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Purrfect Fence Products

Purrfect Fence offers the most effective outdoor enclosure kits for cats and dogs. These outdoor cat run enclosure kits are the perfect solution to prevent your pets from jumping, climbing, or escaping your fence with the additional benefit of keeping other animals, including predators, out of your yard and keeping your pets safe.

Purrfect Fence products are built exceptionally tough and durable with heavy-duty UV-resistant finishes and materials to reduce sun damage as well as natural wear and tear. Yet the netting is thin enough to seem nearly invisible at a distance and the entire system can easily be installed DIY- style with just a few basic tools. Purrfect Fence kits can be attached to any type of home surface including wood, brick, stone, vinyl, metal, and more.

Set Up Safe Outdoor Access for Your Pets

We’ve helped to protect 60,000+ pets. See why veterinarians, pet owners, and animal care professionals call Purrfect fence outdoor cat and dog enclosure kits a “life-changing experience” for pets.

Fences for Cats

Our Houdini-proof free-standing cat enclosures offer a “ground up” fence system, specifically designed to contain even the most agile cats. The key to the system is the patented cat-proof fence extenders. These use a spring action to repel climbing cats and are configured so our outdoor cat run enclosures can meet 6' height ordinances.

Our fencing and outdoor cat enclosure kits are available as freestanding fences or as conversion systems for your existing fencing.

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Fences for Dogs

Our dog fencing includes two types of high quality fence extenders designed to keep your dogs from jumping your fence. Our systems turn your existing wooden, chain link, brick, metal, or PVC fence into the perfect fence for keeping in canine escape artists. 

Our extension will raise the height of your fence by 3 feet. This system is a foolproof fence extender for dogs who love to jump or climb.

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Outdoor Cat Enclosures

Purrfect Fence complete outdoor cat enclosures are preferred by veterinarians, pet experts, rescue groups, and humane societies over any other outdoor cat run enclosure. 

With options and sizes to choose from, you can find something that best suits your preferences and situation. We can also offer customized designs to fit your particular needs. Please contact our experts for design assistance to suit your cat and home’s exact needs!.

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Installation Tools

Our outdoor cat enclosure kits are designed to be easy to install for the typical handy homeowner without specialized tools. But if you would like to speed up your installation time, minimize fatigue on your hands and arms, and provide a better-finished look to your fence, we offer some special tools to help.

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Access Gates

Purrfect Fence offers two gate types in multiple sizes to fit your needs and preferences. The two types are light-duty and heavy-duty gates. The light-duty gates are designed for occasional use, while the heavy-duty gates are much like chain link gates and are designed for everyday use.

  • Light-duty gates are available in 30" and 60" widths
  • Heavy-duty gates are available in 36", 48" or 60" widths

Purrfect Fence gates are created to work seamlessly with our outdoor cat enclosure kits. Most standard push mowers will easily fit through the 30" wide opening of our smallest gate. If you need a wider gate, Purrfect Fence offers several different size options allowing access for most lawn tractors and other large items to enter and exit the enclosure.

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