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Catio Accessories

Purrfect Fence cat enclosures have protected thousands of cats and counting. Our enclosures allow cats to roam and explore the outdoors freely and safely. Choose from our catio accessories and components below to customize your kitty-safe outdoor cat enclosure kit!

Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree

Cats LOVE climbing and looking out from elevated places like trees. You can help feed their natural instinct and keep them endlessly entertained with the Purrfect cat perch. This is the ultimate outdo...

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Light Duty Access Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

The Purrfect Gate was created to work seamlessly with the Free-Standing cat enclosure system. This innovative gate design offers easy access to your enclosure with an opening measuring 62" high with o...

$195.19 USD & Up $230.00 USD

U-Bolts for Metal Posts (Set of 2)

U-Bolts may be used to secure the mounting plates for the Existing Fence Conversion System and the Conversion System for Shorter Fences to round or square metal fence posts, which are most commonly fo...

$4.69 USD & Up $7.00 USD

Heavy Duty Frame Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

A heavier duty version of our gate system for our Freestanding Fencing. Heavy-duty gates use both hinge and latch posts in the same way the freestanding system uses posts. It features a stabilizing he...

$299.99 USD & Up $375.00 USD

PVC / Block / Brick / Wall Kit

This kit enables you to secure the bottom edge of our fencing material to your PVC fence, masonry based fence or wall. The thick band of nylon is woven through the bottom edge of fence. For a PVC fenc...

$41.49 USD

Cat Anti-Climb Tree Guard Baffle Kit

Keep your pet safe and grounded with our Purrfect Fence Tree Guard! Our innovative anti tree-climbing kit uses durable brown-coated metal flashing to wrap the trunk of a tree with a smooth metal surf...

$59.99 USD

Yardly Noticed Window Bird Feeder

Get close up views you never thought possible of your favorite birds. Enjoy the thrill of seeing finches, chickadees, cardinals and many other birds perched a few feet away from your desk, kitchen, or...

$28.39 USD & Up $34.00 USD

Purrfect Post: Outdoor Cat Scratching and Climbing Post

Cats LOVE scratching and climbing! You can help feed their natural instinct and keep them endlessly entertained with the Purrfect Post. This is the ultimate outdoor cat scratching and climbing post at...

$129.99 USD

Cat Fence Access Gates

Purrfect Fence access gates are made specifically for our free-standing cat enclosure system to offer easy access to your enclosure. These gates can be easily assembled in minutes and do not rely on posts and can be located anywhere in your fence line. This design feature also allows additional gates to be added to your fence system. Light Duty and Heavy Duty Access Gate are available. 


Our U-Bolts are designed to secure the arms of the Existing Fence Conversion System and the Dog-Proofer Arms to round fence posts. Round fence posts are most commonly found on chain link fencing. U-Bolts come in pairs of two along with four washers and nuts. One set will attach one arm to a round post. They can be used as catio accessories for our Cat Fence Systems, as well as for Dog-Proofing Systems.

Our U-Bolts for square metal posts work with our Existing Fence Conversion System and Dog Proofer Arms. They attach the arms to aluminum or wrought-iron fences.

Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree

Our Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree is the ultimate cat tower. It is one of the perfect catio accessories for all cats who love to climb and perch from an elevated point. It features a spiral staircase leading to an observation platform. It can be used as a free-standing outdoor cat tower offering commanding views as high as 6’ off the ground.

The Outdoor Cat Tree is also a way for your cats to get from a window cat door to the ground. It features an 11½ " x 18" landing with a spiral stair to ground level.