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Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System

Purrfect Cat Fence

Why Purr...fect Fence? For nearly 20 years and with more than 60,000 cats enjoying the freedom of the outdoors safely, Purrfect Cat Fence is the most popular, effective, and durable outdoor cat enclosure system in the world. Whether fencing in open areas or making existing fencing cat-proof, our flexible system can transform your yard into a cat-safe sanctuary!

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Cat Fence Enclosure System - How it Works

The Purrfect Fence Free-Standing Cat Containment System is designed to secure a perimeter of cat-proof fencing. It can be configured to suit your needs and can use different kit sizes to make your system as spacious as you would like. 

The extremely strong yet flexible poly mesh makes climbing very difficult, but the safeguards for our cat containment systems are the Cat-Proofer™ extender arms which enable the entire upper section of the fence to pivot. The cat's weight causes these horizontal extension arms to swing downward, safely returning your pet to the ground. Once the cat's weight is released from the mesh, the spring-loaded extenders immediately return the upper section of the fence to its horizontal position.

Our system is built to last. The posts, arms, and welded wire are galvanized steel with a black powder coating and all the arm hardware and spring are stainless. All other metal components are galvanized or stainless steel and the plastic fence UV stabilized with carbon black and chemical UV inhibitors.

A 100-foot kit made into a square would be approximately 24' x 24' (576 square feet) but most customers use the back of their house as a "side" allowing a kit to make a bigger overall enclosure and easier access for the cats. One example of a 100-foot kit enclosure off the back of a house would be 28' x 40' (28' out from the house - over 40' and back 28') making an enclosure that is 1,120 square feet. A 200 ft kit enclosure off the back of a house could be 64' x 64' (64' out from the house - over 64' and back 64') making an enclosure that is 4,096 square feet.

The system is designed to be installed by the homeowner so it is not generally considered difficult to do by a handy person (site dependent). If it is something you do not want to do yourself we would recommend using a local handyman. Written instructions and installation videos are provided. We are also available to help you figure out how to use our systems on your property and can also talk/email you through almost any unforeseen obstacles you may run into during installation: 888-280-4066 or email Sending pictures can be helpful :)

What's Included
Click here for a PDF version of the table.
Freestanding Fencing System 50 Foot Kit 100 Foot Kit 150 Foot Kit 200 Foot Kit 250 Foot Kit 300 Foot Kit 350 Foot Kit 400 Foot Kit 450 Foot Kit 500 Foot Kit 550 Foot Kit 600 Foot Kit
86" Posts 5 8 13 16 21 24 29 32 37 40 45 48
Post Caps 5 8 13 16 21 24 29 32 37 40 45 48
Spring Loaded Arms 5 8 13 16 21 24 29 32 37 40 45 48
Set Screws 10 16 26 32 42 48 58 64 74 80 90 96
24" Ground Sleeves 5 8 13 16 21 24 29 32 37 40 45 48
Driving Cap 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
Self Tapping Screws 10 16 26 32 42 48 58 64 74 80 90 96
Driver Bit for Self-Taps 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
7.5' Upper 600lbs Break Str. Poly Mesh 50 Feet 100 Feet 150 Feet 200 Feet 250 Feet 300 Feet 350 Feet 400 Feet 450 Feet 500 Feet 550 Feet 600 Feet
24" Coated Wire Chew Guard 50 Feet 100 Feet 150 Feet 200 Feet 250 Feet 300 Feet 350 Feet 400 Feet 450 Feet 500 Feet 550 Feet 600 Feet
12" Galvanized Ground Stakes 30 60 90 120 150 180 210 240 270 300 330 360
UV Rated Light Ties (bags) 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24
UV Rated Heavy Ties (bags) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Post to Wall/Structure Hardware* 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets
Written Installation Instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Click here for a PDF version of the table.

*Fasteners for holding hardware to building/home are not included. Fasteners should be chosen based on the type of material covering the building (wood screw, masonry screw, etc.)

-As the table above shows, a 50-foot kit comes with 50 feet of fencing material, not 60 feet.  A 150-foot kit comes with 150 feet of fencing material. It is advised that you consider ordering approximately 10% or more than you need to allow for cut pieces and minor errors in installation.

-The above table applies to orders placed after 12/26/19.


Our freestanding system is designed to be installed by the average handy homeowner. Below you will find links to instructions as well as a short video describing the process.

Printable Installation Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Installation Video (Introduction)



Reference "What's Included." If your layout includes multiple turns or very specific side lengths, you may need additional posts (see product 2-Post Kit) above and beyond what is provided in the kits. To determine if you need more posts use these rules: 

  1. Every end and corner/turn needs a post.
  2. Every change in grade (up/down) needs a post. 
  3. Measure between the posts that need to be in specific locations (see rules 1&2) and divide by 14' (maximum post spacing). 

