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Freestanding Fencing System

Our freestanding cat fencing system turns any open area into a purrfectly safe and happy place for your cat(s) to explore the outdoors! The system uses a unique sleeve and pole system that lets you avoid the painstaking process of digging and pouring a footing. It uses a flexible heavy-duty mesh netting which is UV resistant to create the barrier. Along the bottom, you will use a section of powder-coated welded wire that serves a chew guard along the bottom of the fence to keep pets from digging under the fence and keep critters from chewing their way in!

Our components are made from the highest quality materials available today and are designed to last for years with little to no maintenance. Ready to get started with your fencing? Choose an option below to learn more!

Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System

A Modular and Flexible Cat Containment Fencing System Purrfect Fence is designed to easily secure a perimeter of cat-proof fencing. It can be configured to different sizes to make your system as sp...

$719.99 USD

Kit of Heavy Duty Corner Post Assemblies

This kit is an assembly of (2) or (4) heavy duty corner posts with sleeves, arms and associated hardware and will make (2) or (4) corner post assemblies. This kit is intended for use on corners in la...

$255.95 USD & Up $280.00 USD

Light Duty Access Gate for Freestanding Cat Fence System

The Purrfect Gate was created to work seamlessly with the Free-Standing cat enclosure system. This innovative gate design offers easy access to your enclosure with an opening measuring 62" high with o...

$195.19 USD & Up $230.00 USD

Post Kit Add on to Freestanding Fencing System

Sometimes a specific layout will make your Free-Standing Fence System require a couple of extra posts... Our Post Kit contains all the components necessary for complete post assemblies. Although we ha...

$182.99 USD & Up $230.00 USD