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Purrfect PlayTent Portable Outdoor Cat Tent Catio & Small Pet Tent

The Purrfect PlayTent is the ideal outdoor cat tent. It can be set up and taken down in 15 seconds flat, making it a great way to give your cat or small dog fresh air and an outside view wherever you’d like. It’s an excellent way to help your cat enjoy your yard, or out and about for trips and travel.

At 79" Wide x 66" Deep x 42" Tall the Purrfect PlayTent will easily fit multiple cats, small dogs, and even their humans! We built this product to last with durable and high-quality materials.

The Ideal Outdoor Mesh Cat Tent

Many satisfied pet parents say there’s no cat tent more durable or easier to set up than the Purrfect PlayTent. With the Flashset locking hub at the top, you can put it up or take it down in just 15 seconds.

Because this mesh cat tent is portable, you can move it around in the yard to ensure your cat gets different views and that the grass underneath the tent stays green and lush. You can even set it up inside your home.

What's Included:

(1) Purrfect PlayTent Outdoor Cat Tent and Portable Catio

(1) Heavy Duty Carry Bag

(4) Tent Stakes

(1) Removable Weather Cover (snap on)

(1) Tie Strap

Well-Made and Designed

Your cat’s claws are no match to the UV-resistant, double-stranded industrial fibers, which is twice as strong as competing cat tents. Although soft to the touch, the material is incredibly durable. This mesh cat tent is also made with sturdy fiberglass poles, which are 40% thicker than the average tent rod.

Cat-Friendly Features

This outdoor cat tent is well-equipped for rain or shine. With a waterproof nylon detachable cover, you can give your cats some shade on hot days and keep them dry in case of rain. The sides of the cover can be rolled up for the ideal level of coverage, and the entire thing can be quickly clipped on or removed.

Watch this Video for Setup and Use

Setup Instructions

See how simple it is to set up this mesh cat tent for yourself. The zippable door featured in the video doesn’t reflect the current design. New models use two “D” shaped doors large enough for people and pets.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Shayla Bird
Boogie Approved

My cat, Boogie, will run away for weeks if he is let outside. Thankfully, we bought the cat tent to give him some fresh air and a break from the indoors! Love this tent so much.

Holly Williams
Great tent! Durable and easy!

Used it as a spare room for a kitten that needed to be temporarily isolated from other cat. Room for her bed, litter box, food area, and toys. Withstood both cats climbing all over it outside for weeks.

Char Portman
Love the Purrfect play tent

I’m on hold with installing the Purrfect fence until spring of 2022 so I’ve used the tent to let the kitties be outside. They would still prefer to have more freedom, but seem content to hang out in the tent and chill. I’d like to leave it up when I bring them in, but there are other visitors and I fear they would mark the tent which would drive my babies crazy. It’s easy to set up and break down and big enough to give my three cats their own space.

KatMeow García
I feel so less worried about my kitty.

My kitty has an immune disorder and cannot go outside unsupervised. This tent allows my kitty to get plenty of outdoor time and allows my furry friend to go everywhere. camping, visiting & friends relatives, to work to the park. This tent when is especially great when paired with a leash and kitty size backpack. It really is purrfect. Easy to clean if kitty pees too! (It happens let's be real!)Easy to set up and takes minutes to break down. I love it!

Shayla Bird
Boogie Loves It

My cat loves his tent and safely enjoying the outdoors AKA the backyard.

timothy h.
It is awesome.

Goes up and down quickly. Our cat loves it and we trust it.

Dawn Wheeler
Our cat is super happy to be outside

We live and travel in a van so we occasionally let the cat roam outside if we feel he is safe. Unfortunately most of the time we aren’t in a safe place for him to do that. So this tent gives us the opportunity to let him outside and still be safe.

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