If the total posts you need is more than 8 x's the number of kits you are buying you need that many more posts.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ Section

Required: These tools are required to install this kit
  • Power Drill
  • Offset or Straight Snips
  • Sledge Hammer

Optional: These tools will speed up & simplify installation
    • String and Stakes for laying out enclosure
    • Zip Tie Tool
    • Hog Ringer Tool
Purrfect Fence

The Installed Purrfect Fence - The Ultimate Cat Fence

The components assemble to create the purrfect barrier to keep your cats safely in your yard and also critter out! The top portion of the cat fencing uses out durable UV resistant poly mesh and the bottom few fet of the fence uses powder coated welded wire. This bottom portion serves as a "chew guard" which keeps cats from digging or chewing their way out, and it keeps critters from getting in.

Customer Reviews

Based on 285 reviews
Michael Souderes
Cats are safe and secure.

Experienced installer. Went up quickly. Cats explore new territory every day. Put 2 cat houses and tunnel toys for their enjoyment.

Kimberley Dolan
Happy Sanctuary Cats

We had over 300 ft of fencing installed here at the sanctuary so that the cats here can have 1/2 acre of open fresh air whenever they desire. We usually have 20-30 cats here all the time. This system has made a huge impact on the lives here of our felines. They can spend as much time as they want in the open fresh air environment here with no danger of predators or roads. We have had this up for a little over 2 months now. We have seen many cats completely come out of their shell. This is amazing. As a fully free roaming rescue we highly recommend this and wish we would have installed it sooner. All the kitties enjoy watching the birds, squirrels and other wildlife here in the mountains. We hope to add on eventually when funds allow so we can have the entire acre fenced in for them. It also makes visitors able to interact in a playful environment with our adoptable cats and kittens here. Our neighbors even installed this system after we had ours because they saw how much our kitties here loved it. I highly recommend this product. The support you get from the company is top notch. No kitties have ever gotten out or even tried and we always have lots of cats. Thank you very much for making this purrfect fence. We are very satisfied here at Love and Purrs Sanctuary.

Carol H
Purrfect! Cats Are Happy & Safe

The Purrfect Fence has been a lifesaver for us and our cats. We recently moved to a rural area and couldn’t let the cats out because of the coyotes and other predators lurking about. so The cats were miserable being kept inside all day long after having the freedom to go outside at our old place.

After lots of research, searching for options and reading reviews, we found and purchased the Purrfect Fence which turned out to be the best decision we could make. The staff was so patient and helpful as I called many times to ask questions and seek advice before I even made the commitment to purchase the fence. They provided support and tips for getting the fence set up properly. There were great how to videos linked on their site and on YouTube.

The fence was installed in one afternoon by my husband and his friend without any major issues. It’s been up for about 3 months now and survived several severe storms with winds so powerful that flipped over a large glass patio table but never once did the fence even waver. So, far it has lived up to our expectations. It is very sturdy and so far has kept the critters out and the cats in. Well, except for the hummingbirds that will actually rest in the fence squares which keep the cats entertained. The cats love to just sit and watch them and so do we.

The cats have never tried to climb over the fence or tried to escape at all even though the were once stray cats who were great climbers. They seem very content just chilling in their outside safe area.

This was a great investment! We are very happy with the fence and the peace of mind it provides us knowing that our cats are happy and safe.

Niels Frees
Easy to set up. Keeps cats inside.

We bought the fence in 2007/08 and it is still in good shape. However, this year 2022 we bought some new parts to do repair work due to trees that have fallen over the fence during storm and a heavy snow fall some years ago.

Tierney Rosenstock
It's absolutely fantastic!

I have had mine up for about 2 months and my cats have not even tried to climb it. Even my escape artists is finally contained while getting that outdoor stimulation he needs. I had an issue with the spacers for the light duty gate being too large, but the company was super responsive and sent me new custom sized spacers within 24 hours.

Laura Zurawski

Cats are happy to be outside but contained so predators can’t get in and they can’t get out . I have a rescue and one of the less tame cats tried to no avail to get out but couldn’t and finally gave up. Best fencing option for cat lovers, rescues, and shelters

Marcia Miller
The cat loves it

Marty the Tiger Cat can now go outside, and he loves it. He goes in and out the window screen cat door, and he wants me to always come join him. He sits on my lap, then goes to explore. Freedom and fun for him, relaxation for me.

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