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Outdoor Cat Enclosures With Catios & Patios

Purrfect Fence outside cat enclosures are preferred by more veterinarians, rescue groups, and humane societies than any other outdoor cat fencing company. 

Over 15+ years, we have purrfected the design, material, and construction of our outdoor cat fences and enclosures. You have a variety of options to choose from including free-standing fences, fully-enclosed cat run complete with a roof, a portable pet play tent, and ‘catios’ which are cat patios that can attach right to your house!

Fully Enclosed Purrfect Penthouse

Small yard? Extreme predator problem? Serious problems with neighbor/feral cats? We have the solution for you! Purr...fect Fence is pleased to introduce the Purrfect Penthouse. The Purrfect Penthouse ...

$1,799.99 USD & Up $2,375.00 USD

Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System

Why Purrfect Fence? Purrfect Fence has helped nearly 100,000 cats safely and securely enjoy the outdoors. Our cat-proof fence is the most secure fencing system available anywhere, and our patented de...

$719.99 USD

My Own Den Catio

  My Own Den is a great all-around catio enclosure. It offers dimensions of 46"D x 46"L x 92"H to allow for shelving to be stacked higher (cats love being up high!), yet still has a small enough footp...

$1,541.94 USD & Up $1,799.00 USD

Lion's Den Four Sided Catio

The Lion's Den is a spacious and popular catio enclosure. With 92 inches of depth, 46 inches of width, and 92 inches of height, is it a great all-around enclosure with significant kitty activity-spac...

$2,125.94 USD & Up $2,499.00 USD

Purrfect PlayTent Portable Outdoor Cat Tent Catio & Small Pet Tent

The Purrfect PlayTent is the ideal outdoor cat tent. It can be set up and taken down in 15 seconds flat, making it a great way to give your cat or small dog fresh air and an outside view wherever you...

$99.45 USD & Up $150.00 USD

Purrfect Playhouse Customizable Catio

At approximately 7.5'  tall, wide, and deep, the Purrfect Playhouse Catio offers enough room for several cats and their owners. The Purrfect Playhouse is also easily customizable in size with our stee...

$997.95 USD & Up $1,297.95 USD

Safe Enclosures for Happy Cats

Veterinary experts agree that cats with outside access live a much more stimulating and enriched life. Many families who install a new cat fence report lower stress and fewer behavioral issues after installing their outside cat enclosure.

With Purrfect Fence, you can trust your cats have room to roam safely and happily. Our highly engineered speciality fencing products are the industry's most effective solutions for keeping your cats in and predators out.

happy cat in an outside cat enclosure

There's something for everyone with several options and sizes. You are sure to find something to suit your preferences and needs. We also offer outdoor cat fence design customization Please contact our experts for help with your custom cat enclosure design.