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Outdoor Cat Run

Outdoor Cat Run Cat Enclosure

Research has shown that outdoor access is extremely important and beneficial for cats in many of the same ways that it is for dogs. However, cats are also very smart and very agile, so keeping them contained in a safe and controlled outdoor space can be challenging. A cat run is a fantastic way to provide your cat(s) with access to the outdoors and keep them happy, healthy, and safe.

Outside cat runs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. Most cat runs that are commercially available are fully enclosed structures such as a conventional cat kennel or a small cat playpen. However, before you decide to purchase or construct your own outdoor cat run or cat kennel, you may be surprised to learn that cat-proof fencing is also an available solution!

Purr…fect Fence offers a variety of open-air fencing solutions that can help you turn your yard into a cat-safe outdoor enclosure. Unlike a conventional outdoor cat run, Purr…fect Fence is a perimeter fencing system that thwarts attempts by your cats to climb out. With Purr…fect fence, an entire backyard area can easily and affordably be converted into a safe and enjoyable play area for your cat(s).

Modify Existing Fencing

An existing fence can be converted into a cat-proof barrier with the Existing Fence Conversion System. This cat fence topper can be installed on nearly any fence type to provide a safe outdoor space for your cat(s). There is even an option for short fences.


Build a New Cat-Proof Fence Line

If your yard does not have an existing fence - not to worry! Purr…fect Fence is unique in that it offers the first complete free-standing outdoor cat enclosure system that can turn an entire backyard into a safe and secure paradise for your cat(s).

Purr…fect Fence’s Freestanding Fence System is a virtually invisible, high-strength mesh fencing system that lasts for years and is easy to install. A gate can be included to allow for pedestrian access in and out of the cat run or large enclosure. A pet door or smaller cat flap can also be installed on the side of the house or in a window or door to allow easy in and out access to the outdoor cat enclosure area.


Fully Enclosed Options

However, some cat owners may not be comfortable with an open-air enclosure that fencing provides and would prefer an outside cat run that is fully enclosed. Or perhaps you are interested in something that is more of an extension of the home where your cats can access the fresh air and warm sun. An alternative solution to cat fencing that can provide a fully-enclosed cat run is a catio, like those from Habitat Haven.

Catios can be built to practically any size and can be built to suit nearly any space. They have the ability to provide a fun and enriching outdoor space for your cat with tunnels along the ground and perches up high. Hammocks for naps in the sun can even be added to a catio.


We Can Help!

With the most experienced team in cat containment in the world, we can help you identify what options are best suited to your unique situation. We can even help you compare your options, plan an enclosure, and provide installation advice specific to your space. Get in touch with one of our planning engineers to get started!