Yardly Noticed Window Bird Feeder

Get close up views you never thought possible of your favorite birds. Enjoy the thrill of seeing finches, chickadees, cardinals and many other birds perched a few feet away from your desk, kitchen, or bedroom. Birds cannot resist the windowed bird feeder. It is designed to be comfortable and inviting for birds as well as durable in all weather conditions. It is simple to install, clean, refill, and enjoy!

Is important that you mount this product high enough on your window to keep your cat(s) out of reach from outside. Either mounting it high on the window or on a window in which your cat(s) do not have access outdoors is suggested for the well being of local birds.

Birdwatch From the Comfort of Your Home or Office - You can now admire your favorite birds anywhere there is a glass window or door. Great for kitchens, offices, apartments, condos, nursing homes, classrooms, dorms, garages, and more.

Large Enough to Attract Large and Small Birds - Our large window bird feeder is designed to accommodate and entice birds of all sizes. The large opening is lined with a padded perch that makes it easy for birds to land and ensures you get great views every time.

Effortless to Install, Fill, and Maintain - Installs in 30 seconds to most glass surfaces without a screen. Bird feeder can hold up to 2lbs of your chosen bird seed. Drainage holes ensure that any moisture that collects inside can pass through the bottom.

Quality Craftsmanship - Yardly Noticed Large Window Bird Feeder uses all-weather durable and crystal clear acrylic so you can see every detail of visiting birds. The package includes 3 ultra-secure suction cups so that you can feel confident it will stay put even under cold, heat, rain, and snow.

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