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About the Purrfect Fence

How can I be sure my cat won't be able to get out of the Purrfect Fence enclosure?

Have there been any problems with birds or other animals getting stuck in the fencing?

Will the Purrfect Fence Systems keep cats from getting into the cat-proofed area? Can cats come in from the other side? Is there a solution?

Is this a type of fence that needs permission from municipalities, homeowners associations, or a building permit? Are their ways to get around them?

How long will the Purrfect Fence last?

How do you protect the yard from a cat climbing a tree and jumping the fence?

Do people need to take the fence down in the winter or can they just leave it in the deep snow?

Can other animals like squirrels, raccoons, and opossums enter the enclosure?

Does the Purrfect Fence protect against predators / coyotes?

My property is fenced on one side with my neighbor. Can I combine your Freestanding Fence System and your Existing Fence Conversion System and use them together?

Do I need to check with my HOA? Is this HOA-friendly/approved?

How does the spring-loaded arm work?

Can I add on to an enclosure in the future?

Can your systems be used to enclose my balcony/deck/patio?

I am not incredibly mechanically-inclined... Can I install this myself?

Planning, Quotes, Etc.

How much fencing do I need?

What is included with the fence kits?

What else do I need that is not included with the fence kits?

Can I purchase just the mesh fence material?

Can I purchase individual parts or components?

Is it possible to purchase a kit that is less than 50 feet? Or a kit size that is in between the standard lengths?

How far into the yard does the spring-loaded arm extend?

Can you help me figure out what I need to order?

Freestanding Cat Fence System

How deep do the sleeves that hold the posts go into the ground?

How do I treat an installation where there are slopes or hills?

Can you explain what the tools you sell are used for and if they are needed?

What precautions do I need to take when mowing the lawn?

Can you describe the post installation where it meets a wall?

How do I install the fence at the corners?

How compatible is the Freestanding Cat Fence system with dogs?

How far apart are the posts spaced?

Can the fence be installed on or over concrete (such as a patio or walkway)?

What is the height of the Freestanding Cat Fence?

Existing Fence Conversion System

What height fences will this system work on?

What type of fences will this system work on?

What types and heights of existing fencing can your Existing Fence Conversion Systems be installed on?

How do I secure the Conversion System Mounting Plates to my existing fence? What type of hardware do I need?

How do I install the Conversion System Mounting Plates on my chain link fence?

How do I install the Conversion System Mounting Plates on a vinyl / PVC fence?

How do I install the Conversion System Mounting Plate on a wall?

How do you install the Conversion System Mounting Plate in corners?

How do you outfit gates with the system, so that they are still functional?

How do I secure the mesh material to the surface of my wood, PVC, vinyl, brick, chain link, metal, block fence?

How compatible is the Existing Fence Conversion System with dogs?

How far apart are the mounting plates and spring-loaded arms spaced?

Warranty & Policies

Do you offer any warranties on your products?

What is your return policy?

What is your order cancelation policy?


When will my order ship? How long does it take an order to ship after it's been placed?

How long does delivery take? How will I receive the order?

Do you ship to Canada?

Can you ship internationally?

How much does shipping cost?

Discounts, Promotions, Coupons

Do you have any discounts available?

Do you have sales?