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CEO Hemingway Home & Museum

Our polydactyl descendants of Ernest Hemmingway’s own cats have always had the occasional wanderer in their ranks… Recently it became an issue. In fact it became such an issue that we were being threatened with having to cage our wonderful cats.

Dr. Curtis DVM, renowned veterinary behaviorist and professor at the University of Florida - College of Veterinary Medicine, recommended that we secure our perimeter with Purr…fect Fence. We took her advice and installed the fence earlier this summer. Our cats have been safely contained on our historic property ever since.

How the fence blended in with the surroundings was extremely important to us. The fantastic thing about the product is its extremely low visual impact. It is hard to see at all unless you are standing right in front of it.

Mike Morawski
CEO Hemingway Home & Museum
Key West , FL


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