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Rescue / Shelter Partnerships

Purrfect Fence is proud to support and partner with organizations that are actively involved in the rescue, care, adoption, and welfare of animals. We are excited to offer a new program to these organizations that quietly and thanklessly help hundreds of thousands of animals find permanent homes, veterinary care, and safety.

Our new program is designed to help registered Shelters and Rescue organizations offer discounted Purrfect Fence products to those that are adopting, allowing their new pet to enjoy the many health benefits of the outdoors. Each sale will help these organizations to receive the funding they need to complete the work that is such an important part of their communities.

The program is designed to be a WIN, WIN, WIN for any that choose to partner with us.

  1. We provide literature with a unique coupon code for your organization to use in the adoption packet for any cat that either was previously outdoors, or that would benefit from the exercise, stress relief, and enjoyment of an outdoor space.
  2.  The newly adopted cat's owner would use this coupon code to make their purchase entitling them to a great discount!
  3. This coupon would be linked to your organization so that any purchase from Purrfect Fence using this coupon code would generate a donation back to your organization.

WIN: Cats that are accustomed to being outdoors and cats that would benefit physically or emotionally from outdoor space are provided that opportunity.

WIN: The new owners are given a significant discount as a result of working with your organization creating loyalty and "word of mouth" benefits and making it easier to get outdoor-inclined pets adopted.

WIN: Your organization is able to increase its funding through creating awareness to new cat owners and for ensuring that any animal that needs outdoor space can get access to it in a safe, humane, and controlled manner.


How it Works

Once approved, we will provide your organization with a brochure that contains unique coupon codes specific to your organization for placement in your facility and/or adoption packets.

The organizations that are most successful:

  1. Point out the brochure.
  2. Discuss the importance of safe outdoor space.
  3. Explain that the adopting family receives a discount AND your organization receives a donation to help with the welfare of current and future animals.

Want to learn more? Please Contact Us and we will reach out to you by phone and customize our program to your organization's specific needs!