U-Bolts for Round Posts (Set of 2)

U-Bolts for Round Posts are used to secure the arms of the Existing Fence Conversion System and the Dog-Proofer Arms to round fence posts which are most commonly found on chain link fencing. The U-Bolts come in pairs of two with four washers and nuts. One set will attach one arm to a round post (so if you are attaching an entire Existing Fence Conversion System to chain link you will need 12 sets of U-Bolts). For the Conversion System for Shorter Fences, you also need (12) sets per 100' kit. This is also true for both Dog-Proofer Systems.

We offer U-bolts for the four most common residential chain link post sizes; 1 3/8" typically used for chain link gates, 1 5/8" typically used for in-line posts, 2" typically used for corner, gate and end posts but also used as line posts for some fences and 2 1/2" used for corner, gate and end posts.

The easiest way to determine the diameter of round chain link posts is to use a cloth tape measure (like used in sewing) and wrap it around the post.

1 3/8" post has a circumference about 4 1/4"
1 5/8" post has a circumference about 5 1/4"
2" post has a circumference of about 6"
2 1/2" post has a circumference of about 7 1/2"

Please check your post sizes and order appropriately.

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