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Featured My Cat From Hell Projects:

See Purrfect Fence Featured on recent Animal Planet Episode

When Jackson feels a cat will greatly benefit from time outdoors and space is available, he knows Purrfect Fence will create the safe outdoor haven needed for his clients.

Click the image above to watch the highlights of a compelling episode of "My Cat From Hell" where Purrfect Fence helps Jackson solve a major peeing problem for a client. Be sure to wait ten seconds for the ad to play at the beginning - then the video will start.

Our Purrfect Penthouse will be featured in the Season 5 Helli-day Special had its season début December 23 and will re-air many times so check the schedule!

Pictures of the Helli-day Special Purrfect Penthouse for Finn:

A combination of our Free-Standing System and Existing Fence Conversion System were used in the Season 4 Episode Feral Scottish Fold With: is a popular episode from last season so keep your eye on the schedule to see when it airs next.

Pictures of the Feral Scottish Fold Purrfect Fence System for Buddy: