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The Benefits

We constantly test and improve components of Purrfect Fence - with 19 improvements over the past 20 years! Superior design and materials make our outdoor cat fences the most durable on the market. Leaving you with all the benefits.

Cost-effective vs Traditional Fences

Compared to traditional fencing, our outdoor cat fences can be installed DIY at a fraction of the overall cost.

Blends In With Your Yard

These cat fencing materials easily blend in, and the strong, lightweight mesh will not obstruct the view of your yard, garden, or pool.

Easy to Install DIY

Purrfect Fence outdoor cat enclosures are designed to be installed DIY with common tools you probably already have in your garage.

What is a Purr..fect Fence?

We’ve helped nearly 100,000 cats safely explore the outdoors with Purrfect Fence's outdoor cat enclosure systems. Anyone can easily install a Purrfect Fence yourself freestanding, or on top of an existing fence, creating a safe cat enclosure for them to explore outside without worrying about escape or injury. Even when acrobatic “Houdini cats” try to climb upside down, the spring-loaded arm will drop them safely back to the ground. Watch this video to see how it works!

Happier & Healthier Cats

Veterinary experts agree, and hundreds of testimonials agree, that indoor cats with access to the outdoors are happier and healthier. Resulting in fewer behavior issues. No more grumpy cats with a cat fence!

Keep Your Cats Safe

Pair outdoor access & exercise with safety and peace of mind! Our fencing systems are designed and developed to keep your cat safe. Eliminate the opportunity to escape and keep your cats away from predators!

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