Enclosure Systems

Free-Standing Cat Fence

Houdini-Proof Free Standing Cat Containment System

Kit Includes:

  • (8) 80" Heavy Duty Posts (galvanized and powder coated black)
  • (8) Post-Setting Ground Sleeves (galvanized)
  • (8) Cat-Proofer™ Pivoting Arches (galvanized and powder coated)
  • (1) 7'6" high x 100' long Extra Heavy Duty 2" by 2" Black Poly Fence
  • (1) 2' high x 100' long Welded Wire Fence 2" by 2" (galvanized and PVC coated)
  • (60) 12" long barbed stakes (pins fence firmly to the ground - galvanized)
  • A driver for the Post-Setting Ground Sleeves, post caps, and all necessary hardware


Purrfect Playhouse

NEW! This is a completely portable enclosure purrfect for decks, patios or anywhere a permanent enclosure cannot be installed. It is also ideal for camping or any kind of travel with your cats or smaller dogs. The enclosure packs into a large bag for transport and storage!


Fence Topper for Dogs

Dog-Proofer Fence Extension System

NEW! Purrfect Fence has created an "Existing Fence Conversion System" for Dogs! Our new system will make your 4' or higher fence so your dogs cannot jump or climb over it. Click on the link below for more information.


Fence Topper for Cats

Cat-Proofer Existing Fence Conversion System

Kit Includes:

  • 1 roll of 4 ft. by 100 ft. heavy duty 1" by 1" black poly fence material
  • 12 pivoting fence extensions (most fences have a post spacing of 8')
  • 100 zip ties
  • Complete written installation instructions


Purr...fect Penthouse

NEW! For those with very small yards or an extreme predator issues, we are now offering a completely enclosed pen! This pen has an all metal tubular framework and is completely covered with black coated steel fencing.
Click on the link below for more information.


The Dog Proofer

Access Gates

30" wide Purr...fect Gate

Our new and improved access gate is now available! The Purr.fect Gate, available in opening widths of 30" (2 1/2 ft) and 60" (5 ft), is much easier to assemble, easier to use, visually more appealing, and costs 35% less than the previous model.


Installation Tools

The Stanley Hogringer & Rings

The Stanley Hogringer is a time saving tool used to more easily attach the lower chew resistant metal portion of the fence to the flexible polypropylene portion. The Hogringer is self-feeding (much like a staple gun) and bends a "C" shaped galvanized steel piece into a circle which closes around whatever you put inside the open end of the "C". The kit includes one Hogringer tool and 1,500 count box of rings. 1,500 rings are good for up to 4 Free-Standing 100' kits. You can purchase additional boxes of rings by calling 888-280-4066.

This tool is by no means required, but it does make this part of the project go more quickly (zip ties are included with the free-standing kit to do this process but the Hogringer & Rings will save 2-3 hours time for each 100').


Zip Tie Puller/Cutter

Get your zip ties tighter, faster with this handy time-saving tool

This tool is highly recommended for larger projects where a lot of posts are being utilized.



2-Post Kits

Two complete posts w/ arches, sleeves, and all necessary hardware


Outdoor Cat House or Hidden Litter Box - You Decide !

Keep that litter box smell out of your house! Our all new Purr...fect Litter House (can alternatively be used as an outdoor cat house shelter), is an outdoor hidden litter box - housing structure that is the purr...fect addition to your Purr...fect Fence enclosure.