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Ways To Provide A Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle For Your Cats

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Ways To Provide A Healthy Outdoor Lifestyle For Your Cats

Deciding whether; you should keep your cats indoors or let them roam outdoors is a tough choice. According to International Cat Care, 90% of cat owners allow their cats outside, whereas only 10% of the owners prefer to keep their cats completely indoors. ( Providing a safe environment by installingcatios for cats oroutdoor cat playpens is an efficient way to ensure that your cat has a healthy overall development.

Why is it important for cats to be outdoors?

Veterinary experts believe that outdoor exposure for cats is necessary for their overall growth and development. Cats have the instinct to explore their environments and carefully assess their territory. But every cat has its personal preference and sometimes they prefer staying indoors to going outdoors. Studying your cat's behavior can tell you a lot about its wants. For example, if you see your cat jumping and getting excited at every little opportunity they find for going outside, then your cat needs to be let out. 

According to animal behavior experts, feline pets have stunted mental and physical development due to a lack of sensory stimulation. Interaction with the outside environment stimulates their perception and sharpens their reflexes. Allowing outdoor time for cats is essential and there are a few ways in which you can ensure the safety of your beloved pets.

  • Taking them on walks: Walks are a great way to ensure that your cat is; receiving fresh air and is a healthy exercise for them. With you accompanying them on the walks, they will not wander off on their own and face danger. 
  • Building catios:Catios for cats are outdoor cat enclosure that is made with a screen or mesh covering, providing them enough room for playing, exercising, and exploring the outdoors. Catios reduce the risk of injury and prevent them from contracting pests that may cause diseases. 
  • Outdoor cat perch: Whether it's an indoor cat or an outdoor cat, cats love climbing. Outdoor cats often climb up trees and chimneys and get stuck there. Outdoor cat perch is an excellent alternative that solves the problem. Your cats can enjoy climbing and you don't have to worry about rescuing them from tree tops or rooftops.
  • Building cat fences: If you want to give your fur babies extra outdoor space for them to explore and don't like the idea of enclosures, then cat fencing is for you. Cat fencing systems; are designed and developed to ensure the safety and security of the cats without interfering with their outdoor interactions. It eliminates the chances of your cat escaping and also; prevents them from encountering large predators. 

If your cat is an outdoor cat, then Purrfect Fence can help you give your cat the perfect opportunity to; safely enjoy the outdoors. Purrfect Fence is a cat-proofing fencing company that has patented cat-fencing systems. They specialize in installing free-standing fences and cat-proofing existing fences. They also manufactureoutdoor cat playpens and outdoor cat enclosures at cost-effective prices. So, give your fur baby a chance to have a healthy and happier life with Purrfect Fence today!