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Cat Fence Conversion Systems

This system will convert an existing fence into a cat-proof fence. It works on 99.9% of all fence types and configurations. These cat-proof fence toppers are the most effective way to cat-proof a fence, period.

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Conversion Systems Work With All Fence Types

Works On Any Fence Type


This cat-proofer for fences uses a patented pivoting arm that is the most effective solution to prevent cats from climbing over the top of the fence. In addition to the conversion system, a separate, durable welded wire bottom barrier is also available for purchase which prevents cats from digging or chewing their way underneath the fence.

Options Based on the Height of Your Fence

For Fences 5 Feet and Taller

Cat fence topper for standard fence height

Attach a series of pivoting arms. These cat-proof fence toppers prevent your cat from climbing over.

For Fences 5 Feet Tall or Higher, Click Here

For Fences 3 - 5 Feet Tall

Cat Fence Topper for Shorter Fences

Use our cat fence extender kit for shorter fences to add height and prevent your cat from jumping or climbing over.

For Fences Shorter than 5 Feet, Click Here


For fences shorter than 5 feet or with large gaps, we recommend using a free-standing cat fence.

Purchase & Installation

These fence conversion systems are sold in kits between 50 feet and 600 feet in length. Each kit contains enough cat-proof fence toppers, and zip ties to cat-proof the fence or wall.

Some installations require the purchase of multiple kits and/or extra individual components. All components are also available to purchase individually if you need more. This may occur if your fence has gates, multiple corners, or unique post spacing. In this case, it is easy to purchase more spring-loaded arms or brackets. Chain-link fences, PVC fences, and walls may also require more components.

To better understand what exactly your kit needs, you can always contact our pet fencing experts for help with planning, estimates, ordering, or installation.

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