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Cat Proof Yard

Our cat proof yard allows you the freedom to leave your cat outside without worrying about them escaping due to the "Houdini -Proof" design. With this security in mind, you will rest easy knowing that your cat will be able to enjoy the outdoors with our cat proof yard. Since the cat proof yard is over seven feet high with a ninety-degree angle at the top, this will prevent your pet from escaping. The bottom of the cat proof yard is also reinforced and prevents your cat from being able to escape.

Creating your cat proof yard with the Purr…fect Fence system couldn't be easier. Our cat proof yard is built using a durable, yet flexible poly mesh grid. Since this piece of the package is flexible, it will discourage your cats or pets from climbing or being able to escape from your cat proof yard.  The arched top support that directs the cat proof yard downward at a ninety-degree angle, will safely return your cat to the ground.

Since obesity was cited as the greatest health issue facing cats, building a cat proof yard will help keep your pet active and help to reduce physical and psychological health issues for your pet. With your cat now having access to the outdoors, you are creating a cat proof yard that will not only provide your cats a nice change of scenery but also allow them to exercise much more than ever possible if they were to be kept indoors. There will be a significant impact on the quality of life and the health of your cat if you decide to begin building a pet-proof yard utilizing the Purr…fect fence system.

Why wait? Create your cat proof yard now and give your cats the freedom of safe and secure access to the outdoors!

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