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Heavy Duty Frame Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

A heavier duty version of our gate system for our Freestanding Fencing. Heavy-duty gates use both hinge and latch posts in the same way the freestanding system uses posts. It features a stabilizing header and heavy-duty hinges/latch. The tubing is made from 1 3/8 powder-coated metal posts. 83% thicker tubing than the light-duty gate, the heavy-duty frame gate is designed for more regular use. Designed to be much more durable over time.

The heavy-duty frame gate kit relies on the use of one of the post assemblies from your freestanding system installation for either the latch or hinge side of the gate. The main image above shows this assembly in gray. So this gate kit comes with one additional post to complete the gate, not two. This gate must be installed with one of your freestanding system posts serving as one of the sides. If this does not work for your gate location, you will need to contact us to add an additional post assembly to your order.

The height of our heavy-duty gate is approximately 72". This is designed to be used with our Freestanding Fencing System at is the maximum standard finished height of 7 feet tall. If your finished height is planned to be less than 7 feet, then the heavy-duty gate may need to have its height adjusted by trimming the vertical tubing components on-site during installation.

An additional post is included with the Heavy Duty gate but not an additional spring-loaded arm since it is not required.

Installation Instructions

*** One of the gates pictured features spring-loaded arms mounted on either side. This is not mandatory and most installations will not require this unless the gate rests on a corner or where the fence changes directions***

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

I have three cats and they love it!! It was not complicated to put up, but I did ask a lot of clarifying questions and the purrfect fence representative answered all of them.

Two of my nephews helped me to put it up. I do recommend purchasing the tools as they were very helpful!

My cats LOVE going outside and I love being able to give them this experience. Thank you for this product!

Sturdy and good-looking

This gate was really easy to install and it looks very good. It is sturdy. It took a little time to figure out how to get the hinges set just exactly right so the gate was square but now it works great.

Easy to put up great fence

Works great cats now don’t get out of the yard thanks

So happy I can let my cats outside and not worry about them running away.

It works perfect!!!

My cat knows that she can no longer jump over the fence.

The fence has given me peace of mind. Doggie door can remain open all
Day, until I close up the house at night. My cat can roam the yard to her hearts content. I know that she is safe in my yard, and cannot
Jump my fence.


LIFE CHANGING after one of my indoor/outdoor babies got attacked by a neighborhood dog and costed me both gut wrenching heartache and $7,000+ For surgery. Now they can go outside and be safe !!! Great customer service as well

An excellent choice.

Purr...fectly. Our cats adopted the fence & adapted to their new outdoors immediately. Thanx. Nick, Phil & AJ were outstanding in their coordination and completion of our project. Have a merry, happy & safe Holiday Season!! Chris & Carla Jan

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