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Dog Fencing

Purrfect Fence offers two fantastic systems to keep your dogs from jumping your fence, called the Dog Proofer. Our systems turn your existing wooden, chain link, brick, metal, or PVC into a dog-proof version! Use one of our Dog-Proofer systems and you will keep your dogs from jumping, climbing, and finding ways over your fence! We offer the Dog Proofer solutions through a separate website. Clicking the links below will take you there!

Works with any fence type

Regardless of if you have chain link, wood, block, brick, metal or even PVC(with modification) our existing fence extensions for jumping and climbing dogs will work for you by raising your fence height by up to 3 feet!

High-Quality Components

Our dog fencing solutions use the finest components available today to ensure your enclosure extensions last for years to come! We use heavy duty UV resistant finishes and materials to combat the destructive nature of the sun. 


Dog Fencing Solutions for Existing Fences


Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer

Houdini-Proof Dog-Proofer Containment System is designed to stop any dog who is jumping and/or climbing existing fences 4' or taller. This system features a curved arm that gives your fence added height and introduces a curve that is purpose-built to make it impossible for dogs to climb. Available with our durable PVC mesh or powder coated welded wire!

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Standard Dog-Proofer

Standard Dog-Proofer Fence Extension System will secure existing fences for dogs who just need the fence to be higher. This more economical and easier to install system is perfect for jumpers or dogs who are not aggressive climbers. Also available in either durable PVC mesh or heavy duty powder coated welded wire.

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