Zip Tie Puller / Cutter

The Zip Tie Tool is a great idea for Purrfect Fence installation because:

  1. It will securely tighten a zip tie more than most people are able to with their bare hands.
  2. It will trim excess cleanly without leaving protruding sharp edges.
  3. It will speed up installation time by efficiently tightening and clipping excess with a single tool.
  4. It will significantly reduce hand fatigue.

The Zip Tie Puller / Cutter tool is used primarily for the Free-Standing system to more quickly and more easily tighten the "Heavy Duty Zip Ties" that secure the fence and chew guard to the posts and arms. But it can be used with any of our cat fencing systems.

The trigger handle on the tool cuts the tightened tie ends off for a clean look. The tool can also be used to tighten the light ties for the Existing Fence Conversion System.



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