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Cat Tree Guard Baffle Metal Flashing Kit

Small Tree: 15-27" Circumference, 1 spindle
Medium Tree: 28-60" Circumference, 3 spindles
Large Tree: 61-88" Circumference, 4 spindles
XL Tree: 88"+, 5 spindles

Guideline for number of trees each kit can wrap

Small Tree Kit: includes materials for wrapping 1 tree up to 28" around. 10' of flashing and 1 spindle included.

Mid-Size Tree Kit: kit includes 25' of flashing and 5 spindles.

  • If tree is between 62" and 88" around - kit will not be able to secure any other tree
  • Three trees up to 20" around can be wrapped.
  • If one tree is between 28" and 48" around, enough material is left over for 1 tree 28" or less.
  • If one tree is between 49" and 61" around, enough material is left over for 1 tree 23" or less.
  • Two trees up to 39" can be wrapped, but may require an additional spindle.

Large/Multi Tree Kit: kit includes 50' of flashing and 12 spindles.

  • 7 trees that are all 17" around or less
  • 6 trees that are all 20" around or less
  • 5 trees that are all 28" around or less (additional spindles may be needed)
  • 4 trees that are all between 24" and 39" around
  • 3 trees that are all between 40" and 54" around
  • 2 trees that are both between 55" and 75" around, with enough left over for 1 small tree
  • 2 trees that are both between 74" and 88" around

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth Davis
It works great!

I have three cats that have been able to be outside during the day for many years. They would occasionally stay outside later than
Was best but I didn’t do anything until coyotes started showing up right around my house so I knew I had to take care of my wards and keep them contained. I installed the Purrfect fence at my townhouse patio. The cats have some grassy areas and shrubs to
Lie under. Fence looks professional and the cats are safe.
Very happy and thankful

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