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Fully Enclosed Purrfect Penthouse

Small yard? Extreme predator problem? Serious problems with neighbor/feral cats? We have the solution for you! Purr...fect Fence is pleased to introduce the Purrfect Penthouse. The Purrfect Penthouse provides a FULLY ENCLOSED area framed in 1 3/8" diameter steel (galvanized and black powder coated) and covered with steel wire fence (galvanized and black PVC coated).

We offer two variations based on your needs:

1. The Penthouse is 7 1/2' wide x 15' long x 73" high. This version uses ground sleeves planted into the ground which the posts of the Purrfect Penthouse slide into and are secured to. This makes it very sturdy against being pushed side to side and from high winds. Ideal for outdoor areas where the enclosure may come into contact with larger animals and/or severe weather. This version is secured using 12" ground stakes and may shift during severe weather or when pushed with any force from side to side.

2. The Penthouse is 7 1/2' wide x 15' long x 84" high. This version does not use any ground securing sleeves and features fittings on the bottom instead. This means the posts which would have been slid 12" into the ground are now exposed and provide for a taller finished height.  It also can more easily be secured to a hard surface such as pavers, concrete, etc using metal straps which are included. It also can work well indoors.


The Purrfect Penthouse includes a 36" wide walk-through gate. This means that you can easily access the area and have full walking headroom making cleaning easier. It also leaves a really good amount of space for cat trees, outdoor litter boxes, cat condos, and the like!

  • Fully enclosed
  • All black finish for a clean & discrete look
  • All steel framework (galvanized & black powder coated)
  • Welded steel framework fittings (galvanized & black PVC coated)
  • Heavy gauge steel grid fence covering
  • Included 36" gate - Latch can be padlocked for security
  • Vertical posts set with sleeves (no digging or concrete)
  • Bottom secured with rails
  • 1' of flared & ground-staked steel grid fencing for additional predator protection 
Installation & Assembly

The structure can be completely free-standing or secured to the side of a house on either the 7 1/2' side or the longer 15' side.

The Purrfect Penthouse will arrive as components and will require full assembly on-site after delivery. This can be performed as a DIY assembly. It is recommended that at least one person who is "handy" and experienced with assembly/DIY be involved in the assembly. Then another person should be present to assist.

Overview of Installation Steps:

  1. Assemble Steel Framework
  2. Install Human Entry Gate Frame
  3. Wrap Structure in Welded Wire (provided on a roll)
  4. Secure Welded Wire to Structure

Expected Assembly Time: Estimated 5-7 hours. Many customers have completed in less time. Many have taken longer. The time required will directly correlate to the experience and skill of the assembly team!

Tools Required for Installation:

  • Step Ladder
  • Aviation Snips/Tin Snips/HD Wire Cutters
  • Tape Measure
  • Ratchet Set / Wrenches 

Optional But Helpful Tools:

  • Rubber Mallet
  • Metal Marker / Silver grease pen
  • Hex Bit in a Cordless Drill

 If you are in need of a larger, smaller, or a specially sized version of the Purrfect Penthouse please contact us with your needs. Keep in mind that you require dimensions that are smaller than our standard sizes, the tubing can be modified on-site during assembly to create the dimensions that meet your needs with common DIY tools such as a piper cutter, hacksaw, or grinder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Kelly O.
Amazing experience for activities kitties

I have incredibly active kitties; however, I live in a rural area and was nervous about having an enclosure without a top (darn hawks and eagles). This enclosure was specially made by Purrfect fence because I wanted it to be a little bigger to offer the opportunity to use real tree limbs. They love it. Because I can't always give the attention needed to take them out on harnesses, this enclosure allows all of us to go outside while still allowing me to focus on something else. Yes, I sit in the enclosure with them. If I had neighbors, I'm certain they would laugh. The cats love it and go out almost daily weather permitting. I truly believes this offers a more enriching experience/life for my kitties. Love it!

Joel Swanson
Great value , great product

Very happy with the penthouse, I think it’s a lot of catio for the money. Very happy!

Cynthia M.
It’s Purr-fect!

It took a bit more time than I expected to set this up, but I am super satisfied with the result. This is a Great fence!

Elizabeth Thompson

Very good product

Shelley Fridman
Good quality, sturdy.

Cats and bunnies love it.

Pamela Holbrook
Excited to set up

Will be moving to a new place soon so I will wait until I get there to set up the penthouse . I'll update my review once all is done.

joseph simone
I feel very satisfied

Because I am 92 years old I merely assisted our handyman (Bob) in erecting the enclosure. It is now solidly in place and my wife, the cats and I are all very happy with it. Both Bob and I found certain items in the instructions to be either confusing or unworkable. I would like to elaborate but I can't remember what they were (did I mention that I am 92 years old?). Maybe a good review of the instructions is in order. Anyway, all is now good. Best Wishes, Joseph

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