetheart) was killed by a car. It was pretty devastating, and we knew we could never rest easy letting any cat run totally free again. However, we know that both those cats lived very full, happy lives, having all the fun cats should have outside.

When we got two new cats (cute little bros.), we were determined to do what we could to give them a full life, but also keep them as safe as possible. Our daughter vetoed the invisible fence idea. We tried leashes, but they kept pulling out of them. We always imagined we would try cat-proof fencing, but didn't get around to ordering until August.

It took me three weekends to install the fence around half of our backyard, using a combination of freestanding and existing fence conversion. We would have done the whole yard, but there are too many trees and other escape routes in the other part. The resulting enclosure looks a bit like a prison yard, so we call it AlCATraz (CATtica was the other option). Luckily, we don't have an HOA. If you do, you might want to check the rules before installing.

The cats have been going out for a month or so now. One was excited to go out, but his brother is more timid and only likes to go out at night, when they blend in to the darkness with their black fur. Neither cat has made any obvious attempts to escape, which I think is largely because they are still a little nervous and inexperienced. For them, the half backyard is a vast jungle, with plenty to explore. And the fence is the only border they have known.

So I am very happy with the fence. I can't promise my installation would stop a very determined, high-jumping feline, because the existing wood fence was not very tall. But it's a formidable obstacle to my little guys.

Now specifics:

The freestanding fence requires you to drive metal "sleeves" very deep into the ground. Use a sledge, not a regular hammer. I used a regular hammer and it eventually shattered from the stress. It can be tricky to get the fence looking nice and taut in all places. Mine sags here and there. But the kit comes with LOTs of black zipties to help you attach and tighten it.

The freestanding fence works fine, but as I said above, if your cat is a great jumper, and your fence is very low, you might do better adding a freestanding fence on the inside of the old one. Or maybe they sell a fence-extender. I can't recall. Oh, and invest in a good staple gun if you're attaching it to a wooden fence.

For both kinds of fence, if you have overhanging trees, the fence will collect a LOT of leaves in the fall, and require some non-trivial cleanup.

The trickiest thing is where the fencing meets the house. Spend some time thinking of all the different ways your cat could exploit window frames, decks, and railings. We would up hanging some fencing down from the roof to prevent escapes from the deck rail. Again, happy we don't have an HOA!

We have one large tree within the fenced area. I had to lop a lot of big branches off it, then installed the purrfect aluminum sheeting around it. The sheeting works, but don't expect it to look perfectly cylindrical and neat unless you have unusually neat and straight trees. Mine is a bit wonky, but it works. And ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES when handling the aluminum! I am usually pretty lax about that sort of thing, but I could tell right away that the aluminum was very sharp and dangerous. Wear gloves or plan on a trip to the ER!

I also installed a gate in the fence. It works, but it requires periodic maintenance to keep the gate and the latch lines up properly. Its the one part of the installation I don't think I'm quite done with yet.

I consider myself "medium" skilled when it comes to household maintenance. I was able to complete the installation in three weekends (including tree pruning) with only a few hiccups along the way. And so far, so good!

Our cats LOVE it!

It was kind of a lot of work to assemble and install, but worth it. It changed our indoor cats' lives for the better. We included two heavy-duty gates and they are excellent.

Relieved. Cats are safe now.

Great system. Put stakes, poles and arms up. Then netting and anti dig grid. Then the two gates. Our one cat who was traumatized by a dog and didn't go outside for almost a year now enjoys being safe outside again. All the cats are enjoying the freedom of running around outside.

We love this fence! Purrfect!

We have a challenging landscape that makes cat-proofing really difficult. We started with a Purrfect Fence 17 years ago. This one is the best yet and so far? After a month, ALL of our escape artists have been contained!!

Very pleased

Highly recommend this product for safety and well being of cats they are much happier cats we installed where 2 trees are within the fence and they are wearing the bark off of them playing in them
25 cats and none have escaped even our most crafty one that I thought sure would find a way out

Purrfect from A to Z

We're really glad we chose a purrfect fence for our cats. Everything from planning support, shipping, installing to maintaining, this system is just purrfect! Our cats love it, we love it, nothing to add :-)

Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System
Martine & Madeleine Genoud
We hat a good advice!

This is the second time we got a cat fence from you and it’s all going perfect. The cats are happy

Very happy, works perfectly!

The installation was fairly easy. At a gentlemen's pace, it took a couple of weekends to get 230 feet of fencing installed. The sales team was very helpful in putting together a drawing showing us where to install the braces. Instructions and videos for how to do the corners, gates, and where the fence meets the house were very well done and fairly easy to follow. Most importantly, our cat only tried very briefly twice to escape and after walking the perimeter a few times he stopped trying and he has not escaped at all. On occasion we still let him out in the "big yard", but this gives us much more flexibility and allows us to let him out any time day or night into the back yard. We couldn't be more pleased. We were initially concerned with how it would look, but interestingly it is hard to see that it is installed from many angles in the yard and if installed as instructed it actually looks decent. We had one issue with a role of the fencing being less than square. They did mention that because of how the fence is manufactured this can sometimes happen and they don't consider it a defect, however, they did replace the roll without question. We would recommend it for sure!

Safe kitties = relieved owner!

The fencing arrived quickly - even all the way to northern Alberta! Installation was very straightforward and within a couple of hours our whole yard was fenced and the cats were outside enjoying fresh air. The fencing works exactly as promised and the design is so subtle that you don't even notice it's there. The cats spent a few days looking at the fencing but it's like they know they can't get past it and it's taken away that desire to escape. It's a big relief for us as cat owners and we're very happy we've found Purrfect Fence!

Happy entertained cats

My two cats spend so much much time on the Outdoor perch. They love being able to see over the fence. Only one can be on the top perch, but they are patient.

Freedom! Liberty! Life! Happiness! Joy!!!

We have stalked birds, smelled flowers, walked on grass, eaten it, rolled around and pooped in dirt and snoozed belly up in the sun, we even climbed a tree. We’ve been full of purrs since this wonderful Purrfect Fence made its appearance in our yard! How dare the humans have witheld such freedoms from us before???? You rescued us out of calamity and monotony Misters Purrfect Fence!!! Eternally Grateful to our Superhero’s! The Joetown Road Princesses in West Virginia. Free the kitties!!!

My cats are now HAPPY!!!

Quick delivery. It is relatively easy to install (a few muscles are required to drive stakes), and it works! My cats now enjoy being outside with us doing all the fun things cats like to do. My cats no longer have to sit in the window wishing to be out with us. They are living the life of Riley!