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2-Pack Arm Add on to Conversion Fence System

The existing Fence Conversion System comes with a collection of these arm assemblies. Depending on the configuration of your existing fence you may require more of the arms due to additional gates, corners, etc.

This product contains:

  • 2 - Purrfect Fence Patented Spring Loaded Arms
  • 2 - Existing Fence Conversions System Mounting Brackets
  • 2 - Set Screws for securing the Spring Loaded Arm to the Mounting Bracket.

This item is intended for customers who have already purchased or will be purchasing a full Purrfect Fence Cat Fencing System. We carefully engineer and source every single component to ensure it holds up to our high standards of durability, quality, and functionality. We strongly caution you if using individual components like the one shown here to build your own enclosure from components purchased elsewhere. The effectiveness of the system has been extensively tested  (and proven) when the proper components including spring-loaded arms, brackets, specially designed & weighted mesh fencing, ties, and hardware are used together. Failure to follow our recommendation will almost certainly put your pet at risk.

If this item does not suit your needs please call us at 888-280-4066 

Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Judy Herrington

These work great and will send pictures. I have seven cats and they are now inside the fence cats. Thanks.

Lesa Barnes
Excellent product. Excellent company.

I appreciate that my cats can be outside anytime on their own initiative and I know they are safe. Staff support is excellent.

Christine Heft
Purrfect Fence for Keeping Savannah Cats in my Yard

This company offers great customer service. The fencing system has worked great for the past year and I love the patented spring loading arms.
I have a 4th generation Savannah cat that weights 20 pounds. He has not been able to escape this fence!

Needs improvement

The Rod attachment to bracket can not be secure. The small thread screw does not hold it tight. If the rod has hexagonal cross section it will hold in place and not turn to loosen the net . The pricing is too high. May be extruded aluminum rods reduce the price.

We are sorry to hear about the frustration. Admittedly it is not clear from your description what the issue is. However, we are very happy to help resolve it! Please reach out to our team by phone at 888-280-4066 or by email at and we will be delighted to figure out what is going wrong and make it right!

Christina Ingersoll
Great construction, zero instructions

I like the concept, construction is very solid and good. But no instructions on the wire mesh and how to install it. What size to get, how do you attach it, what's the best kind to get etc. No helpful tips or instructions of any kind. I'll probably order more if I could just figure out those things. Otherwise I would have given it a 5 star.

Hello Christina! We are sorry to learn of the confusion on this! It seems you purchased a product that is an accessory to one of our full kits. The product you purchased is intended to be purchased along side or to supplement a full Purrfect Fence system. That would be why it lacks instructions and the other materials necessary to utilize it. Essentially it cannot be utlizied on its own. A full kit must be purchased as well which contains fencing mesh, ties, instructions, and other hardware. We certainly try to make this clear on the product page by stating this but perhaps we should reassess and try to do better in that regard. Even so, we are very happy to help you sort this out! Please feel free to <a href=''>contact us</a> so we can help you acquire the remaining necessary components and to assist you with your installation!

Very Pleased

Perfect for kennel fencing Catio I built. They hang out there all the time and no worries.

Arlou Cox

2-Pack Arm Add on to Conversion Fence System

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