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Existing Fence Conversion System for Shorter Fences Kit

Why Purr...fect Fence? For nearly 20 years and with more than 50,000 cats enjoying outdoors safely, Purr...fect Cat Fence is the most popular, effective, and durable cat containment system in the world. Our patented designs ensure that even the craftiest cats can't escape. Purrfect Fence cat enclosures are extremely flexible so they can be installed to an existing fence or wall and used in conjunction with our freestanding kit to enclose unfenced areas. Give your cats the freedom they deserve to enjoy the great outdoors without worrying about their safety! » See Testimonials

Cat Fencing Topper for Chain Link, Wood, Vinyl

The Conversion System for Shorter Fences will allow you to add up to 3' overall to the height of your existing fence... Now you can use Purrfect Fence to Cat-Proof your fence or wall even if it is only 3' high!

❗ Have a fence or wall over 5 feet in height? Use the Standard Existing Fence Conversion System to cat-proof fences and walls 5' or higher!

The Conversion System for Shorter Fences will convert your shorter fence into a escape-proof fence for cats. The kits includes Cat-Proofer spring-loaded arms, extender for each arm, the associated mounting brackets and a 6' tall roll of fence based on the size of kit you choose.

Keep in mind that every fence is different and there are no universally followed guidelines for post spacing, height, materials used,etc. A 50ft kit is designed for the average 50 linear feet of fence. 100 ft kit is designed for an average 100 linear feet of fence. A 200 ft kit is designed for the average 200 linear feet of fence. If you have gates, turns, short or long spans between posts then you may find that you need more or less components than comes with the kit. If in doubt, contact us first!

The extension tubes are made of thick 14 gauge steel (an arm set as high as possible on an extension tube can hold well over 50lbs). The scrunched end of the extension tube slides inside of the leg of the Conversion System Arms. The included high-strength epoxy bonds the pieces together. Once glued up, the extended arms slide into two mounting plates spaced a minimum of 4" apart secured to your fence posts with the top mounting plate set as high as possible on your post. Slide the arm to be at the desired height, tighten a set screw on each plate and your arm is secured to your post. Repeat this for all your posts and the fence material is ready to install.

Please note: If the fence is chain link, decorative aluminum or other metal picket fence you will need U-Bolts to secure the mounting bracket to the posts. You can use only one U-Bolt per bracket with this system so purchase one set of U-Bolts per post.

What's Included

Download a printable version of this table.

Existing Shorter Fence Conversion System 50 Foot Kit 100 Foot Kit 150 Foot Kit 200 Foot Kit 250 Foot Kit 300 Foot Kit 350 Foot Kit 400 Foot Kit 450 Foot Kit 500 Foot Kit 550 Foot Kit 600 Foot Kit
Spring Loaded Arms 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
3 Ring Universal Mounting Brackets 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144
Set Screws 12 24 36 48 60 72 84 96 108 120 132 144
Extension Tubes 6 12 18 24 30 36 42 48 54 60 66 72
6' 600lbs Break Strength Mesh 50 Feet 100 Feet 150 Feet 200 Feet 250 Feet 300 Feet 350 Feet 400 Feet 450 Feet 500 Feet 550 Feet 600 Feet
UV Rated Ties (bags) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Arm to Wall/Structure Hardware 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets 2 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets 4 Sets
Written Installation Instructions Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Download a printable version of this table.

- Fasteners for holding hardware to building/home are not included. Fasteners should be chosen based on the type of material covering the building/wall/fence (wood screw, masonry screw, etc.)

-As the table above shows, a 50-foot kit comes with 50 feet of fencing material, not 60 feet.  A 150-foot kit comes with 150 feet of fencing material. It is advised that you consider ordering approximately 10% or more than you need to allow for cut pieces and minor errors in installation.

-The above table applies to orders placed after 12/26/19.


Items of note when planning your order/layout:

-Each existing fence is unique! The maximum span between arms is 12-14 feet. 8-10 Feet is preferred. Count and measure the distance between your posts to ensure that your chosen kit will cover your fence layout.

- Keep in mind that our Existing Fence Conversion System for Shorter Fences will provide up to 36" inches of additional height from wherever the upper mounting bracket is secured. So, if the bracket is mounted at the top of a 4FT fence, then the finished Purrfect Fence height can be as tall as 7FT. This is adjustable and can be set at any height you prefer between 12" and 36" above where the uppermost mounting bracket is secured.

- Our patented system works by forcing your cat(s) to climb up the fence which activates the spring-loaded arm from the bottom if they are able to reach the top (most are not.) So, for maximum effectiveness, it is important that the finished height of your Purrfect Fence be tall enough so your cat cannot simply leap over it. For most domestic cats the minimum finished height (measured from the ground to the tip of the Purrfect Fence extension) we recommend is 6FT, though we prefer it to be taller when possible. Even so, we have had customers tell us it was effective for their cat(s) at shorter heights. However, higher is always better and may be necessary if your particular cat or cat breed is capable of leaping higher than the average healthy and athletic (domestic shorthair) cat. 

Fasteners for holding hardware to building/home are not included. Fasteners should be chosen based on the type of material covering the building/wall/fence (wood screw, masonry screw, etc.)

-Gates in your fence line require special consideration. Read below for more information on gate planning and installation.

Installation Instructions
Chain Link Fence Install Hardware 
PVC Fence & Walls Install Kit 

Installation Video




Gates need to be considered separately for your layout plan. Each gate in your existing fence is likely to need additional components depending on the location and operation.

Inward Swinging Gate

Many inward swinging gates require 1-2 extra arm/bracket(s) per gate. Your situation may vary. If you have any questions please contact us.

Outward Swinging Gate

Many outward swinging gates require 2-3 extra arm/bracket(s) per gate. Your situation may vary. If you have any questions please contact us. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Mary Meirow
Best investment ever

I have 2 indoor cats that have a 72 sf catio but still wanted to enjoy the yard. I put up parts of the existing fence, short fence, and freestanding fences from Purrfect Fence and my little boys couldn’t be happier! They are free to roam whenever I leave the catio door open into the yard.

Molly Mathews
The customer service is excellant!! AJ was right there every step of the waye to answer questions...

My cats took one look and realized they had met their match! The netting is hardly visible from a distance but up close is nice looking as well as effective.

Purrfect Fence is the perfect solution for allowing your cats to safely enjoy the freedom of outd...

So far, this fence attachment has worked out very well for us!

Erin Hensley
I had someone else put it up because I’m not good at that sort of thing but he put it up easily.

It works great! We had tried a different design before that and my cat was still able to get out. He tried several times to get out of this one but wasn’t able to.

Mitchel Kubiak
Brooklyn Cat Compound

Went up easy on existing deck fencing....I have 4 cats in an urban setting, and the fencing system allowed me to create safe outdoor space for my cats to enjoy...added bonus is that it keeps other cats off my deck...great system...thanks!!!

Jackie Henson
AJ was very helpful in placing my order.

I now have peace of mind. I can leave my yard door open without having to check on my cats every 5 minutes. Well worth the cost.

Paul Geisel
Components are of high quality and installation is straightforward

So the first thing that Felix did was to head for the corner that he escaped from. He looked up at the Purfectfence and without hesitation lunged for the top of the block wall which is about 4 feet above the based of the raised garden. As he got to his escape point he hit the top of the Purfectfence. Not knowing quite what to make of his predicament, he held his position for about 4 or 5 seconds and then released himself from the fence grid and returned to his launch point. Subsequently, he has avoided the escape location and now occasionally just looks up at the Purfectfence. In my humble opinion, I think the Purfectfence worked perfectly.

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