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Heavy Duty Frame Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

A heavier duty version of our gate system for our Freestanding Fencing. Heavy duty gates use both hinge and latch posts in the same way the freestanding system uses posts. It features a stabilizing header and heavy duty hinges/latch. The tubing is made from 1 3/8 powder coated metal posts. 83% thicker tubing than the light-duty gate, the heavy duty frame gate is designed for more regular use. Designed to be much more durable over time.

The heavy-duty frame gate kit relies on the use of one of the post assemblies from your freestanding system installation for either the latch or hinge side of the gate. The main image above shows this assembly in gray. So this gate kit comes with one additional post to complete the gate, not two. This gate must be installed with one of your freestanding system posts serving as one of the sides. If this does not work for your gate location, you will need to contact us to add an additional post assembly to your order.

The height of our heavy-duty gate is approximately 72". This is designed to bused with our Freestanding Fencing System at is the maximum standard finished height of 7 feet tall. If your finished height is planned to be less than 7 feet, then the heavy-duty gate may need to have its height adjusted by trimming the vertical tubing components on-site during installation.

Installation Instructions

*** One of the gates pictured features spring-loaded arms mounted on either side. This is not mandatory and most installations will not require this unless the gate rests on a corner or where the fence changes directions***

Customer Reviews

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Successfully Installed on ledge,

We installed the 100 foot freestanding fence system and heavy duty gate into ledge, not rock, LEDGE. We knew this would be an issue and had a handyman friend helping us. We had to use a drill to make one of the fence post holes through granite block and the rest of the holes were made with sheer force, denting the drive cap. We also had to dig by hand in an area where the gate post was installed due to a gas line running through. We secured it with hydraulic cement. AJ was very helpful getting us the correct gate post hardware after the original shipment had a mix-up, and we had it in a couple of days. He also suggested a slippery barrier along our deck rail and we used plexiglass to keep our cats from climbing the rail, and over the fence. It looks much better now than our old Frankenfence stitched-together system and our now 8 month old kittens have tried but failed to climb it. We couldn't be happier.

In the thousands of situations we have helped over the years, we cannot recall another like yours with solid rock directly below the soil! We are delighted that you were able to make it work given the circumstances and we were happy to be of assistance making it as easy as possible. Please let us know how else we can help!

We were very pleased with the ease of installation and the security the fence gives. We were especially impressed with the service given on the phone to be sure we had exactly what we needed.

Love the fence.

It works perfectly. I’ve moved and this is the third time I’ve put it up.. it takes about 5 years in the FL sun for the ties to start wearing out. I check them periodically.

Easy to put up great fence

Works great cats now don’t get out of the yard thanks

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