FleaFighter Natural Flea Treatment 8oz

Flea Fighter is a quick, pesticide-free treatment to rid your pet of fleas. Apply a generous amount of solution to dry fur/hair and fleas are suffocated instantly. A quick shampoo and comb out and your pet is free of fleas. Note: Because Fleas also lay eggs that are in your pet's fur/hair, it will usually require 4 -5 - 1x per week treatments to completely break the flea cycle.

Fleas can be a major problem for cats and dogs. The founder of Purrfect Fence, Al Benner, once almost lost his cat "Jag" due to a rapid onset of a flea infestation. Jag became very anemic due to significant blood loss from the fleas. The house also became infested.

Jag was an indoor only cat at the time - so fleas can plague any pet. Flea Fighter is an inexpensive investment for protecting the well being of your furry friends and keeping your house free from fleas.

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