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Purrfect Fence Compared to a Conventional Cat Playpen Enclosure


Purr...fect Fence keeps cats safe & secure and has minimal visual impact upon the property

Although many cats are happy and content indoors, there are also just as many that yearn to be outdoors in the fresh air, particularly those that have had previous access to the outside world. The much larger space produced when Purr...fect Fence is installed is why our perimeter cat fencing system far outshines a cat playpen enclosure.

Purr...fect Fence is the product of choice for discriminating cat owners that recognize the many physical and psychological health benefits that this safe and secure access to the outdoors offers their cats with Purr...fect Fence, or, to a lesser extent, a cat playpen enclosure. A recent veterinarian survey cited obesity as the greatest health issue facing America's 60 million cats.

Purr…fect Fence offers much more than a luxury outdoor cat cage playpen enclosure, in that it helps allow cats to explore and play outside. The change of scenery of roaming freely outdoors in a safe environment can also significantly enhance the overall quality of your cat's life. Like people, cats enjoy a balanced life-style, and when happy, are usually healthy too.

Stress Reducer

In a multi-cat household, territorial issues and stress can be significantly reduced if cats have access to the outdoors with our cat cage playpen enclosure.

Cats love to roam and play outside. They also benefit from an outdoor living area, as it provides a pleasant change to the limited space found indoors. For shelters, or homes with many cats in close proximity, the potential for communicative respiratory illness can also be reduced by allowing cats access to the outdoors through the use of Purr...fect Fence, and to a lesser extent, a cat playpen enclosure.

Physical & Behavioral concerns

Recent studies have shown that when certain cats that have been used to outdoor access are brought indoors, they can demonstrate undesirable behavior such as not using the litter box, destructive scratching, yowling, and attempting to escape. Some will adjust to living indoors if the transition is made gradually and the indoor environment provides plenty of needed stimulation in the form of toys, cat perches, and affection. Still, numerous veterinarians and animal behaviorists agree - a Purr-fect Fence System, and in some ways, a Cat Playpen Enclosure is truly a great idea, as it offers cats and cat owners the best of both worlds. For more tips on keeping your cats safe, visit The Humane Society of the United States website at

Cats are by nature designed to roam and explore outdoors - without this ability, many can become depressed and exhibit undesirable behaviors. It is very similar to how humans feel when confined indoors during the long winter months - a good case of cabin fever that never ends. Numerous vets and animal behaviorists agree – Purr…fect Fence, or if not possible, a more limited cat cage playpen enclosure is truly a great idea. Find out more information about healthy cats by visiting

Obesity in Cats

Obesity is the number one nutritional disorder among cats. Studies suggest that approximately 25 percent of the cats presented to veterinary clinics are overweight. This extra weight puts pets at risk for certain health problems involving the cardiovascular, respiratory and skeletal systems. Knowing how to recognize the signs of obesity and take corrective action is important. But more important, is understanding how to keep pets in good body condition to start, thus avoiding the development of obesity in the first place. Outdoor exercise in a safe and secure environment can certainly help, so using Purr...fect Fence or some sort of cat playpen enclosure is a great idea.

For additional information and phone support of behavioral-related challenges, please contact: In the U.K., please visit:

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