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About the Purrfect Fence

How can I be sure my cat won't be able to get out of the Purrfect Fence enclosure?

Have there been any problems with birds or other animals getting stuck in the fencing?

How compatible is this system with dogs?

Will the Cat-Proofer system keep cats from getting into the cat-proofed area? Can cats come in from the other side? Is there a solution?

Is this a type of fence that needs permission from municipalities, homeowners associations, or a building permit? Are their ways to get around them?

How Long will the Purrfect Fence Last?

How do you protect the yard from a cat climbing a tree and jumping the fence?

Do people need to take the fence down in the winter or can they just leave it in the deep snow?

How does this product stand up to predators such as raccoons, coyotes, etc?

My property is fenced on one side with my neighbor. Can I combine your free-standing system and your Cat-Proofer conversion system and join them together?

Freestanding Cat Enclosure

How deep do the sleeves which hold the poles go into the ground?

How do I treat an installation where there are slopes?

Can you explain what the tools you sell do and if they are needed?

What precautions do I need to take when mowing the lawn?

Can you describe the post installation where it meets a wall?

How do I install the fence at the corners?

Existing Fence Conversion System

What types and heights of existing fencing will your Cat-Proofer retro-fit system be effective for?

How do I install the Purrfect Fence extender brackets onto my wood fence?

What height fences will this system work on?

What type of fences will the Purrfect Fence system work on?

How do I secure the mesh material to the surface of my wood, PVC, vinyl, brick, chain link, metal, block fence?

How do I install the Cat-Proofer extender brackets onto vinyl / PVC fence?

How do I install the Cat-Proofer extender bracket to a wall?

How do I install the Cat-Proofer extender brackets onto my chain link fence?

How do you install a Cat-Proofer bracket on a standard 90° corner? 270° corner?

How do you install the Cat-Proofer brackets onto an INWARD opening gate?

How do you install the Cat-Proofer brackets onto an OUTWARD opening gate?


How long does shipping take? Do I need to be there to receive it?

Discounts, Promotions, Coupons

Do you ever give out discounts to rescues or any others?