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Why Purrfect Fence?

Purr…fect Fence offers custom cat enclosures that can be installed free-standing or to modify an existing fence, and thus offers a complete outdoor cat enclosure system specifically designed for cats. Our custom cat enclosures have become the product of choice for the discriminating cat owner that values all the health benefits associated with allowing their cat(s) access to the outdoors but realizes that without the proper protection their cat(s) are at serious risk. Our Purr…fect Fence custom cat enclosures are the affordable, proven-effective, and visually appealing alternatives to a conventional cat fencing material used as a cat enclosure.

Purr...fect Fence custom cat enclosures are an ideal companion with outdoor cat houses and can make for a complete outdoor living experience with or without a cat house. A Purr-fect fence custom cat enclosure safely and comfortably provides cat containment within any designated area. Our material can easily be installed and makes for visually appealing custom cat enclosures that are all but invisible to the human eye from as close as 15 – 20 feet away in most settings.

The wide range of accessories with our custom cat enclosures, includes support posts, access gates, and ground stakes which make installation a breeze. Our cat enclosures have become an increasingly desirable non–electric and humane alternative to conventional cat enclosure methods.

For more information on how well our custom cat enclosures perform, please see our testimonials section.

Purr…fect Fence – A real value:

Cost Comparisons:

6’ tall wooden fence - $15 - $60 per linear foot
6’ tall chain link fence - $16 - $25 per linear foot
Purr…fect Fence cat enclosure – Less than $10 per linear foot when self-installed

Note – Wooden and chain link prices are installed prices, but do not include the additional cost of retrofitting them to make them escape-proof.