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Outdoor Cat Playpen, Pop-Up Tents, Enclosures

Outdoor cat tent enclosures allow your pet to roam outdoors safely. Our pop-up playpen tents are ideal for cats or a small dog, and they’re easily portable so you can bring a safe playspace anywhere you go. These are purr-fect for camping trips or vacations!

Purrfect PlayTent Portable Outdoor Cat Tent Catio & Small Pet Tent

The Purrfect PlayTent is the ideal outdoor cat tent. It can be set up and taken down in 15 seconds flat, making it a great way to give your cat or small dog fresh air and an outside view wherever you...

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Safety Outdoors On the Go

The one downside to a beautiful outdoor cat enclosure is that you can’t travel with it—that’s why we made our portable cat tent. Our playpens pop up and collapse in about 15 seconds, meaning you never have to fuss with complicated tent poles or part assembly. When you’re not using the tent, it folds neatly into a carry bag for easy storage and transportation. You can easily store it in a backpack or the trunk of your car.

Cat tents provide a safe outdoor play environment to go alongside your RV or to create an impromptu backyard setup. We use industrial-strength materials that withstand the sharpest kitty claws while still letting in fresh air and sunlight for an energizing outdoor experience.

Cats Love Them

The best thing about our outdoor tent enclosures is that cats love them. The see-through mesh allows your cat to enjoy the breeze and the view while resting comfortably. Toss in a few toys to let your kitty burn off some energy, or roll down the nylon detachable cover to let your furry prince or princess take a nap in the shade.

Each Purrfect Fence pop-up portable cat playpen tent comes with sturdy tent stakes and is wide enough to fit several cats and even their human. Our newly designed doors make it easier than ever to come and in and out as you share in your cat’s outdoor adventures.

If you need help finding an outdoor tent enclosure for your cat, the experts at Purrfect fence are happy to answer any questions. Contact us any time. We’re here to help!