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Purrfect Fence Design Help & Estimates

Would you like to set up a cat-proof fence on your property? You’ve come to the right place. Our team of pet safety experts can help you pick out a fencing solution that fits your budget and the area you want to enclose.

How We Can Assist You

Use the form below to get started! Provide information about your needs so we can help you create the best plan specific to your situation. For the fastest service, please be sure to complete all fields and attach photos of your yard and/or existing fence. Photos of the overall space to be secured are most helpful as well as photos of any gates in your fence line (if you have an existing fence).

In order to prepare a quote for you, we will also need measurements of the existing fence line or the area to be secured. If you are not sure how to measure, or where to begin, read our blog post HERE for more information!

Which Option is Best for Your Cat?

Do you already have a 5’ or higher fence that you’d like to cat-proof? If so, our fence topper can turn that area into a kitty utopia, allowing your cat to roam freely and safely. Don’t worry if the fence is shorter than 5’; as long as it’s at least 3’ tall, you can use our special conversion system with height extension to create the same results.

Our free-standing option can safely enclose your feline family member if you don’t have a fence in place. The sturdy mesh design will keep other animals out while allowing your pet to get the exercise and mental stimulation it needs to stay healthy. If your cat decides to climb the fence, the patented spring-loaded arm will gently drop them back to the ground.

Perhaps you don’t want to fence your yard in. We understand that not everyone does, so we also offer full enclosures that you can put in the yard, on a deck, or on a porch.