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Purrfect Playhouse Customizable Catio

The Purrfect Playhouse is the smaller lighter-duty & budget-friendly cousin to our more rugged Purrfect Penthouse. Featuring 1" galvanized and powder-coated metal tubing combined with all metal fittings and enclosed with 1"x1" grid 18 gauge welded wire.

At 7 Feet Tall, 7 Feet Wide, and 7 Feet deep, the Purrfect Playhouse Catio offers enough room for several cats and their owners. The Purrfect Playhouse is also easily customizable in size with tubing cutter found at any home improvement store. This means you can make the Playhouse fit in any space on your deck, patio, yard, driveway or anywhere else!

Customers have found many uses for their Playhouses. Some have used them with their kitties (of course!), for puppies, to protect their garden, to keep chickens, and much more! A versatile enclosure like this can be used in more ways than one!

The Purrfect Playhouse includes a 36" wide walk-through gate with latch. This means that you can easily access the area and have full walking headroom making cleaning easier. With nearly 50 square feet of space inside, it leaves plenty of room for litter boxes, outdoor cat trees, toys, hammocks and more!

Your Purrfect Playhouse Features:

  • Fully enclosed - Top and sides
  • Tubing and wire covering are all black finish for a clean & discrete look
  • The frame is made from a galvanized steel framework (black powder coated)
  • Welded steel framework fittings (black powder coated)
  • Heavy 18 gauge steel 1" x1" grid fence covering (black coated)
  • Included 36" gate - Latch can be padlocked for security
  • Bottom secured with tubing that creates a seal along the bottom.

The Purrfect Playhouse Catio can be freestanding or be secured to the side of your home or other structure. The wire covering is easily trimmed with metal snips to incorporate windows, cat doors, or even human doors!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great for cats and gardens too

so we purchased the playhouse initially to help out a friend that needed our help to foster a few cats she had taken in. She took in 10 of them and we agreed to help out because she was overwhelmed. So we used the playhouse as a way to let the cats have safe outdoor time. It was just a few weeks and then they were adopted out. We adopted one of the kitties, Bertram, that seemed to really click with us. But, he was not much of a roamer he prefers to just sit on the patio and be inside with us. So, we had this playhouse and were thinking of what to do with it. Well, we have always had problems with creatures eating all of our garden plants (as many people do) such as deer, rabbits, and who knows what else. So, we just set our playhouse over top of the garden and staked it down. It has been a month now and it works wonderfully to protect our garden!

Works for us!

We have both the penthouse from purrfect fence and this playhouse. It is indeed lighter duty as described. However it was much easier to assemble. Also we can easily move it around when necessary which is a great thing for us. We move it out of the way when we have people over and for lawncare. Overall we are happy with it and have had our cat use it quite a bit but we also had a litter of puppies that used it for a short time as well.

Needed 3 people to get it up. Put pipe across the top to keep the screen from sagging.

Young cat was okay inside for awhile, but is now allowed out on the property. We put a tree trunk at an angle to one corner and he could climb. 7x 7 seems a bit too small for the 10 month kitten. Good for time outs.

Neat idea and 1/10 of the price of most "catios"

We wanted a catio for a while. We looked at the options online & talked with contractors. The options were basically spend $2,500 - $7,000 for something the same size as this thing or a bit larger. Sure the more costly options would be more durable and have more "things" inside like shelving, ramps, posts, etc. We just did not have the budget. So we went with the playhouse. Overall I would say we are happy with it. But, you get what you pay for. As long as you keep in mind that an incredible catios costs 10x-12x more than this, then I think it is easy to like this. If you buy this expecting a $5,000 catio, you will have a bad time. Its light duty but it works just fine. Cats like it and we didn't spend the equivalent of half a years mortgage payments.

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