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Components for the Free Standing Cat Fencing System

If a pre-built Freestanding Cat Fence System kit is not a good fit for you or you need to add a few components to suit your layout, you are welcome to order any of the components that make up our system individually. Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any questions or need components not listed here including fencing, posts, sleeves, fittings, etc!

Post Kit Add on to Freestanding Fencing System

Sometimes a specific layout will make your Free-Standing Fence System require a couple of extra posts... Our Post Kit contains all the components necessary for complete post assemblies. Although we ha...

¥24,700 JPY & Up ¥31,000 JPY

Light Duty Access Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

The Purrfect Gate was created to work seamlessly with the Free-Standing cat enclosure system. This innovative gate design offers easy access to your enclosure with an opening measuring 62" high with o...

¥26,300 JPY & Up ¥31,000 JPY

Heavy Duty Frame Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

A heavier duty version of our gate system for our Freestanding Fencing. Heavy-duty gates use both hinge and latch posts in the same way the freestanding system uses posts. It features a stabilizing he...

¥40,400 JPY & Up ¥50,500 JPY

Kit of Heavy Duty Corner Post Assemblies

This kit is an assembly of (2) or (4) heavy duty corner posts with sleeves, arms and associated hardware and will make (2) or (4) corner post assemblies. This kit is intended for use on corners in la...

¥34,500 JPY & Up ¥37,700 JPY

Spring-Loaded Houdini Cat Fence Arm

Spring-Loaded Houdini Cat Fence Arm. This is an arm only and requires a mounting bracket to affix it to a Free-Standing System post or the Universal Mounting Bracket of the Existing Fence Conversion S...

¥2,800 JPY

Single Arm Add on Assembly to Conversion Fence System

Each 100' Existing Fence Conversion System comes with (12) arm assemblies. Depending on the configuration of your existing fence you may require more of the arms. This kit includes 1 Spring Loaded Arm...

¥4,500 JPY

2-Pack Arm Add on to Conversion Fence System

The existing Fence Conversion System comes with a collection of these arm assemblies. Depending on the configuration of your existing fence you may require more of the arms due to additional gates, co...

¥10,100 JPY & Up ¥11,900 JPY