Fully Enclosed Purrfect Penthouse

Small yard? Extreme predator problem? Serious problems with neighbor/feral cats? We have the solution for you! Purr...fect Fence is pleased to introduce the all new Purrfect Penthouse. The Purrfect Penthouse provides a FULLY ENCLOSED area framed in 1 3/8" diameter steel (galvanized and black powder coated) and covered with steel wire fence (galvanized and black PVC coated). The Penthouse is 7 1/2' wide x 15' long x 73" high and includes a 36" wide walk-through gate.

This means that you can easily access the area and have full walking headroom making cleaning easier. It also leaves a really good amount of space for cat trees, outdoor litter boxes, cat condos and the like!

  • Fully enclosed
  • All black finish for clean & discrete look
  • All steel framework (galvanized & black powder coated)
  • Welded steel framework fittings (galvanized & black PVC coated)
  • Heavy gauge steel grid fence covering
  • Included 36" gate - Latch can be padlocked for security
  • Vertical posts set with sleeves (no digging or concrete)
  • Bottom secured with rails
  • 1' of flared & ground-staked steel grid fencing for additional predator protection 

The structure can be completely free-standing or secured to the side of a house on either the 7 1/2' side or the longer 15' side. If you are in need of a larger, smaller or specially sized version of the Purrfect Penthouse please email or call us at 888-280-4066 with your needs.

What's Included
  • (1) 4' x 100' Welded Wire - 2" x 2" grid, 15 ga, galvanized and black PVC coated
  • (1) 4' x 50' Welded Wire - 1" x 1" grid, 16ga, galvanized and black PVC coated
  • (6) Post Sleeves - Driven into ground to hold vertical posts (1) Sleeve Driving Cap - Tool used to drive sleeves
  • (19) 1 3/8" x 86" galvanized and black powder coated posts - All the horizontal and vertical tubes that make up the framework (not including gate)
  • (4) 3-Way welded steel corner connectors - Corner connectors at the top of the corner posts
  • (2) 4-Way welded steel corner connectors - Connectors at the top of the two in-line posts
  • (4) Corner Clamps - Connectors securing the bottom rails to the corner posts
  • (2) In-line Clamps - Connectors securing the bottom rails at the in-line posts
  • (30) 12" Ground Stakes - Pins the fence to the ground
  • (2) Bag (100) HDZipTies - 120lb Zip Ties to attach fence to the posts
  • (2) Bag (100)Standard ZipTies - used to secure the welded wire together at seam
  • (1) Gate Kit (incl corner connectors, tubes, hinges, latch, and additional clamp-in post) - All components needed for gate

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