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Why Purrfect Fence Is the Purrfect Pet Fence Company

Our family-owned cat fence company began in 2003 when a friend needed help with a pet escapee. What started as a quick fix to help a friend has evolved into a business that has helped 60,000+ cats safely explore the outdoors. We’ve become a leading innovator in pet containment solutions with our patented cat fencing technology. And along the way, we’ve helped thousands of pet rescues, pet shelters, and veterinarians.

Purrfect Fence Pet Fence Company

At the Purrfect Fence company, we specialize in outdoor barriers that keep your cats safe while improving their quality of life. Cats with access to the outdoors are generally happier, have healthier weights, and show fewer behavioral issues than those that are indoor 24/7.

Our pet fence company has solutions for every pet parent’s unique situation, including a free-standing fence system, a conversion option for existing fences, and a fully enclosed outdoor space. If you need help deciding which option is the best for your feline friend, reach out to one of our planning engineers. They can guide you in the right direction.

How Our Purrfect Fence Company Ensures Your Cat Will Be Secure

First and foremost, our goal is to keep your pets safe. We care for each cat as we do our own. We work tirelessly with our customers to ensure the best outcome. Keeping cats safe outdoors is a dynamic challenge considering more than just the fence. Environmental factors such as trees, furniture, and other climbable structures all play a role in containing our furry friends. If interested, our team of renowned cat-containment experts will assist you in ensuring that your layout plan for your enclosure is inclusive of any trouble areas that you may (or may not be!) aware of. 

Our success rate as a trusted cat fence company is due to our unwavering commitment to helping our customers and their cats. Additionally, we use our extensive experience to design the most effective cat enclosure systems available in the world.

What Sets the Purrfect Fence Company Apart?

As a pet fence company, we have dedicated years and personal experience to creating patented escape-proof enclosures, making major version improvements 19 times. All support structures are made from sturdy galvanized steel, and the fence material is made of polypropylene, the long-lasting, durable, weather-resistant material used in deer fencing. 

The mesh is estimated to last 10+ years, but many customers have reported theirs making the cut for nearly 15-20 years. The mesh and other components can be replaced easily, making upkeep and maintenance costs very low when compared to traditional fencing. The Purrfect Fence company manufactures each piece with care so your enclosure can withstand the test of time.

It’s a fact that cats that go outside are generally healthier and happier than those that are kept strictly indoors, so whenever you’re ready to invest in your cat’s wellbeing, let us know! We’re excited to guide you through the process as we have for nearly 20 years!