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Portable Catios Tent | Tower | Tunnel

Purrfect PlayTent Portable Outdoor Cat Tent Catio & Small Pet Tent

Introducing the Purrfect Play Tent, the ultimate indoor/outdoor sanctuary, designed to provide safety, comfort, and freedom wherever you go. Measuring 76” long, 62” wide, and 40” tall, this spacious ...

$99.00 USD

Purrfect PlayTower Portable Outdoor Cat Tower

Say hello to the Purrfect Play Tower, your furry friend's dream hangout. Measuring 53.1” tall x 39.37” wide, there's plenty of space for them to stretch, nap, and play. Whether you're in a snug city a...

$129.00 USD

Purrfect PlayTunnel Portable Outdoor Cat Tunnel

 The Purrfect Portable Pet Tunnel Introducing the Purrfect Play Tunnel, the ultimate game-changer for your beloved furry pals, whether they're prowling indoors or frolicking outside. This interactive ...

$39.00 USD