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Problem: Extreme Cat Urine Solution: Purrfect Fence

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Problem: Extreme Cat Urine Solution: Purrfect Fence

Is your home suffering from some extreme cat urine odor? Serious cat urine odor can quickly spread throughout your home and can cause embarrassment and in extreme cases, discourage people from visiting. Extreme cat urine odor can be offensive, but allowing your cat(s) safe access to the great outdoors can greatly reduce or eliminate many indoor behavioral issues and serious cat urine odor problems inside the home. At Purr..fect Fence we love cats as much as you do and we want to provide a safe alternative to helping you rid the serious cat urine odor from your home.

As many people have learned, litter boxes can do a fairly good job of controlling serious cat urine odor in the home, but people can still recognize that smell when they enter your home. The best solution is a safe and effective method to keep your cats outdoors, thus reducing territorial and spraying issues. The answer is our cat containment system.

Extreme cat urine odor can be a major problem, but Purr…fect Fence addresses this issue by getting cats outdoors, reducing over-crowding, and thus relieving indoor territorial and behavioral issues.

Purr…fect Fence provides a virtually invisible and durable mesh fencing system built to last for a very long time. Most importantly it is very easy to install. Why keep your cats inside when they can be outside and free to run in an enclosed area. This will also help to rid your home of serious cat urine odor at the same time.

Don’t let an extreme cat urine problem get you down, order Purr…fect Fence today, and turn your backyard into a safe and secure paradise for your cats. Safely introduce your felines to the great outdoors….they will forever be grateful – and so will your carpets! No more extreme cat urine problems.