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Do you want a Purrfect Fence but need help figuring out how best to do it? Do you need a bit less or more than a kit provides? We want to help! Our experts will give you the best options for your property... We just need to know a bit more about what you may want and about where you want it.

Keep in mind that the more information you can provide the better!


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  • If you have an existing fence that you need to cat-proof, then look no further. Our Existing Fence Conversion System easily adapts to your existing chain link, wood, vinyl, or brick/block fence and keeps your cat(s) safely in your yard.






  • If you have an open yard with no existing fence (or you wish to create an enclosure separate from your existing fence) then we can help! Our Freestanding Cat Fence System can be customized for nearly any terrain, climate, and situation. Consider looking over our sample layouts to get an idea of what is possible. Fill out the form below to get started with customization help from the Purrfect Fence staff!





  • Many yards may have some existing fencing but also require the creation of new fencing barrier. In these cases, we can custom build a kit for you using our Freestanding Fence System and our Conversion System. Our systems are designed to accommodate that and we are happy to assist you in the layout. Please connect with us by filling out the information below.





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