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Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree

Cats LOVE climbing and looking out from elevated places like trees. You can help feed their natural instinct and keep them endlessly entertained with the Purrfect cat perch. This is the ultimate outdoor cat tree at 7 feet tall and makes the ideal addition to their outdoor cat fence enclosure.

Perks of the Purrfect Perch Outdoor Cat Tree

Designed with your cat’s safety and pleasure in mind, this cat perch is made with powder-coated galvanized steel with Western Red Cedar platforms. The wood is durable, stable, and lightweight, making the perch easy to relocate. Additionally, it doesn’t warp easily and contains oils that naturally deter insects, making it a great outdoor structure.

Standing at seven feet tall, the perch will give your cat a great view if it sits on the highest ledge. With multiple seating areas the entire way to the top, your cat has many lounging options.

Installation is easy; you don’t even have to dig a hole to secure this cat perch into the ground. You only need a sledgehammer or similar tool to drive the ground sleeve into the designated location. You can even customize the height of the perch platforms.

Products Made for Your Cat

As a company of cat lovers, we have your feline’s best interest in mind. From this outdoor cat tree to the various cat enclosures, our products’ purposes are to keep your kitty safe, happy, and healthy. Cats that are given the opportunity to investigate the outdoors generally show a big change in their behavior almost immediately.

Your cat will have the chance to explore its wild side with a cat perch. It will keep them physically entertained and mentally stimulated, both of which are positively related to your pet’s overall wellness.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Great product, we put larger steps on it. Cats are on the larger side of the scale.

3 cats… will only climb to mid point as the tower begins to sway as they move from step to step.

You can set up everything yourself and the customer service is fabulous

Our Purr...fet fence and cat tree has given our indoor cats a whole new life but with the safety they need.

Karen Gallegos
My cats like it

It is nice and tall, allowing my cats to be able to see over our fence. We have cat-proofed out fence and trees, preventing them from climbing up and escaping the back yard, so this gives them a great alternative to climb up and see over fences. The only issues I had were that a few of the holes on the purrfect pole steps didn't line up well with the holes in the supporting brackets. On some steps, I had to drill new holes - hence the four stars instead of five. It was an easy fix, but just be prepared for that. Great product, though.

adrian brumar
Great product! Cats love it!

Great customer service as well!

Brenda Shane
Cats like it, looks great!

We needed to replace the steps my husband made many years age. The Purrfect Fence cat tree is very attractive and takes up less space than what we had. The cats are happy with it and so am I.

Donna Russell
Cats love it!

Took me a while to decide where to put it that would be safe, but offer some good added scenery. They were a little slow, but curious about it. Now, it’s a favorite perch. Thank you for the wonderful fencing & our new favorite lookout! 🙀😹😻

Kenneth Hickney
Took a bit for my cats to learn how to climb it, but after they figured it out they love it.

Very easy to assemble. I recommend it for outside cat entertainment

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