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Purrfect Fence Reviews & Experiences

 The Purrfect Fence can be found on every continent except Antarctica (only because there are not many cats there, not because it wouldn't work!) Below you will find reviews and experiences from just a small portion of the thousands of happy cat owners, cat shelters, cat rescues, and vet clinics that thought enough of Purrfect Fence to share their experiences.

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Purrfect Fence Reviews
Based on 1067 reviews
Love it!

My young cats have a place to play, explore, rest in the sun, watch the squires, etc… all from the safety of the enclosure. After my previous cat got hit by a car and killed, I purchased this fence. I can rest peacefully knowing they are safe and secure.

High Quality Gate That Works Purrfectly!

This gate works well for a side entrance to my house. It is large enough for the lawn service to have access and so far has lasted well through all types of weather conditions. No complaints and no escapes!

So pleased my cats are safe!

I can't believe how well the Purrfect Fence works to keep my agile cats safely in my yard. After one of my cats was hit by a car in front of my house, I have been struggling with the decision to make my cats indoor or outdoor cats. With the new fence, they get both!

It's greyt

Had a young stag hound who could jump our fence. We used the cat fence because of the hinged supports. Worked like a charm. Figured she wouldn't be able to climb either due the hinge and she couldn't.

Relieved to have a safe space for our 15-year kitties

One of our indoor-outdoor cats -- who used to be able to roam the neighborhood -- was lying down in his typical spot in the late evening in the front of the house a couple months ago when we discovered he had been bitten on his neck and slashed down his chest and belly. Fortunately, he got stitched up at the ER Vet and was fine. But my family decided both cats -- at age 15 -- are too old to be in fights! Yet they were raised with the freedom of being outdoors. I decided to purchase and build the Purr-Fect Cat Fence to completely enclose our backyard that already has a long cedar picket fence along 75% of area. We simply needed to surround the decorative post-and-rail fence to fully enclose the space. My family is so relieved that we have safe outdoor space for our adored tabby cats who love to spend some time each day in nature. The fence was a project, but I'm pretty handy and it wasn't too complicated to build. We likely didn't even need the top overhang, but I followed the instructions as they were. Thank you Purr-fect Cat Fence for providing this safe enclosure system for beloved cats.

This has been a life changer. I’m so glad I finally got this existing fence conversion system. It also helps keeping neighborhood cats out which was causing my male cat to spray. It was easy to install and customer service was so helpful and supportive with all my questions. Thank you!

I really like the fence

One of my cats tried to get out and it worked perfectly. I love it.

Love it!

Definitely get Purrfect fence!

Purrfect fence is the BEST!

My cats are super happy and absolutely love it now that they go out in the backyard! When they were exclusively indoors, I used to play with them everyday to avoid behavioral issues but now, they chase insects, butterflies, and an occasional squirrel so I don’t have to play with them that much anymore. They also fight less with each other. I think they appreciate being able to go out because they’re definitely a lot cuddlier with me now. LOLOL

Purrfect fence gives me peace of mind that my cats are safe and can’t escape. At first, I was concerned about the price and how it would look. Turns out it looks good! Installation wasn’t a problem and the price was worth it! The Purrfect fence team was also very helpful and responded back quickly whenever I have questions (and I did have a lot) lololol.

All-in-all, my cats and I are very happy with the fence and I wish all cat parents would get it for their indoor cats! :D

PurrFect!! Kitties are so happy!

We’ve had our PurrFect fence up for over a month now and our two kitties are loving it. They are more active than ever and we have the confidence it will continue to keep them in the yard. The system is super flexible too. I was able to install just under 300 feet around obstacles such as small trees and trellises without issue. I couldn’t be happier and neither can Lulu and Poppy.

Great product, we put larger steps on it. Cats are on the larger side of the scale.

3 cats… will only climb to mid point as the tower begins to sway as they move from step to step.

I LOVE my Perfect Fence, and so do the Kitties

I LOVE my Perfect Fence, and so do the Kitties. The two of them cry for me to open the cat door in the window screen so they can go outside each day. I bring the Kitties in at night because there are many wild animals up here.

I put staggered shelves on the outside of the house, and they love to go up and down, and also to sit on the shelves. They do zoomies outside, and sleep in the sunshine. My neighbor put up the fence in about a half a day, and they can not get out of the fence. They love it!

Thank you for this Purrfect Product!

Freedom! (Kinda)

I would be getting "yelled" at daily by Roxy and Mia if they couldn't go outside. The Purr-fect fence is a dream for all of us! They love it and I am confident they are safe in a residential neighborhood!

They can be cats again!

We started our Purrfect experience with 120' of free- standing fence. We soon saw that our cats needed more room, so added enough chew/ dig guard and Houdini Arms to enclose the remaining 6' of already fenced in area of our back yard( with the exception of a 26' x22' area for use as an RV parking spot. The chew/ dig guard was attached to the fence utilizing 1"x2"x8' and 3" screws through the fence boards into the horizontal 2"x4"s supporting the fence .On the top of the fence, we installed the bracket that supports the Houdini Arms with 3" wood screws through the fence boards into the top horizontal 2"x4" support. At the corners and gate, we used 1"x4" screwed to the 2"x4" fence supports and attached the bracket for the Houdini Arms, utilizing the hole to one side or the other depending on the need. All in all it was an interesting challenge to make it work. The cats are loving life, hunting again and quite content in their new wide open world!

