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Modern Cat Trees by Habitat Haven

Explore our sister brand Habitat Haven's premium indoor cat tree collection! Meticulously crafted for feline comfort and play. From cozy hideaways to spacious perches, our sturdy cat trees offer a safe and stimulating haven within your home. Treat your pet to the finest in comfort and entertainment with our unique range of stylish and durable cat trees, designed to elevate your cat's world.

The Oasis Cat Tree

With space for napping, scratching, and playing - the Oasis provides your cat with a place they can truly call their own! This cat tree features one soft platform and a plush donut bed covered in velv...

$169.00 USD & Up $189.00 USD

The Sanctuary Cat Tree

Create a safe haven for napping, lounging, or perching with the Sanctuary cat tree. Featuring three basket beds, this tree allows your cat to get up high and watch over the room or look out a nearby w...

Sold Out

The Bungalow Cat Tree

Treat your cat to their own home “away” from home with the Bungalow. With a cozy den wrapped in soft faux rabbit fur and multiple levels, this cat tree is great for both single and multi-cat household...

$209.00 USD & Up $289.00 USD