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Purrfect Fence cat enclosures allow cats to roam outdoors safely. While our pre-built kits come with everything you need, we also offer cat fence components separately. These extra parts can help you customize your enclosure.

Cat Fencing System Components

When you order a cat fence enclosure system from Purrfect Fence, we’ll include all the parts and assembly instructions. But if you damage a component or want to switch things up, we offer additional cat fence components separate from our kits. You can buy cat fence replacement parts for our free-standing cat fencing system or convert an existing fence.

Our heavy-duty corner posts are larger and thicker than the standard posts that come with many of our enclosures. These cat fence replacement parts are recommended for large cat enclosures that receive a lot of heavy snow. 

We also provide a post kit add-on for configurations that need more posts than average. Each post kit comes with the cat fence components you need, including hardware.

Not Sure What You Need? Call Our Experts

At Purrfect Fence, we design all of our products to only require basic tools for assembly. Yet we understand that every yard is different. Our assembly experts are happy to chat with you about designing your cat fence or configuring the perfect layout, and we’ll help you decide which components you’ll need to get the job done right. Contact us for a friendly conversation and action plan to help your cat enjoy the outdoors.

Our cat fence replacement parts are intended for Purrfect Fence systems. If you have an existing cat fence system that you’d like to repair or modify, please call our engineers at 888-280-4066 to make sure our parts will be compatible with your setup. We look forward to working with you in securing your outdoor space for your cat.