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Cat Fence Toppers

Purrfect Fence offers the most effective and most durable cat-proof fence toppers in the world. For nearly 20 years we have been helping customers keep their cats safe and happy outdoors! 

Our selection of cat proof fence toppers can be used on nearly any fence or flat surface making it the most flexible cat containment solution for your backyard cat enclosure space. 

Designed to work with Wood, Chain Link, Brick, Block, Concrete, Vinyl, PVC, Iron, Aluminum and many other fence and wall types you can be sure Purrfect Fence is a good option for you.

We offer the most trusted solution and offer comprehensive planning, installation, and post-sale support to ensure your project gets the results you need.

Select from our systems below based on the height of your existing fence. If you have a fence that is 5 feet in height or taller, select the standard Existing Fence System. If your fence is shorter than that, then select the Existing Fence Conversions System for SHORTER Fencing.

Existing Fence Conversion System for Shorter Fences Kit

Why Purrfect Fence? For 20 years Purrfect Fence has helped nearly 100,000 cats enjoy the outdoors safely! The Short Fence Conversion System by Purrfect Cat Fence is a popular short-fence specific vari...

$472.99 USD

Existing Fence Conversion System Kit for Cats

Why Purr...fect Fence? For 20 years nearly 100,000 cats have enjoyed the outdoors safely with Purrfect Cat Fence - the most popular, effective, and durable cat containment system in the world. Our pat...

$279.99 USD

2-Pack Arm Add on to Conversion Fence System for Shorter Fences

Existing Fence Conversion System for Shorter Fences comes with a collection of these arm assemblies depending on the size of the kit. Your existing fence may require more of these components in certai...

$125.99 USD & Up $160.00 USD

2-Pack Arm Add on to Conversion Fence System

The existing Fence Conversion System comes with a collection of these arm assemblies. Depending on the configuration of your existing fence you may require more of the arms due to additional gates, co...

$70.99 USD & Up $88.00 USD