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U-Bolt Hardware

U-shaped bolts are needed to secure the Cat-Proofer existing fence extender to your chain link fence posts.  Most chain link fence posts are either 1 5/8” in outer diameter or 2” in outer diameter.  Many chain link fences contain both having the 2” O.D. posts at gates and/or corners.   We offer U-bolts available in pairs (one pair will hold one Cat-Proofer or Dog Arm to one chain link post) to fit both sized posts.  Pairs of U-bolts (in several sizes) are available.

U-Bolts for Metal Posts (Set of 2)

U-Bolts may be used to secure the mounting plates for the Existing Fence Conversion System and the Conversion System for Shorter Fences to round or square metal fence posts, which are most commonly fo...

$4.69 USD & Up $7.00 USD