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Outdoor Cat Runs

An outdoor cat run, also called catio (cat patio), cat enclosure, cat pen, or cat kennel, is an outstanding way to get your cat fresh air and exercise in a safe manner. Regular outdoor access is proven to make cats happier and healthier, often with fewer behavioral issues too.

Whether you’d like to set up an outside cat run with a new fence in your backyard, by cat-proofing a fence you have, or by adding a completely enclosed cat-friendly outdoor space, find what you need here with Purrfect Fence.

Enclosures for Every Cat

Here at Purrfect Fence, we have a variety of enclosures that are sure to meet your kitty’s needs as well as your spacial and financial requirements. Our planning experts are ready and excited to work with you to customize an outdoor cat run layout.

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If you have a small yard, rent your home, or simply don’t want to fence in a portion of your backyard, we have some great catio options for you! My Own Den, the Lion’s Den, and the Purrfect PlayTent take up the least amount of space and are easy to move. Both dens have shelves that your cat can pounce around on and a full cedar floor, whereas the tent has soft, flexible mesh and a durable fabric floor.

For pet parents who are interested in larger outside cat runs, the Purrfect Penthouse may be a perfect size. This outdoor cat run comes in two variations and is fully enclosed, which means your cat won’t be able to scale the fence and escape. This enclosure doesn’t have a floor, allowing your cat to roll around in and inspect the grass.

If you want to enclose part or all of your yard, consider installing the Free-Standing Cat Fence Enclosure System. This kit comes with everything you need to construct a pet-friendly fence. You won’t have to worry about your cat escaping because this system utilizes the patented Cat-Proofer extender arms to stop even the most athletically talented cats from sneaking over the top of the outdoor cat run.

Last but not least, we even have a way to convert your existing fence into a feline-approved cat run alternative. The Existing Fence Conversion Kit can be used on nearly any type of fence to turn your yard into a kitty utopia. It also utilizes the Cat-Proofer extender arms to ensure your cat stays safely on your side of the fence.

Super Secure to Keep Your Cat from Escaping

Purrfect Fence is simply the most effective cat-proof fence available to keep even the sneakiest cats from escaping. Our #1 goal is your cat’s safety, and we’re meeting this objective one outdoor cat run at a time.

We are eager to give our professional advice and set you up with a new cat run.

Please contact us if you’d like to try one of our outside cat runs or have questions about them.

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