Kit of (4) Heavy Duty Corner Post Assemblies

This kit is an assembly of (4) heavy duty corner posts with sleeves, arms and associated hardware and will make (4) corner post assemblies. This kit is intended for use on corners in larger (multiple kit) enclosures. Corners are subject to more stress than line posts and when fence lines are longer, such as in larger multiple kit enclosures, having a stronger post can make your enclosure more secure. These posts are especially recommended for larger enclosures in areas that receive significant snow especially heavy wet snow.

The Corner Posts are 21% larger in diameter and 30% thicker than our standard posts making the significantly stronger. The sleeves are larger in diameter to match the larger diameter of the posts and are 6" longer overall than our standard sleeve.

Kit Content

  • 4 - Heavy duty corner posts
  • 4 - Heavy duty sleeves
  • 4 - Spring Loaded Houdini Arms
  • 4 - Arm mounting hardware
  • 1 - Heavy duty drive cap

This item is intended for customers who have already purchased or will be purchasing a full Purrfect Fence Cat Fencing System. We carefully engineer and source every single component to ensure it holds up to our high standards of durability, quality, and functionality. We strongly caution you if using individual components like the one shown here to build your own enclosure from components purchased elsewhere. The effectiveness of the system has been extensively tested  (and proven) when the proper components including spring loaded arms, brackets, specially designed & weighted mesh fencing, posts, sleeves, ties, and hardware are used together. Failure to follow our recommendation will almost certainly put your pet at risk.

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