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Purrfect Playhouse Customizable Catio

This item is sold out and also discontinued. There are a limited amount of B-stock scratch and dent units available for $395 which includes shipping to the contiguous USA. These B-stock items are offered at a significant discount AS-IS (in working condition) and returns will not be accepted. If interested please contact us.


The Purrfect Playhouse is the smaller lighter-duty & budget-friendly cousin to our more rugged Purrfect Penthouse. Featuring 1" galvanized and powder-coated metal tubing combined with all metal fittings and enclosed with 1"x1" grid 18 gauge welded wire.

At 7 Feet Tall, 7 Feet Wide, and 7 Feet deep, the Purrfect Playhouse Catio offers enough room for several cats and their owners. The Purrfect Playhouse is also easily customizable in size with tubing cutter found at any home improvement store. This means you can make the Playhouse fit in any space on your deck, patio, yard, driveway or anywhere else!

Customers have found many uses for their Playhouses. Some have used them with their kitties (of course!), for puppies, to protect their garden, to keep chickens, and much more! A versatile enclosure like this can be used in more ways than one!

The Purrfect Playhouse includes a 36" wide walk-through gate with latch. This means that you can easily access the area and have full walking headroom making cleaning easier. With nearly 50 square feet of space inside, it leaves plenty of room for litter boxes, outdoor cat trees, toys, hammocks and more!

Your Purrfect Playhouse Features:

  • Fully enclosed - Top and sides
  • Tubing and wire covering are all black finish for a clean & discrete look
  • The frame is made from a galvanized steel framework (black powder coated)
  • Welded steel framework fittings (black powder coated)
  • 18 gauge steel 1" x1" grid fence covering (black coated - seam overlap in middle)
  • Included 36" gate - Latch can be padlocked for security
  • Bottom secured with tubing that creates a seal along the bottom.

The Purrfect Playhouse Catio can be freestanding or be secured to the side of your home or other structure. The wire covering is easily trimmed with metal snips to incorporate windows, cat doors, or even human doors!

Installation Instructions

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Great for cats and gardens too
Kitty And I love the safe outside space!
Needed 3 people to get it up. Put pipe across the top to keep the screen from sagging.
Neat idea and 1/10 of the price of most "catios"
Works for us!

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