Dogs in your Fence System?

Purrfect Fence has created a fence post extension bracket specifically for dogs! This new design will serve as a dog fence extension raising the height of your fence line up to 4 feet!

There are two versions, one is designed to stop a dog jumping your fence, the other is designed to stop a climbing dog.

This system is offered via our DogProofer brand with the same quality and effectiveness that pet owners have come to expect from our popular Purrfect Fence cat fencing systems.

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Dogs do not climb and/or jump a fence in the same way a cat does. Our engineers designed a unique extension bracket for fence posts that will keep any size or breed of dog safely in your yard.

We have gotten many calls over the years about fence dog extensions. Now we are happy to say we have the Purrfect solution to solve the problem of your dog climbing your fence.

  • Stop a Climbing Dog
  • Fence Dog Extension
  • Fence Extension Arm


 Dogs cannot climb a fence but they do jump up and kick off the fence to gain height. If they can kick up high enough to get their front legs over the top of a fence then they are able to propel themselves over a fence. Our fence “dog” extensions when covered with our strong mesh will create a horizontal barrier at the top of your fence blocking your dog's ability to get its front legs over the top of your fence.


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