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Outdoor Cat Run

An outdoor cat run, also called catio (cat patio), cat enclosure, cat pen, or cat kennel, have become popular as pet parents become aware of the many mental and physical benefits outdoor space offers cats. Of course, the outdoors pose their own set of dangers. So, offsetting those dangers or mitigating them completely is of great importance. So outdoor cat runs have gained in popularity to help create safe and happy outdoor space to help cats live more fulfilling and healthy lives.

Purrfect Fence offers a wide array of options from full height freestanding cat fencing, to fully encloses kennel style enclosures, to fencing that can be attached to an existing fence you already have in your yard to make it cat-proof!

Regardless of the option that suits you best, you can rely on our expert service, high quality, and genuine care for your cats as you navigate the various ways you can improve your cat's life!

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