I’m relieved, they can’t escape.

I have cats that want to be outdoor cats more than anything. I put up the fence conversation system which safely allows my cats to be outside all the time. With the exception of the corners, it was easy to put up. The system is well worth it, I have 2 very happy cats enjoying the backyard.

Happy Cats!

One of our male cats was introduced to the outdoors on a leash for several months before we installed the Purrfect fence so we knew he liked being outside. We didn't really know the interest level of the other 3 cats. Since opening the Purrfect fence space in our backyard a few months ago, all 4 cats spend time out there each day. The 2 male cats will spend all day out there if allowed, and the 2 females especially like to enjoy the evening hours out there.
My experience on the human side of the Purffect Fence is that the product is high quality and the customer service was excellent. I shopped other systems that were less expensive, but I doubt I would have gotten the personal support during the purchase and install process that I got from Matt at Purffect Fence.
For those of you who want to enhance your pets' lives and enjoy an excellent customer experience, I recommend that you seriously consider (and ultimately buy!) the Purrfect Fence.

Works for cats and dogs

We had an existing chain link fence and we bought the fence extension. It was fairly easy to install. It takes time and it a two person job, but extremely happy with how it works. It keeps the cats in our yard and other animals out! My animals love being able to come in and out as they please and I know they are safe in the yard.

Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System
Smoky Mountain Maine Coons
Happy Cats! And Secure!

The cats are happy and healthy! They enjoy the yard and the sunshine. I have only had a couple that figured out my weak spots to get out. But those are fixed now.

It really is PERFECT

Not only is my pet safe from jumping onto the wall of our yard, but strays and coyotes won't jump down into it. It seems they recognize it as a barrier or trap for them. Live in the desert and we've seen coyotes run the length of our block wall definitely provides us with a secure and safe place for our boys.

Provides total peace of mind!

Our pair had already leapt over our 6' fence and we were terrified they'd get lost or find the busy road we live on. After two attempts each with the hugely easy to install Purrfect fence, they now stay safe and wistfully watch the birds from the ground. Woe to the poor bird who swoops into their space, however!

Flexible system with lots of help from company

First, I have cats who have become snacks for coyotes. I had a 6 ft chain link fence installed to keep the cats in, the coyotes out, with an 8 ft driveway gate at one end. It worked until I got a new cat. She is the most flexible cat I have ever had and I've had a lot of cats. She was up and over the fence without an issue. I researched fence "toppers" to keep her in. With Purr...fect Fence, I sent photos with questions and got solutions before even making a purchase. When I did purchase, I purchased only a section for the fence to try it out. First, could a 73 year old woman install it with some help and second, would it contain the cat? Both answers were "yes". Next I purchased enough for the entire fence. Both my helper and I watched the installation video. After installing we have some sagging sections, mostly due to the way we had to install the bracket for the arm to the post (a problem with the fence not the conversion system) resulting in uneven heights of the arms. Never-the-less, this does not effect the way the topper works and most sections look good. We had to innovate when it came to attaching a final arm to the large post of the driveway gate. We zip tied a 2x4 to the gate then installed the arm and painted the 2x4 to blend it into the post. It worked. My cat continues to climb the fence at times. She will drop off when she gets to the mesh and has not escaped once. It is both a relief and stress reducer to have her free and safe to be out-of-doors and on her own at last! Thank you Purrfect Fence.

Freedom without worry

I have four cats which are indoor/outdoor cats. When we moved to our new house, we installed a privacy fence and added Purrfect Fence. Before we moved, we had a large catio for our cats to go outside in at night and when we went on vacation, which they enjoyed very much, but the cats were still tense because they are used to going outside. At our old house, some of our neighbors complained about our cats roaming at large. I've searched for years for a solution for our cats to be able to go outside, without annoying our neighbors or threatening birds. Purrfect Fence solved my needs, and now I let my cats outside without stress or worry. Installation was not difficult--we have over 300 yards of fencing and were able to install our fence in a weekend. The videos that you can watch for instruction explain everything, and customer service was available and responsive if I had any questions. I described our yard and fence and sent some pictures before I ordered, and Purrfect Fence helped me order everything I needed. We used chicken wire along the bottom of the fence (stapled to the fence and using ground staples along the ground). My cats love their back yard. They feel secure and so do I.

Satisfied, safer, excited,

I am VERY pleased with my Purrfect fence. Although my original installer didn’t follow the directions, after my son and I redid it and added the other sections (I was hoping that I would be able to get away with leaving them alone) It looks great and more importantly the cats are not getting out. I feel safe that my cats are enclosed and have a nice place to be outside. I am excited to decorate it with some fairy lights and cat safe plants. I am satisfied with the helpful service as I had to keep ordering more things every few days for a while! Lol! I have a complicated area where I desired the fence. They have the patience of a saint!

Absolutely PURRFECT

Love love their freedom!

Peace of mind

This so amazing. We have lost 2 cats from lord only knows before putting this fence up. Now we can happily let the cats freely come and go in and out of the back yard. Now that it has been up for 3 months they know there is no escaping.

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